Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a few things....

Just a few things going on...in no order:

* the new cricut was launched today...oh how I want one...maybe after the move and I have some ideas for my old one!!

* talked to the realtor and finance guys today...we are on target for a middle of May begining of June close date!! Hurry up get here already!!!

* I have decided to start walking/jogging/running...so I ordered a jogging stroller for Kenny...that was fun looking for one that would hold him longer than a few months without paying over 300 bucks!!!

* I don't want to have a workout consume my time and thoughts...on that note calorie counting is going well...everytime I eat something my first thoughts are how many calorires and serving size. I hope to step on a scale and see some results soon...I don't want to get disappointed just yet :(

* I love that the weather is getting nicer even with the rain...the coldness is going away...I hope to stay away!

* Lee has finally (fully) gotten on the lets have another baby page...I think my miscarriage last year hurt him more than I thought...so maybe soon I will have that news too...its funny when I decide to lose wieght I think about having a baby...

* Easter was ok...I had to work so I really did not get to reflect the way I would like to have...plus it strikes me as an odd thing that I work for a Catholic Ministry hospital system and Easter is not a paid holiday or even a holiday they honor!! Other than Christmas you would think Easter would be the most important holiday! But what do I know!

* I don't think the spell check is working on blogger so forgive my spelling errors!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I can't help it!!!


This is a link to get a new free cricut expression @ machine...the latest and greatest from provo craft!!!


So Lee and I have been doing the down size thing again...more so talk no action. We want to make sure we are on the same page before we act...that said here are some of our moving thoughts...in no order...

*get rid of our couch...whether someone picks it up (donation) or it hits the curb. It is not comfy and we are sick of it.
*keep the love seat for now so we have a place to sit...the kids love to sit on us and we don't mind and its only for a little while.
*get rid of things we don't use...which really isn't much since the flood but we still have a lot to get rid of.
*our food storage is shrinking...so to conserve some room and back work we are not going to replenish it until we move...we still have food but not a huge food storage...plus my dad has offered us to "shop" at his house...take his extras off his hands and clear out his food storage...I'm sure its so he can go buy more but hey I'm not knocking free food!!
*downsize our clothes...even though we will have a very nice WIC at the new house we don't want it full from the start...we both have clothes we don't wear so why not let someone else that could use them have them!
*keep the kids together...for now but get another bed for Rachele...thanks to my sister that will be cheap (free)!!
*try not to let it get the best of us!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This time next week...

This time next week I should have an answer on the new job. the only thing I have to do is find my hard copy of my license...I can find my expired one but not my current one...eeekk! If nothing else I can try to get a new copy from the state!!! I need to change my address with them anyway!

I feel good about it however I will continue to pray and figure out for sure that this is what I am supposed to do!

Monday, April 18, 2011

wake up...

So I woke up with a blinding headache...I think it was from the "broken" sleep. I called into work to try to get more sleep. I took my meds and crawled back to bed. I woke up again at about 800 when Kenny joined me. I woke up again at 900 and it is still hear. Plus it is snowing...so the barametric pressure is not normal...go figure!!

On another note...I have school all squared away!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

non blog...

I haven't felt like blogging. I have lots to talk about...just haven't felt like blogging about them though!!

So here it is...

we put a bid on a house...so far it looks like its ours...no more flooded basement and clogged plumbing!!

I applied for a new job at a different hospital...looks promising...I go back for a staff interview and job shadow on the 20th.

I applied for a lead job at my current hospital...does not look like I'm getting it! It's ok with all the termole that is going on not sure I want to stay there...hence the other job interview!!

I got re-enrolled in school...by the end of this summer I hope to have my degree all done!!!