Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just wanted to say hi to all my blog friends...HI!!!

I see everyone is doing fine...or at least saying they are.

Emily....your chicken coop is awesome. Lee's uncle has one that is just an old outhouse revapt and the run is just chicken wire. You can see the love in your coop.

Anna....I admire you for homeschooling. I always said I would but just helping with homework runs my nerves.

Shanna and Jennifer....I understand what you kids (and you) go through when dad (hubby) are gone. Keep up the good work as temporary single moms.

Becca....I love how your blog is always so loving. I feel the love every time I read a post.

Beth....Dear sister if you still read my blog, update yours. You act like you work or something.

Andrea....I miss you frugel updates, give me more.

For those I missed I like your blogs too but the ones singled out I check daily so... I will look to yours soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Story Fun!!

Lee's surgery was a success. No more pain. But some swelling still. He gets the stiches out Wednesday.

Rachele has her first football game on the 29th. Going to be a long day. We still have a little over a week before school starts (Sept. 8th), I am so looking forward to that day. Although she really isn't a hastle.

Lee's moms birthday is next week so we are going north to spend it with his dad, mostly to make sure he is ok as it is the first one with out her.

Kenny is just hanging out with mom and dad and sissy (achele) is what he calls her. It is so cute to hear his vocabulary.

Over all life is good.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More updates

Lee's grandpa died. Funny thing is it was about an hour earlier than my lost post saying he wasn't doing good.

Lee had some blood work come back elevated so he has to go see a GI doctor. His liver enzyes are high and the ultrasound showed he has an enlarged liver and spleen. I'll keep you posted.

Rachele starts cheerleading next week she is excited. Hopefully the games will be on Saturday's so she can go to them.

Kenny is just enjoying what ever his little heart desires.

Me I'm doing good. A little stressed and an extra headache or two is really getting me down. I just don't know what to do about all the health issues. Prayers are said so hopefully we will see some light.