Thursday, December 30, 2010

100th post for the year...

The new year is upon time to revisit my goals...

Church...well we did get better at some things. Prayers for example...we do lots more. Class we try to get done on or before Saturday...still need some work.

School...lets not talk about that!

The kids...Kenny is potty trained...other than at night. Rachele gets more talking time and reading time.

Lee...he is doing really good. He needs to get some more weight off. He is having issues since he started working...but he has not gained any weight back! So he is maintaining...

Family that's another thing we will not talk about!!

Household...well with the move we did clean up a lot!!! But I think we could get rid of a few more things!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Tree...

My tree this year....the last one shows the candy and easy to make!

Can you say FRUSTRATED???

So we spent Sunday afternoon snaking out the drain because the basement has been backing up...not bad but enough to notice. Nothing lost though...thankfully.

Well it did nothing but we did some roots out. so we returned the rented snake and called it a night. Deciding to call out a pro in the morning...well this so called pro said what we need is going to cost 1300 bucks to start and what he really wants us to do is going to cost a minimum of 3500 buck. HELLO he did not even try to do anything!!! That is what he just thought!

Well we are now renting the snake for 24 hours to do it ourselves.

Today was also the last day of my English class...well the teacher never showed up!! Let me enlighten you of our semester...
     On day one we went over the paper work like normal. Nothing odd. Well week two she is sick and does not show up...hey we all get sick no biggy right? Well the weeks roll on and she gets more and more off track to the point it took her three weeks to grade one paper. Well because of her issue what ever it may be we end up only turning in 3 papers instead of 4 and the last one being worth 60% of the grade. Well the 14th week we show up to class to hand in our rough draft of this last paper worth so much and she is late...calling the school saying she will be in to please wait. We wait until 2pm (class starts at 1pm) and she is not in yet. Well someone takes our papers to the staff offices and puts them in her mailbox and says we waited she did not show. Well last week we had a snow day so we did not have class. So today being the last week we all go in and she never showed. Well someone goes to the staff office to see if they heard anything from her...nope nothing. So we turn in our papers to the office and lodge complaints to the dean. The big kicker is she has not even picked up the papers from the week she called and said she would be late!!! So I have no clue what my grade will be because as of right now 80% of my grade is in question because we have not had class in 3 weeks!

So I get done with that an go shopping for the kids...thanks family! Well we found the perfect gift for little man and walmart is out!! So we go to another walmart...out. We then decide to go to Toys r us...they have it but its like double the price!! We think lets see if they price match...this is what they say word for word..."we do not match if the price is lower" if someone would come in and say hey you know I seen this exact thing a walmart for 10 bucks more so charge me their price!!! I think what they meant was unless they have an add they can not match the price but that's not what they said! So I think I'm going to have to travel to a few more walmarts!!! I just need to get the kids away from me!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Happenings...

Well we had Kenny's party...what a day. Lee had to work so I had to clean all by myself...I sound like I'm 10 and had to do chores or! But I got way more cleaned than Lee thought I would get done. It was like a mini Christmas present wise! But he deserves it with a birthday so close to Christmas.

Church was good. I forgot my lesson book so I had to wing the lesson but it turned out well. We did our tithing settlement...glad that's over! Next year will be better.

I am making candy garland...a crocheted chain with peppermint candy weaved in the chain. Maybe I'll post pictures once I get it on the tree.

That's about it...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A new thing for me...

Okay so I have been wanting to get back into crafts...but with limited funds I can only do so much. Well this wonderful new business opportunity has popped up. is a new company based in Utah that has my name all over it. So I look into it and currently they require no start up fees. Right up my alley. This posts seems silly since most of the people that even look at it are out of towners but hey I might be willing to travel for a craft night with good friends. The catch to it is the crafts come undone...but they need to be paid for in advance...should not be a huge issue.

Well if nothing else you can check them out. If the website does not link you sorry I'll try to fix it.


So it would seem my husband and I are fighting sleep for whatever reason. For the past few days...sun-today we have not been able to sleep longer than a few hours without waking up. It is getting very annoying. I can't help but wonder what is going on inside of us that we can not sleep. I know a very boring post...but it's all I got!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Sunday...

So here it is Sunday and I'm lounging on the couch. Why some might ask? Well for one I was called off work but could still be called into work and for two it's my birthday I can do what I want.

I finally got my scentsy stuff and my house smells so yummy. Cinnamon and cloves so festive!

Harry Potter is running all day on ABC Family. Yippie...

My family just arrived with my gift...a sweater, sweatpants and chocolate!! Plus my Colace cuz I'm having issues...I will not got into detail!

Everyone enjoy!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So here it is Thursday...I'm off work and lounging in my pj's still (yes at 1130). Lee left for work at 11 and we/he has had a busy day already.

He has done laundry, dishes, cleaned the floors and put away some laundry. I've helped with getting the floor clean and the laundry. I also went through the pile of junk that has been left for ever...more than half of it was trash.

I have to make brownies to send to the nephew...we are sending him a care package now that he can get things without being yelled at by his TI. He should enjoy the goodies we are sending.

A lead position has come up at work so I applied for that...we will see how that goes. I only have two classes to finish up my degree and Lee keeps telling me if I did not have to take those again I would be a shoe in for the position. Well he forgets that when I'm off work I still have the kids unlike when he was in school we had a babysitter so he could get his work done. His latest answer is do it once the kids go to bed...hello even though they are in bed by 830 most nights I'm dog tired by then and have a hard time concentrating on my homework.

December is a busy month...a few birthdays and Christmas. It gets crazy. Why you ask...well Kenny's birthday is the 23rd and then Christmas is the 25th. So I think this will be the last year that he has a "real" birthday. Next year he will be 5 so I think it will be time to start "half" birthdays!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Sunday...

We made it to church. Yippie!!! I was starting to wonder cuz the rash is still kinda hanging out...but it looks like Rachele's anyways!

The puppy has torn up two dog get to the squeaker...and a pillow that was in the dog cage. The big dog decided to pee in the house...I think in protest of the puppy so back to the kennel for him!

My nephew texted me today from TX to say with all the stuff going on in Korea that he could go there after tech school...yikes!! I think they might have been given a "warning" of that possibility.

My dad had his hernia fixed...things are good but slow.

Not sure what else to say so I'll sign off for now.

Oh wait...I'm going to go buy some fabric from fabric warehouse to make curtains...yea me!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

My crazy life...

Oh so much...
Well I had to work Thanksgiving so we are doing dinner today with just us. We were supposed to go over to the in laws but with the rash we are not going...:(

The rash is much better and I talked to the infectious disease dr and he said there was no way it was either of the two skin issues....yippie!

We are doing Thanksgiving at my dads tomorrow so along with fixing dinner for us today I have to bake for biggy though I love to bake.

We might even get to go to church...depends on the rash. Like I said it looks much better and it is not contagious like we were lead to believe so...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feels left out...

Ok so I have been just sitting around asking myself why is it that only Shanna has made comments on my posts lately?

So here is what I think...

*my posts suck
*i complain too much
*no one is on
*i have not commented in a while so there for neither has anyone else
*i made someone mad so thay aren't checking my blog

Well since I'm not as cool as Emily to give something away I'm going for kids are sick and I need to clean my house to ensure that the rash they have is not scabies even though it does not look like it. My kids dr thinks it molluscum contagiousum...look them can see a huge difference between them and my kids looks like the molluscum contagiousum...bad thing is it could last a year or more to go away completely if it is that and it is highly contagious...hints the name I would assume. One of the other drs in the office says treat it as scabies and see what it does. Well thanks now I have to get ahold of everyone at church and family and babysitter and so on. Plus Lee know has to miss work to care the kids as we can't have them go to the babysitter!!! least I have that option cuz if I was single mom I would so lose my income for a week...taht would be so bad!

Ok I'm done...did it work?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabric warehouse update...

A few of you have asked if it had a does!

I did not realize I had a business card from them!

250 and more...

This marks my 250th post...yea me!

Today was a good day of church even if I lost it at the end...Rachele was chosen to do the scripture and closing prayer and she had a melt I've stated in older posts (I'm sure) she has melt downs at church frequently but only when I'm there, as we are in primary again she is starting up, which in turn made me lose it when she started up...I got my talking to from Lee about how inappropriate it was but it is something I know I need to work on as well as Rachele on her emo stuff!!

We got a new later!! She is a Jack Russell. Her name is Brownie. She is 5 months and weights 13.8# a far cry from Hemit's 113#.

I have been getting a few headaches because I have decided that I should come off my daily meds because why tempt fate if I don't have to right?

I went and spent a little time with my best friend from high school today...her mom had a scensty party...those are some really nice warmers and scents. I have a headache from smelling them all. Not badly priced either!

Over all a good Sunday...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

So it is my weekend to work so no fasting for me...Lee forgot about it so he did not fast either. It was a good day for us all.

Lee got his calling this week...teaching the val. 9's

I got my calling even without me there...teaching the val. 9's

I never knew I could get a calling without being at biggy. I cool with it.

I do kinda wish it was out of primary...but I must be needed there! I have had a calling in primary since we joined the church almost...maybe a few months worth not in primary. The funny thing is other than in FW my callings have been in the valiants. It should be fun!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, I feel like life is just going by to fast. I'm sure everyone has felt that. Well I am working on trying to get my family to slow down and enjoy our time together. Like today. Rachele has a half day so why get up and send her to school? So we slept in and we are enjoying the play sounds coming from the room. Lee is sitting on the couch checking the weather and I'm on the computer typing this.

Life is good. I feel a little crazy here and there. But who doesn't. Lee and I are closer to being on the same page of another child...even though he will joke with me when I loss my control and say "and you want more". It is hard to get him to understand on those days when the kids just don't listen that you can't always stay cool calm and collected. You would think that the time he played the stay at home dad he would remember that the kids will test you but he doesn't. I should ween myself off my daily migraine meds so I don't have to worry about any side effects it might have on a growing baby. I have done lots of research and most of it says that there could be something that goes wrong but no current research has been done. I also found that the Mayo Clinic suggests using it during exactly how bad could it be...especially since I'm on the lowest dose possible.

Hope all is well in blog land...


As ominous as it sounds it really is not that bad...

Our dog was peeing in the old house...we think it was because the little dog had peed a few times in that area so he was marking his territory. Well we started kenneling him at night and when we would leave. Since we moved and only have him I decided to test him last night.

And so far he is good. Not sure where he slept. But he did not go pee anywhere. I think we will still kennel him when we leave but only time will tell.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

So here we are another Sunday...

*We did not go to church as Rachele had her last football game to cheer at. So she wanted to cheer and we went.
*We went out trick or treating...the kids got lots of candy.
*Lee and I have been having more and more arguments...not sure what is causing them but I do plan on figuring them out. We tend to get over them quickly but it un-nerving.
*We are going to start a new schedule with everything in our life...from bedtimes for the kids to enough time with each other.
*I feel that we are forgetting something important. I know we have the holy ghost in our life so it is not that but I feel it.
*A great time to be had by all...trunk or treating at the church yesterday!

Happy is almost November...just a few short hours left of October...where did the year go?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fabric Warehouse...

I have found me an awesome store...Fabric Warehouse. They carry lots and lots of cheap prices...3.99 to 6.99! At least that is the prices that I seen.

Maybe this will feed my need to craft...or make it stronger!

So much stuff but I held back. I got the print to make something out of is separated out. The off white stuff is maybe make diaper appears to be the same style PUL that was used on my other diaper covers! The trim is self explanatory!

I feel the need...

I feel the need to craft or do something (other than house work). However all my craft stuff is packed up still plus I let my dad barrow my table to put his ham radio stuff on until he could get his shelves/tables built. I do have a card table I could possibly use but then what should I do?

I feel the need to read something just for me...not related to school. I was able to read some of the conference talks. I really felt the love of the Lord in my home yesterday.

I feel the need to be a better person. I sometimes feel that I suck at life. I know we are our own worst critic but I do still feel that way. Even on the antidepressant for my migraines I feel that way. It is funny that something that is supposed to make you feel happy can help with a migraine but it works! The only bad thing is you are supposed to use caution when getting pregnant. I have done my is not harmful unless taken in higher doses...and I'm on the lowest dose and the Mayo clinic suggests using it in pregnancy.

I feel the need to get life back in order. Lee says we are as close to normal as we can get but I still feel like we are lacking something. We had the baby talk today...I know we have at least one more soul that is meant to be guided by us. Could that be what is missing?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

*The primary program was today...I missed it :( I had to work. Lee said it was good and the kids did good!

*Work was crazy, we had 2 emergency's surgeries which meant we had 2 more very sick people to add to our load. They both had some sort of bowel issue. So they were on a ventilator. Plus we had a patient who could not breath very well and I called a RRT (which is like a code blue but you don't have to resuscitate the patient), well his breathing turned around with a breathing treatment so I was doubting my calling the RRT. But during all of this they good a fresh set of vitals and his BP was 200's/100's. So my instinct to call the RRT was accurate. I felt like I did good.

*A new set of classes start this week. I am already behind on the reading...I could not remember what box I packed the books in. I did find them last night.

*Even though I did not go to church I do feel like I was able to feel the Lord and his blessings, I actually feel that is why I called the RRT on my patient. I really don't think it was all me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hi guys...I feel blah!

I have been sick almost everyday for the past two weeks...I have good days and bad days.
Kinda like when your prego...not admitting anything early to tell.
I can still function and I don't feel sick sick just blah with the upset tummy...any ideas??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goal update!

Okay so I had to go back to December of 2009 to find them all but I did...

Church...we are doing better with prayers, class we did awesome with (no callings yet so we will see how the rest of the year goes), FHE we still slack on somewhat but my Monday night class ends this week so maybe I could get things going again.

School...I am really doing bad on this one. I started out good then slack off. The procrastination inside me comes out.

The kids...We are being more understanding. With the move it was very time consuming and the kids felt neglected, I could tell by their actions. We are getting back on target. I just need to figure out how to get Rachele out of the whining mode. Once I do I'll write a book for all to read and I can then be!

Lee...He is doing well with his weight loss but has hit a plateau. But his Dr is pleased anyway.

Family History...Okay so we have our Recommends but we have yet to go. We moved even closer to the temple when we got the new house...I know for me it is because I don't feel up to the emotional toll it is going to have on me.

Household...Okay with the move we got rid of a few things. Not I said before we did give away a lot of toys to the church. We still have many things to unpack and go through to include stuff from when we moved from Fort Wayne. I know if we have not used it in that many years we should get rid of it but some of it was expensive stuff or keepsake stuff. So until I can part with it the stuff stays.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

My version of Grateful Sunday...

*I love our new/old Ward...feels like we really never left other than some new faces. The ward has changed a bit in the 2 and half years or so that we have been gone.
*A nice day to play with the family and brush out the dog...he really needed it we must have brushed out another dog.
*A loving family that does not care when I mess up or forget things.
*Some great friends that I keep up with via my blog or on FB! I really miss my Fort Wayne friends. I'm glad that we can stay in touch via the internet.
*A Bishop who is not afraid to break away from the norms and put people on the spot to bare their testimony...I'm sure he'll get me soon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today I am feeling over whelmed with emotions. I don't know how to explain it. I have no idea where it is coming from.

My thoughts of why...

1. Had I not miscarried I should have given birth by now...good idea of why.
2. My nephew is away at basic training and he sent his first post card home...another good reason why.
3. My neck hurts really bad...pain always makes someone want to cry.
4. We seem to be under a lot of stress...yet another good reason to cry.
5. Lee got a notice in the mail to go to court over his child support stuff...he pays every month  why bother him!! Very annoyed by this.
Ok I think I hit everything...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy 7th b-day Rachele

My baby girl is 7...were did the years go? Next year is the big birthday...I think I should start planning it now. What do you guys think. I did not take any pictures...silly me. Aunt Cathy did though...maybe I could use some of hers. Or I could take a picture of her tomorrow in her new clothes...

As for conference...we watched the Saturday morning session while waiting for the Sunday morning session to start. Very uplifting...while we cleaned up more stuff for the party. I think we can catch the rest of it later...or read it in the Ensign next month.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So we have spent a few days in the new house...loving it. Lee has gotten us unpacked in some areas. I have gotten a few things unpacked for the kitchen. Today is a good day to unpack some more...if the rain would stop I could get more motivation. I hate the rain...I love what it does for the earth. So I guess it is a love hate relationship.

On the cheer thing...the mom was all over the news...still not telling anyone about why she was really kicked off the team. She violated the by laws of the league and violated the parent code of conduct by putting a bad light on the no matter if you agree with her or not on the cheer she still has to own up to the fact that she is lieing about the full details.

Conference is coming up...exciting. I love hearing from the prophet and the other higher calling holders. Rachele has decided she hates conference...only because she can't get a special gift from primary. I told her that she will but it will be on the following Sunday. One day this will not be an issue. It's kinda funny both my kids have a birthday with special meaning...Rachele was born on conference weekend (most of the time)...Kenny was born on December he shares his birthday with Prophet Joseph Smith. Very cool. I hope they find it special no matter what...all in due time I'm sure.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheer Issue

Most of you have seen me post on FB about this...

I just want to say if you did follow it at all, that things did not go the way the outed mom says they did. I agree that they should not have been kicked off the team but she should have followed proper protocol. She faught to get her daughter on the team and called a board member to help out but when it came down to getting her objections heard, she ran to the news with a tape of all of our kids to be shown on TV. All of this because she did not get the answer she wanted from the start. She was told to take her objections to a board meeting and then was told when those meetings were. Like the coach stated the words are handed out on the 1st day of practice and she did not have an issue until 3 weeks after the fact. I can say I'm not thrilled about the words but I know what context the words are used. So I do not have an issue with them. Plus the news has yet to get the words right...which I guess is not big deal to some people but for me it is. The words are my back aches, my skirts to tight, my booty shakes from left to right. Not like the news says...our backs ache, our skirts to tight, we shake our booties from left to right. Even Lee says it just samantics but if you say it that way it makes it least to me.

I'm done with my soap box...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Picture of the new house...finally!!

Shanna will be so happy to see this...
Silly me for got to take before pictures as we started to paint...well primer anyway. Most of the rooms are really dark and not our color. So I will have after pictures...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Brain Pain!!

I have had a migraine on and off since Friday. Mostly on than off. I had to miss two days of work...which means my check will be short. My migraine are usually stress realated but this one was brought on by the weather change. When it can't decide if it wants to rain or not it makes to much pressure in the air. The one nice thing is I got lots of sleep. We still sent the kids to daycare so I could rest. I might be stressing a bit about the move coming up and getting everything settled in. I do not feel like I'm stressing...I think I might need to get some more crafts done...that did seem to help. I should use my cricut...I haven't used that in months. I could ask my brother in law if he wants a sign with his callsign. I think I might make myself a bag like I made for Kenny. Anyway...I have brain pain!! And a million things to do!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Here is one more...

So here is Rachele's blanket. I managed to get it done with minimal aggravation from the kids...this one has the same "mistake" as Kenny's. But like I said it was done on purpose!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here it is....

So here are my crafts....I still need to make Rachele's new blanket and get my skirt made...all in due time!! Do you see my "mistake"??? I did it on purpose...honest I did...

I love it...I wish I can do more but my neck is sore, I'm out of practice!!!

Craft bug...

The craft bug has landed in my garage...but first only let me tell you my tale of getting ready...

I have had my serger out since I made Rachele's skirt about a month ago...well on one of the many times Kenny has been out by himself because mommy went in to go potty or to switch over the laundry or whatever it was that I went in for...he decided to cut all of the thread biggy right, wrong little did I realize he messed with the tension dials too. So my simple fix turned out to be a long fix as I re threaded it 4 times before I realized I needed to turn my tension dials. No wonder it kept coming unthreaded!!!

Then I ironed the fabric for Kenny blanket...very hot in the garage I must say. I get that done and stand on a chair to fold it in half as Lee is on the phone with his dad and can't help!! So I get that done and have to play with the fleece to see how I'm going to sew it all together...I ask Lee for help but he is to busy playing with his fishing I just started sewing...when I'm done I will post a picture...I did do something most people would think is a mistake however I did it on purpose as all of my homemade blankets have their own unique "mistake"!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Like a said in the last post grandpa's has lots of a little stream. He has 14 acres. The chicken is on Lee's uncles property...he has about 20 acres...we have had lots of fun this summer so far...I hope to have more pictures soon...of the house!!!

As I promised...Shanna!!!

Assorted pictures of our summer fun...
Most of them are up north at grandpa's. The kids really enjoy visiting him. He has all that open I have a few more to post!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So I talked to the house guy yesterday...we need to start packing. In my head I keep thinking we are ok and will get it done but in reality I know I need to pack up the stuff we are not the stuff in hutch. So any takers on helping me?? Most of you will have to come to MI but hey I will enjoy the visit and help!!! Ok ok I know I've done once a year for the past three years so I can do it least this time I'm working days so it should not be as bad. I shouldn't lose any sleep like I have done in the past. I'll try to update with some photos like I said I would about 4 posts ago...I keep forgetting to get the card from Lee's new camera. I promise be fore I go to work on Thursday I will post some pictures!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shanna...and others!!

Just wanted to give Shanna some props...she comments on every post I have...or so it seems.

Emily and Anna and Becca comment frequently too. I enjoy reading the each and every comment. I know that I don't always comment on your blogs but I do read them.

Lets make sure we keep in touch!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Moving day...

Ok so the guy we are getting our house from has a close date for his new house...Aug 27th. So with any luck we will move the first or second week of Sept depending on what weekend I have off. We think that Rachele is going to start school at her old school then move her once we move...still not 100% sure on that yet. So happy to have found something.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


We had a visit today from a couple of Lee's aunts.

Sharon who lives here in Michigan and Annette from Tennessee.

Annette was up visiting because her brother asked her to come up when he left Tennessee last week!!

Anyway she (Annette) asked about the "tumor" Lee's mom had in her brain. Lee asked why...well she has one too. I have been with Lee for 13 years total and his mom as always called it a tumor...when he called his dad he said it was just a "fluid sac" in her brain. She (his mom) said that it is genetic...well 3 out of 4 sisters have/had it!!!

Annette and Sharon have been researching it on the Internet and women/girls are more prone to get this condition!!

So now I'm panicked...Rachele is 6 and complains of headaches...that is the first symptom!!! So when I go to my neurologist in August I'm asking him about this...I mean should I have her checked or wait or what??? What would any of you guys do??

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Can someone tell me why some people can get away with things but others can't???

A co-worker had a family member pass away...I feel sorry for her because it was her dad and hey I can feel her pain. However she is taking almost 6 weeks off work!!!

I wanted one day for when Lee's grandpa died and could not get it even if I used vacation time!!!

Another person can pre schedule overtime but yet some other people can't!!

I have no idea why this is? Am I being pity?? Am I ranting again??

Not sure why this bothers me. It is kinda like when my fellow coworkers have had family pass away we start a collection for them and give them a can't bring them back but hey it is nice. Well when I had 2 deaths in the same week no one did that for me...I did get a card from one co worker...very nice of her. I also got a card from one of the RN's that took care of my mom a lot. So sweet of her!! Any who do you guys have any ideas??

I keep thinking it is not very Christ like to have these thoughts...I need help!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All better!!!

I just need to rant...ignore my last post!!!

I told Lee all about my day after he got home from his 11 hour day...he said I need to go to the park but I need to watch doing that because then they will want to go everyday...even if the weather is bad!!!

Kenny is doing awesome with potty training...just need to get the night time thing down...but I'll deal with a wet pull up from night time any day as long as he goes on the big potty during the day.

Rachele has been a little on the sassy side...she does not get that is only 6 not 16. I know all mothers of young girls goes through this but she seems to be doing it more and more. Anyone else having this isssue??

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I need a vacation...on 7 tower!!

Ok for those of you that do not know 7 tower is where the crazies are in my hospital!!!

Kenny is fine with out Rachele and Rachele is fine with out Kenny...but when you get them together they drive me Lee would say "you want more"!!!

I don't think it would bother me so much if they did not tag team me!! They know I will cave which is why they do it...I need to fix that!!!

The thing that set me off today is the fact that Rachele comes in from out back saying Kenny peed on her...the back of her short were soaked...hello how can you let someone pee on you to get you that wet!! Then Kenny comes in and says no sissy peed herself..ok so who do I believe???

So Rachele changes her cloths...Kenny then comes in the livingroom with a pair of pants because his shorts are "yucky" they are not...he changed cloths once today I'm not going to do that again...after a huge ordeal he is wearing his shorts!!!

I stood my ground...but boy do I need a break...why do they push my buttons??? I love my kids but does anyone want to borrow them for the day??
Ok not really...I do think I need to find more things to do with them so they do not aggravate me so much!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Ok so it looks we are going to get the house in Berkley.

After a long search and failed attempts to get a house of our own we have one...

It is a nice little house that will suit our family just right. It will fit us all and has room to grow. I won't be able to have chickens but maybe I'm not meant to have them...I would be heart broken if one died. I only say that because I'm so emotional on lots of things.

I hope that come September we are ready to move and join our old ward...Southfield. Maybe we can get them to help us unload a truck load...I'll try to get pictures and post them later.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Craft Bug!!

I have the craft bug!!! I hope to have some stuff done to post by tomorrow night. I have a dress in mind for Rachele, a few skirts for me, and as luck would have it the pattern for me works for Rachele in the short version...and she only needs one panel instead of two!!! I also have a new blanket for Rachele as she has almost out grown her "cake-cake" blanket from when she was about 18 months old!!! Kenny is getting a new buzz blanket and a buzz bag....should be fun!!! I hope that it lasts for a bit so I can get all my ideas done!!

Plus on our Railroad trip I seen some very cool ideas for other crafts...maybe I can do some of those too! But on those I need Lee's a few metal some tin and of course I need to get Lee to agree to a new craft that I may not get to do....but I have given it a lot of thought and could use many of my other crafts with the new one...I'll keep you posted!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Years!!!

Today is Lee and I's (is that right...oh well) 10 year anniversary (our temple one is coming up on five years). Over the past ten years we have been through a lot.

Buying a house
Losing a house
Having kids
Losing a child (still gets to me some days)
Him paying for a child he never sees
Losing loved ones
Medical issues
Joining the church
But most of all staying in love with each other....

I look forward to 10 more years with the love of my life.

Happy anniversary Lee!!! I love you!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok so the kids are driving me crazy!!! Everyday they want want want!! School has been out for a week and Rachele is the ring leader. they don't understand why mommy just does not want to go outside or to the park. I know I should but somedays are hard when your head hurts or when you just don't feel good!! Ok now that I'm done ranting!!! I can't wait for a nice sunny day to go to the zoo!! I want to get Rachele going on her summer learning program...Kenny is getting the hang of potty training (knock on wood)!!!

Work is going good for Lee. He worked his longest week last week. He had to work Saturday. His boss is not a church going person but does not like to work Sundays, so we think unless they get way behind they will not work any Sundays. I am getting ready to start a long weekend. I have to work over the 4th...Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!! Thanks to my loving sister I have child care!! Work for me is going good...I love day shift. I hate the mornings but I will get use to them in time.

Life is good!! We are not sure if we are going to get the house we found... We had something come up that is putting a damper on the down payment. We will see...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zoo trip!!

On June 15th Rachele had her zoo trip for school. We all went...meaning Rachele, Kenny, Aunt RuRu and me!! Lee had to work or he would have went.

We saw lots of animals we have not seen before or in our last few trips to the zoo!! We have not ever seen these so active or out in their pin.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up North Trip!!

Ok so a little while ago Lee's dad said he was ready to spread his mom's ashes...the boys and dad picked a day that worked for them...

On Friday we met at my house and then traveled north to Midland. We get in and visit a little then go to bed. We get up in the morning and have some awesome french toast. A little while later we go in the woods and say our good byes to mom and each take a turn spreading her around. She is on her land helping us all with closure and love.

When then go take showers and head even further north to LeRoy (near Cadillac) for Lee's cousin's graduation party. Which was awesome. We did not see as many family members as we would have liked but some live out of state and had to work. We partied, got some sunburn (Rachele) and enjoyed the good company. It helped take our mind off the mornings events. Just before leaving Amy (my sister in law) got a phone call from of her co-workers died. He had been sick with cancer and succumbed to the illness.

After hearing that it was a little hard to stay positive...I have been calling last week "hell" week. I know not very Christ like wording but I could not think of something better to call it. It has been a tough week of remembering and memories...I even got a new hair do complete with blue streaks to honor my was her favorite color. I'll have pictures later I promise.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fort Wayne trip!!!

So at the last minute we decide to go to Fort Wayne to see Lee's friend because he was having a party for his daughter who graduated from high school...

So we decide to go to church on Sunday with our "home" ward!!!!

First for the was nice to see them and join them in the happy time. My kids did not go to bed until for Lee and I it was about 4am when we finally went to bed!!! But we made it to church....

Second the church trip...So we all get up very early only because we went to bed so late...get ready and head off to church. Kenny must have gotten into everything and had a bunch of dirt all over him. Go figure!!!

We go in and no one sees us yet but I see Bruce Fey...I say to is a face I recongnize!!! He smiles then realizes who I Lee walks up behind me. Then Jenifer sees me and says Deb??? We only just know each other from facebook. It was nice to meet her in person. I must say I admire her for all she does with out the help of her husband. He is a brave military man...helping keep us safe. I truly do get inspired by her, she has such patience with her kids. So I continue on and see Will colgrove... give him a big hug and go to see Annette Colgrove. I see Lori Walda, Becca Faurth(sp) sorry, Michelle Ashby, Anna Jones and a few others. I got lots of hugs. So we listen to some really good talks. And then we take the kids to Primary!! So we see a few friends in the hall and catch up...get a few more hugs. So instead of going to Sunday school we talk in the hall...But we do make it to Relief Society and Priesthood. We catch up with a few friends and find out just how much we miss them.

So on the drive home we come up with a 5 year plan...meaning that in 5 years we might move back. Nothing in stone yet!! It really depends on what life gives us in 5 years. We really do miss all of you!! We are planning a few more trips!! Oh happy days!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Days, House and whatever I feel like blogging about....

I have been on days for a full week and I love it!!! I hate getting up early but hey at least I can sleep next to Lee everynight and put the kids to bed. I really do enjoy it. On my days off I am free to do what I want at least until Rachele gets done with school...then I'll have the kids on days that I'm off and then I'll have to figure out some fun stuff. One thing I know for sure is we will be using our zoo membership after all we paid for it.

I decided to copy Emily and Tylers summer camp idea. I thought it was a good thing and figured she won't mind... So here is my idea: Rachele is to read at least 2 books a week and give an oral book report. I will pull out some words for her to take a spelling test during the week also. We have a few math papers that she did not do in school and we saved them so she will have some math work. We might even buy some of those math books in the stores...can you believe in 1st grade she is doing multiplecation and division? I did not start that until 3rd grade. I'm thinking I'll never be able to help her when she hits Jr. High!! As for Kenny...we will work on his potty training and he is singing the ABC's so I think I will try to keep his little mind going!!! Not sure what to do just yet but I'll figure it out. Also, once they get into a set routine they will have certain "chores"...just to help me stay caught up on the chores I have to do...

The house...ok so a little over a week ago my sister in law e-mailed me and asked if we would be interested in a house one of her co-workers is selling. I said sure send me the link. I look at the info and was a little unsure because it is way out of our price range...200,000 to be exact. But we thought if he is willing to do land contract first (which he is) than in 5 years we could get it in our we set up a time to see it.

We went to see it and I love it...Lee thinks it is two small...I do admit it is on the smaller side but has 3.5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a basement, garage (2 car) and a huge back yard. So we let the guy run his numbers to come up with his selling price and payments and so on...well the numbers all look fair to include a final selling price of 175,000!!!

So if we can come up with the down payment (we spent the last one paying off some bills and getting a few items for us and so on). So with any luck we can move to a nice little city a few miles away...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the good keeps coming...

Ok some bad comes with this post... We have a friend who has been like another nephew to me. He is my nephews best friend and has been part of the family since he was 3 or so. Well he was in a really bad motorcycle accident on Sunday. He was hit by a drunk driver but is doing ok. His pelvis is broken in three places and his arm is broken also...they aren't sure if the rod they placed is going to work :( So anyways to help him out Lee asked his mom (after she brought it up) if his boss needed help. So she called him up and Lee has a job in Heating and Cooling....yeah us but sad they way he got it. He is trying to help this kid keep his job because as soon as he can work Lee said he would step out if they want him to. So if nothing else he gets some work experience for his resume.

Then in today's mail we get a big envelope in the mail from the college...I thought it was to fast for his degree but waiting until he got home so he could open it...after all it is his mail. It turns out to be his honor certificate...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ok here is the big graduation post!!

As some of you know when we moved back to Michigan Lee left his dream job :( He could not find a job here so he went to a temp agency to get a job. He worked with them for a few months (89 days to be exact) and then they let him go but told him that if he came back in a few weeks they could do another 89 day thing. Well this does not work out because we have Rachele and I just found out I was pregnant with Kenny. So my dad said to him you really want to go to school...Lee said yes and may dad said well go, I'll take care of the two bills you have. That was in  the summer of 2006. So his journey to his degree began. We went on state aid to help out with the insurance part of things and Lee enrolled in school...I was already enrolled and trying to finish my degree.

So here it is 2010 and he is all done...
He graduated with honors so I made him walk to get the degree!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Upset Hubby!!

What to do with a man that hates that "I spend to much time on the computer" is upset that I did not blog about his my defence I was waiting until I get the pictures on the computer to show him off. Its not like he looks at the darn blog anyway...but he is still upset. So in the next few days look for a post about Lee's graduation...

Hello blog world!!

Its been a bit since I blogged...So we got a lot of the cleaning done we wanted done. We did get the my little area for my crafting as you can see by my chair...but that was the only thing I have done. That is able to be seen. I did pull out the knit blanket I started when I found out I was pregnant but stopped because I miscarried and just couldn't work on it. But I figure we will have another one someday so I might as well be ahead of the game.

I have done a few things for dad on the cricut. I need to make him a smaller sign for the back of his car windows...then I can make one for my sister. I will post pictures of my finished products. They are into ham radio stuff so they want to put their callsign on their cars.

I go to days at the end of the month...yea!! I have 6 night shifts left. It is going to feel like an eternity. But the wait is worth my sanity and family time. I hope to be able to do more crafts once I'm on days and once school gets out...which is the middle of June.

Monday, May 3, 2010

new chair!!

So with the clean up in the garage I was able to get an area to craft. So i was motivated to work on my chair....They would not load in top is new bottom is old!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update on the kids!!

Ok so a few weeks ago Rachele wanted her training wheels off. So Lee took them off and we helped her ride up and down the drive way. She did not get it. She was bummed out so I told her Aunt Beth was a good two wheeler teacher. So on Friday she asked Aunt Beth to teach her how to ride. So my very great sister who just finished running on her trendmill and was headed to the shower came right over (she lives across the street) to help her out. Well after about 30 minutes she kinda had it but had too much drama so she didn't continue. Later that night in the driveway she said can I ride my bike...I said yes but daddy and I are busy so we can't help. She said ok I just want to see if I can get started. She got more than started she just took off and is so happy to be riding.

Kenny is still having training issues. The boy just doesn't get it. He knows when he goes but does not want to go in the potty. It is crazy. He does good at daycare but not at home. Anybody know why??? I have heard boys are harder to train but this is silly. His vocabulary is getting larger and very interesting. Nothing bad but it is funny that he uses the right word when needed.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ok as most of you know from FB we have been cleaning. I have some before pictures of the dining room but its not totally done yet so it will be a bit before I get them up. We moved onto the garage because it was such a wonderful day yesterday and the kids wanted to jump on the trampoline. Any ways, my craft corner is taking shape. A lot more work needs to be done but we are headed in the right direction. We cleaned out the lower part under the shelves you know the part on the ground. It was all stuff the owner left behind. So we moved it to the shed not knowing if they want it or not. Well that gives us a lot more room to put totes and get rid of some of the clutter in the garage. So with the nice storm rolling in I'm not sure how much work will be done outside but I can finish the inside.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost there!!!

Okay starting on the 28th I have 6 days off...good for me!! So we are going to do a major re-organization. I think I might have said that in the last post. Well we have started with the living room. I forgot to get before pictures...I will on the next room. There is a huge difference in space. It is still a small room but looks bigger. We replaced one bookcase with a new one that we got on clearance at put up 4 more. We got all our movies on one bookcase and the kids movies on another one along with Kenny's diaper/potty training stuff. I hope to soon have those two shelves empty here in the near future. The other bookcases are for our religious books and stuff. One bookcase for family stuff like pictures and so on. We have no idea for the last one but I'm sure we will figure something out soon for that one. We are going to get the garage cleaned up and open a corner so I can craft...again. I won't be able to do this come winter time but hey some time to craft is better than none right?? Ok so the plan is to get in shape to live here for at least another year...if not more. We realize that something was telling us to stay here with losing two houses!! So in a year we will search again. Maybe by then we will be all set and we will be able to find our perfect house.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogged out!!

Since we lost the house I really have nothing to look forward to...ok maybe not that bad.

We are doing a major re-organization in my house because we lost the house so that should be fun.

We got a few new toys.

We are getting rid of the little puppy as Kenny calls her...she keeps peeing on the floor...even on nice days.

My classes are almost done for this semester and I'm taking the summer off to enjoy life.

I hope to be on day shift by May 31st, which is when the new schedule starts.

I do really feel depressed...not sure why??? Any thoughts??

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The House!!

Ok so we have some colors picked for the outside...burgundy and green. Main color is going to be the burgundy and the trim will be green. It is not that dark of a burgundy but it is still burgundy. The green will be a hunter green color. It isn't called that but thats what it looks like to me. I can't wait. In less than two weeks we will be home owners again...even if we can't move in right away it is still ours. We are thinking of other colors/decor for the inside. Some of the wall paper is in really good shape and we like it so we are going to keep it for now.

I hope that I can post pictures in the very near futher!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A few steps closer!!

Well, we met with who we hope will be our contractor. He seems to think he can get things done that need to be done plus a few extras...yeah!!!

I signed the paperwork to have the agreement between the contractor and me.

Before leaving Holly we stopped at the little pizza place. The waitress remembered us, asked which one we decided on....I think I'm going to love that small town life.

Our finance guy has requested the appraisal...once that is done it should go fast.

We have a meeting with the historic commission in Holly next Thursday...I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My annoyance!!!

Ok first i never claimed to be a good speller....yes i have spell check but it does not always have the word I'm trying to spell.

Ok so I get this information from an un named source that my dad is ticked that he is lending me money. Everyone here has followed my foot/work issues. So I claimed down to the point that i could vent on facebook. I vent and I get a bunch of inquires from family about my post. As it should be. Well my dad has yet to say anything to me about how he feels other than expressing that Lee needs to get a job.

I can understand why he would be upset...if he is, like i said he has not expressed anything about it to me. In the matter of two days I barrowed a lot of money...the car broke down and needed to be fixed and i needed to pay the bills. I think what mad him the madest is the fact that when we bought the van we got the extra warranty and it did not cover anything...ok it saved him 300 bucks but considering it cost more than that for the warranty it does not seem worth it. So I am planning on talking to my dad in the next few days to find out if he is as upset as the un named source says.

I know most of you don't care about this but I felt I needed to explain my last few posts on facebook and my negativity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Up date!!

Ok so I can work 8 hours a night. Occupational health actually said I can work 12 but I have to sit for the last four my boss said just do the 8 and go home. On April 5th I get to go back to 12 hours. This is a good thing as long as I can handle the extra time on my feet. This will keep me in the running for the day position that is open. If I get it Iwill have a normal life. I will have to miss church every other week but I will have a normal life....I know I already said that but it really makes me happy. It does make me sad that I will miss church every other week but for my family and sanity I think it will be worth it.

I added pictures....lots of them of the house to facebook. I added a picture of our new puppy too. She is three years old and we love her. She is a chahuahua (sp). I can never spell that. But I'm sure you know what I mean. It is funny having a 100+ pound dog and a 4 pound dog.

Dad is doing least that is what he says. He looks good. He goes in for a check up on Thursday and hopefully get the staples out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update and 200th post!!!!

Ok so I have not been updated in a bit so here it might be long!!!

House: The inspector/numbers guy is re vamping the house numbers so we can get more bang for the buck. We should still be on target with our overall budget...which is a good thing. I am so happy. So we are getting this going ASAP.

Dad: Well after a very long day at U of M in Ann Arbor dad came through just fine. He did have some racing heart issues that almost made him not come home on time. But he did make it home today. We had a nice family dinner. He spent almost a week in the hospital for those who have not followed my facebook.

Me: My foot has good days and bad days. The funny thing is, that it doesn't always happen after a work day or therapy. I hurt a lot the other day and all I did was get up. I have this funny work increase in hours deal... I get to add an hour to each work day until I get back to 12 hours. So for example...I work 4 hours this week 3 days a week, next week I work 5 hours 3 days a week...and so on. I will be back to my normal hours by May 10th...I don't know if my household can hold up to those hours. Maybe I could get the hours I use to by working more days.

Lee: He is driving me nuts. He keeps talking about homework and needing time to do biggy right. Well, if he did it instead of watching TV he might get it done. But he has been "pushing" me to do mine.

Kids: Rachele is doing good in school. She was a top seller for their she gets to go to the Morley Candy Factory...she won one of the 9 "golden tickets". Kenny has been doing good at daycare...both with his actions and his potty training. At home not so much. He will get into playing and not come and tell us he has to go. We have even tried what "Aunt Ca-tie" does. (Her name is Cathy). But even that doesn't work. Anyone with ideas????

Note to fellow bloggers....

Shanna I have checked your blog and love the latest pics and cute. I have not commented yet but I plan to soon.

Emily I can't wait for pictures of the kitchen.

Anna I could not help but laugh when I read about how the kids were dressed.

Any other blog friends I have checked blogs and just have not commented. I will try to do so soon.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok so the inspection went good. We get the numbers by this weekend. As long as the repairs are around 50,000 the house is a go...if not we are done with the house hunt. We think we are ok on the money side.

It was funny the inspector walks up and said "I think 50 is to low"...our realtor was like "What does that mean?"...then he looked around the outside and inside and told us it looks good.

The outside has a lot that needs to be done...siding, roofing, gutters and some yard clean up to say the least. The inside does not have so many items that have to be fixed for safety reasons...which is good. I will keep you posted.

Friday, March 5, 2010

One house pic!!!

Ok I want to post one house picture but can't find the link to upload it...I will keep searching. I found it... and i picked two pictures. The front corner (from the side) of the porch and the dining room doors. Can you see the TLC we need to do???

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Closing date!!!

We have the closing date....on or before April 22nd. I'm so happy. I have lots of pictures already but I think when we go agian we will take more. I will do a nice before and after once we get the work done.

Monday, March 1, 2010


One half of my semester done...I got a B in the class I finished. I dropped the other was to hard to keep up with, with everything that happened. Its ok I'll retake it.

Lee is seemingly doing good in his class. It's the last one before he gets his associates degree...yeah!!!

Rachele got her progress report...all 4's and 3's. Which is A's and B's in a normal school. I am so proud of her. She really loves school but hates mornings...I wonder where she gets it from????

Did you notice I did not talk about the house hunt?? (until now)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

House hunt!!!

Well we went to Holly again. We found a few we liked but they are at the top of our price range and they still need work. One needs new flooring in every room. The other was just a little small only three bedrooms.

We went and looked at the Victorian again. Boy do I love that house. We did hear back on our offer. They countered and we have no issue with the counter but the close date. So we are waiting to see still.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok so we went ahead and put a bid on the 110 year old house. Yes even after Rachele's bad dream. After more probing it was about the other house not the old one...of course we will make sure that the house is blessed before we move in just to be on the safe side. Actually every house we have lived in since we became mormon we have blessed. Even the one we lived in went we became mormon. We had some issues with a "darkness" that seemed to make Lee and us fight all the time. Lee was smoking again and we just could not take it anymore...Lee seeing what it was doing talked to the fabulous Priesthood Pres. (Tyler) and he was all over getting help and coming over after church to help remedy the issue. Since that day Lee has been smoke free and we have had a good thing so we make sure that we bless the house once we move in. Here is to hoping we get this one...even though it needs work we really do love all the charm it still has.


Ok so Kenny's fever turns out to be an ear infection on both sides plus a sinus infection. Rachele's sinus infection is getting better. So they are both on the same oral anitbiotics.

We just got another snow dump...lucky us. I should not complain to much we really did have a mild winter. I just can't wait till Spring. It was my moms favorite time of year. She would look for her tulips to pop through the ground...which always seemed to happen and we would have one last frost. But they would survive.

I had my PT evaluation yesterday...I hurt today and alls that happen was some walking and poking...but my foot does not know the difference between the work and work load. I actually get to work it tomorrow. I'm sure I'll get to feel that too. I also feel like I might be coming down with something. My voice was hoarse this morning and my throat feels dry and blah. I guess I will have to boost my vitimans...does that really work or is it an old wives tale??

We did not get the one house we loved in Holly...newer build. But the old Victorian has lowered its price...could it be a sign?? We prayed about it last night...then at about 3am Rachele came in saying she had a bad dream about ghosts chasing her...when we got up she said that when we bought our house the ghosts tried to get her but they took Kenny instead. She then said it the house we got was the Victorian...what is a girl to do??

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holly houses!! very long

Ok so we went to Holly with a list of seven houses...we only got to see four.

We did get to see one of the two I really wanted to see. A 110 year old Victorian. It was awesome, even though it needed work. It was so beautiful. It still had almost all of the original wood work and some wall paper. It had servents stairs and an upper floor for servants to sleep in. Man the history in that house. I would love to get it but with all the work that needs to be done I'm not sure I want to take on that job. It would need a new kitchen, the living room needs fixing along with the firplace needing to be redone. The dining room and pantry need to be fixed up. The room we would use as the kids play room would seemingly only need paint/wallpaper. The main floor bath needs to be redone. And thats just the main floor. The upstairs needs a few less items but it still needs a bunch of stuff. With its age it might even be a historical home...which could mean more money to restore it to original state...Oh the pain I have to walk away...but not so sure it is for us.

The house we liked just as much was built in 1997. It would appear to have had two owners besides the bank that currently owns it. It is in our price range and has eveything we want. 4 bedrooms, 2 car garage, finished basement (with lots of storage room), fenced in back yard, a fireplace, and a kitchen that has more space than the one we currently have. It also has 2.5 baths. Very nice. Very clean and oh yea it has a basketball hoop in the driveway. I think we are going to put a bid on it early next has a homeowners association and we would like to check the bylaws before we do an offical bid.

We prayed about this last trip...of house hunting. I have to do some research on a transfer to the local hospital...which happens to be in the health system as my current hospital so if I can transfer I could keep my current hire day and senrority(sp)...which would be nice. If I can't transfer I would have to wait another year before trying to have another baby so I would be able to get FMLA to have it. I would hate to loss all that time in too. It is only a year but a year could be important when it comes to a raise and so on.

Sorry it is so long...Happy blogging.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goal update!!!

Ok the only two things that I know for sure that we have done is: daily scripture reading and F.H.E. I have been doing better at school work...but I know I can do more to improve. I have been working on my temper with the kids. I am even letting Rachele help more with some cookie making, pouring things, stirring and so on. She is really liking it. I will have to double check my list to give a full update but this is a start.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House Bid!!

Much to relief the house we bid on we did not get. We liked it but it needed alot of work. It had nothing in the kitchen...the main bath only had had the bath furnace or hot water heater and so on. Boy it was a mess. We are moving on to another city close by tomorrow and then this weekend we are headed to Holly (about an hour north of us) to look at a few houses up there. One I really like from the outside. It is an old Victorian. I hope it is still avalible at least to look at...even if it doesn't work out for us. One is even a model home with all the works. I will let you guys know once we are done looking at least this go around.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A little bit more!!!

So we are on the house hunt...we have looked at a few nice houses...others not so nice. We looked at one that has to be redone almost everywhere. But the thing is it has lots of things we could do to our is a HUD home so it would be a wait and see kinda thing. If we get it I'll post pictures...then you can see what I mean. We are throwing a bid at it just to see.

I went to the rehab doctor...he says my lack of using my foot is causing the pain. So I get to go to PT as my dad would say physical torture...LOL!! So I have to set that up.

Church was good. The kids behaved for a change. Other than Rachele and her melt downs in primary...sometimes I wonder if she does it because we are there in the room. Oh well.

It appears dad gets his big surgery on the 12th of March. I ask for prayers and happy thoughts...I know it is a given but it can't hurt to ask for those few extras.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little of everything!!

No school for Rachele...good thing too, she has a fever, but is feeling better after some childrens motrin. Kenny is headed off to daycare. Only after it took Lee 20 minutes to shovel and clean off the Suburban. I love the 4 wheel drive in that thing...well worth the extra car payment.

The house hunt begins again. I looked at a few online last night...I think I will let my realtor do the leg work this time. Last time we found all the houses that we looked at. After all thats what she is getting paid to do.

I really hated walking away from the other house but I'm not going to be walked all over. This just lets us know that heavenly father does answer prayers and that house was not meant for us.

Doing good today. I went to work yesterday and they had gotten me a card. It was so nice. I still feel hurt inside but I know again that heavenly father was looking out for me and what ever was wrong with the baby I wasn't going to be able to handle. I know people say that the lord only gives you what you can handle is not always an accurate statemnet but I truely feel that in the case it is true. I go back to the doctor on Friday to touch base with her and ask some more questions that I thought of since last week. She called me yesterday to let me know that my hormone levels are 34 so for sure no DNC.

Dad goes to the doctor tomorrow to discuss the surgury. He already decided to have his bladder removed and what type of new bladder he wants...which is a bag on the outside. This option has less complications. I think he has done enough research that he has made an informed decission.

Lee goes to the doctor on Thursday also. I hope his doctor sees he has lost weight. When he wears clothes as with all of us...he weighs more. If nothing else I see he has lost weight. He is doing really good on his portion control and working out.

As I said I went back to work yesterday. For two hours to do billing. The problem is I have to have a sit down job and if billing only takes me 2 hours I can't work for that. I can't pay my bills on that. I am going to have to ask if they have more for me to do. If not I might have to get a hold of the workmen's comp lady to get more info.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ok so the huy is being a no "chicken" house. He doesn't want to pay for the septic inspection which he agreed to on the purchase agreement and wanted to keep our earnest money if the deal did not close for any reason. That did no sit well with us because we are getting a FHA loan which means when they inspect the has to be darn near perfect and if he does not fix those items it would be a no I should give him my money for his house not passing inspection...not on my watch. I am not settling on a house just because I could have chickens. This is my hard earned money and I get what I want or no deal. This is a buyers market so I'm going to keep looking.

On another foot does not have a break but they still don't know what to do so I'm going to a foot specialist...maybe some answers will come after I see him/her.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Ok so even though I don't need them anytime soon...I'll still need them. I have been looking for diapers. I have found two websites that offer good prices on the type of diapers I want and a few other items that I wouldn't mind getting...
I think looking for the things we need to replace and I would like to get has helped some too. The thought of needing these items again gives me hope. I know that we will have another baby(s) but when the time is right. Maybe my diaper research will help someone else out. The kissaluvs are super absorbant(sp) according to my research. This I find to be awesome. My kids are heavy wetters. They even have inserts to make them even more absorbant(sp). Hello, what could be better? I even found prefolds at an awesome price. With a few covers and snappi options. I love this. I still have lots of stuff from when Rachele was little and Julie and Andrea got me hooked up with diapers. So I don't think I will need to replace what I have...but get more of it. I hope some of you find this helpful.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Too Much?!?!?!?!?

Ok I feel like I'm talking to much...Am I? I also feel that if I don't share how things are it will just eat away at me. I had a good day. It was hard to go to church and try to be normal. Only a handful of people knew I was pregnant and only that same handful know I miscarried. I knew I had to go to church no matter how much I did not feel like it. It was nice to feel the love of our ward and the love of Christ inside those walls. No matter how you feel, Church always makes you feel better.

On the house front...we talk to the realtor in the morning about the house and the earnest money. I hope that this is a smooth process. It started out that way but then we hit a snag...the snag seems to be letting up but only the talk will tell.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Hope!!

Went to the doctor to today to discuss my next steps. Well the good news is I don't need a DNC...I know tmi. She said she wants to see me next week...just to touch base make sure I'm still doing ok. I still don't feel good. I'm not sure what I should really feel. I feel the pain of losing the baby but I don't know how to understand it. I hate being alone. I think about it even when I try not to. I don't blame myself but I can't help but wonder if I had not found out and got the bone scan would it had turned out the same way? I don't want to know the answer to that question. Even though it is on my mind. She did tell me to wait 3 months before trying again...that would be May June area...which is were we had planned to get pregnant in the first place. Kinda odd in my mind. I have no idea if I'll feel up to trying then only time will tell. On another note the bruises on my right arm hurt and the doctor was very upset that the ER bruised me so bad. Her caring makes me glad I choose her for my doctor.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok so I'm feeling little better. I have been tring not to think about what happened. I know it wasn't anything I did but it doesn't make it any better. I have talked to Lee about what is going on with my feelings. It is still hard. I have no idea how long it will take to feel normal. I would hate to have gone through this and have had the baby and it have had something wrong and it pass after birth. This is hard enough. I love that I have the comfort of the Savior's plan for us all. I feel his love and understand he made it happen for a reason, I just wish I knew why. I guess I will have to live with the not knowing. I have had my fill of resting, but I am still resting. Does this make sense to anyone? Or am I just rambling?

We had our house inspection done yesterday. For the most part it was awesome. We need to have two windows replaced...we will see.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I had a miscarriage today. I feel ok...I guess. I don't know how it really happened. I have talked to some people who have had then and they have always said that they cramped really bad and had lots of bleeding. Me I had just some stuff and then more red but nothing that hurt. My blood work had a drastict down slop in just a few days. Lee and I have not told the kids yet...not sure what to tell them.

On a happier least we get to try again.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ok so I have done some reasearch and checked out youtube... It does seem that one size diapers are a good investment. On youtube I watched several reviews from people who use and sell one size diapers. The one complaint is when baby is smaller you do not get as tight of a fit so they leak. No biggy to me I have lots of prefolds. I just need to narrow down the type of diapers I want. I am drawn to the kissaluvs. They have a onw size that you use a snappi or pins to close it...or a snug diaper cover. Kissaluvs also has a all in one one size diaper...kinda price though. Does anyone have any thoughts??

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cloth diapers

So with me being pregnant I have been doing the whole cloth diaper thing again. So I have been looking online to find good deals. I found some that go from birth to potty training. Does anyone know if these would be a good way to go? Is anyone making them these days?? Could I get someone to make them for me?? I really want to cloth diaper again but not sure what way to go. Help please??? I hate the cost of diapers. Although I'm currently blessed with my dad buying them for me...but I can't do that for another 2-3 years.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Ob appointment went well. I have to get and ultrasound in a few weeks. Doc wants it no later than 8 weeks along. She did not seem concerned about anything I think she is just being careful with my family history of diabetes and my new migraine issues with this baby. She even gave my a perscription that is safe for me to take with the baby to help if I do get a headache.

The house offer was accepted with all of our conditions. I'm so excited. Now it is the paperwork game. Closing is around March 19th. It is the chicken house. We are going to go to the city to get it in writing before we get anything rolling on the chickens. I even have an idea for a cage for when they are still in the house. Anyway...I will keep you posted on both the house and the baby.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let the bidding begin....

We have put a bid on the house in the country. It has almost an acre of land. A nice huge fenced in back yard with a barn, chickens here I come. It also has a section for a garden fenced off by the barn. We are really hoping for this one. We even found out that it has city water and sewer not a well and septic like it said in the description. It is so awesome to think we could be home owners again.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken House!!!

The price was lowered on the chicken house...Emily gave it that name. Lee is currently on the phone with the get more info. The other house we bid on was a no go...we were out bid. It must not have been the house for us. I will keep you posted...

Monday, January 25, 2010


Ok so I went to the doctor again for my foot. Still no work unless I sit. Which my boss found me a sit down job...just has to update my computer access so I can do it. However, they still don't know what is wrong with it so they wanted me to have an MRI, but the MRI won't let me have it until the get clearance from a doctor because I'm pregnant. I never thought a foot injury would cause such joy and issue. Joy because we found out we are pregnant, issues because everytime they order something I have to wait or not get it. Don't get me wrong I do not want anything to hurt the baby but if I can't have the tests then just treat my foot for what it could be...broke. It would be so much easier...right?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lovin' Sunday!!

We started our day listening to the rain fall. It was coming down hard. It was really nice. We went to church. The talks were wonderful. We went to primary where Rachele announced the new baby. We had a good day over all. I even got to start the blanket. It looks so good so far. I love my looms.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ok so I have been slacking on my crafts...who can blame me. I work full time, go to school full time, I have two kids and really no room to do anything.

Not anymore...I want to do the things I have learned to I am finishing Lee's scarf and moving on to a blanket. I am using the knifty knitter looms to make them. I have made scarfs before very easy just cast on and flip till you get the length you want. a blanket I'm going to actually have to count out the rows and not lose track. I would hate to have to start over. I even found a quilt design that I might try.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big news!!

I did not get the bone scan to see what is wrong with my foot...the reason why...I'm pregnant!!! We are very happy. It was a little sooner than we planned but it really isn't up to us is? Funny story to how we found out...
I woke up in the morning (Tuesday) to help get the kids up and get going for my bone scan. Well have been feeling "odd" lately...I wasn't late (that doesn't happen until tomorrow) but just felt "odd". So I got up and grabbed a test (always have some on hand). Took it and it was positive. I only checked because I knew that the bone scan dye could hurt the baby so I thought I better check and make sure just in case...I would have been so stressed if I had not listened to the voice and took the test. Due date is Sept 25th per family doctor...I say Sept 30th...need to get one of those prego tickers on my blog. Updates soon...

Monday, January 18, 2010

FOOT!! and DAD

Ok so I'm off till Monday. I get a bone scan tomorrow. I will be radioactive...what fun. I was really hoping to go back today but better to be safe than sorry right?

Dad goes Thursday to get his testing done. At least some of it anyway. He gets his bone scan and Ct scan done. Then on the 29th he gets yet another biospy and the Dr wants to get a good look at everything, so we can figure out the game plan. I think dad wants to go with the external pouch rather than in internal or neo-bladder. We will see. It's going to be a long few (4-8) weeks. Dad likes the new Dr. and feels really comfortable with him. Finding someone you can trust is half the battle.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


My Sunday was good. Lee did the lesson this week. I don't have to work...only because I'm still off from my foot. I think I got my house answer. But I am going to continue to pray. Rachele is feeling sick but is not whiny yet. Kenny is doing good. Lee is going to call a guy for some work, I am so geateful for that. Some of the pressure will be off me. I'm hoping to go back to work this week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Houses, houses and more houses

Ok so we are still searching. When our agent gets back from vacation in Mexico I think we are going to put a bid on the house with almost an acre. However we are going to keep looking. I feel that is the house for us. It is the only one that we have felt that we even want to put a bid on. Lee is not as confident as I am, but we drove by it yesterday and he is talking about it more. He even told me to go ahead and order some books on raising chickens. We still need to get the house and make sure the city will let us have does have several farms on either side of the property we are looking at but they might be grandfathered in, Lee said that maybe with the property having a barn it could be grandfathered in too. I will keep you posted as we continue our hunt for houses and our bidding.

This was my 170th post. Not as many as Emily's but hey it's a start.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

House Hunting!!

So we have been doing some house hunting. Before going to a realtor we looked up a bunch of houses online. So when we went to see her we had a list for her to check out for us and set up showings.

Day 1: We found one that we kinda liked out of four.
Day 2: We found two we liked and one we really like. We like it so much that Julie is looking up current owners buying price and a few other details for us so we can possibly put in a bid. We still need to pray about it and find out some details could we have a chicken coup in the back yard...yes Emily I want one too. It sits on almost an acre and the back is all fenced in with a little barn and section in the back for a garden. I can see things from my house in this house and it is so exciting. I will keep you all posted. The other two are very nice and have a little more room because they have four bedrooms but this one has more room to expand if need be. One even has an indoor year round pool. I like that feature.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I was at work transporting a patient from CT scan. As we rounded the corner the bed ran over my foot. It was a bariatric bed so it is bigger and heavier than normal beds plus the patient was in the bed. I have to go to occupational health to see what they want to do. I did not break it but it really swollen and hurts a lot. It is brusing up a little. I can't even wear a sock it hurts that much. So no shoes either.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Doing good!!

I can say that I have been doing really good with getting my homework done. I am still checking things out but not as frequent. I hope I can stay on track.

My dads bladder cancer is back and he has an appointment next week at UofM with there Bladder cancer specialist. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Oh yeah and if you haven't seen my FB we are house hunting. We got approved for a mortgage at a good rate that could even go down a little more. Now we just need to find the house.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New discovery!!

So Rachele lost her second tooth last week. No big deal right??? She even pulled it herself. Well her new one is growing of right now it is really far behind the line. So it looks like at this point she might need braces. I know she is only six I should not worry until more teeth fall out and the new ones grow in but...I fear the cost of braces. My current insurance covers 1000, but that will barely touch the cost. Some might say if it is only one tooth then why bother but me I say her self-esteem will be higher if her teeth look like everyone elses. Is that wrong of me? Any comments would be so grateful.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay so I decided to work hard on my school work this year. So far I'm doing so so. I need to buckle down a little more. I need to figure out how not to be so addicted to my blogging and facebook. So if You do not hear from me do not feel bad. I will try not to leave you all hanging. I might still be on everyday and try to comment but we will see if it distracts me.


So after Christmas Lee got the bug to clean. So he started with the kids room and their toys. We ended up giving away three totes full of toys. Two to the church for nursury and one to Kenny's babysitter. I think all the toys are out of the garage other than outside toys. It is nice to have someone to do all the work that you think about but do not do because it is overwheling. The kids room looks better and a bit bigger too. Thanks honey.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today was a good day for church...despite the bitter cold air. We had a great fast Sunday, the first in a long time that I could actually fast for. I was not sick or working the night before. I even found the strength to bare my testimony. It was simple and short but I think I got my point across.

We had a nice dinner with the whole family. I think dad still cooks a lot in hopes that we will come over and eat. Sometimes he just texts us all and tells us to come over.

We hooked up the Wii fit and tried it out. Looks like it is going to be a nice way to lose weight.