Sunday, February 28, 2010

House hunt!!!

Well we went to Holly again. We found a few we liked but they are at the top of our price range and they still need work. One needs new flooring in every room. The other was just a little small only three bedrooms.

We went and looked at the Victorian again. Boy do I love that house. We did hear back on our offer. They countered and we have no issue with the counter but the close date. So we are waiting to see still.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok so we went ahead and put a bid on the 110 year old house. Yes even after Rachele's bad dream. After more probing it was about the other house not the old one...of course we will make sure that the house is blessed before we move in just to be on the safe side. Actually every house we have lived in since we became mormon we have blessed. Even the one we lived in went we became mormon. We had some issues with a "darkness" that seemed to make Lee and us fight all the time. Lee was smoking again and we just could not take it anymore...Lee seeing what it was doing talked to the fabulous Priesthood Pres. (Tyler) and he was all over getting help and coming over after church to help remedy the issue. Since that day Lee has been smoke free and we have had a good thing so we make sure that we bless the house once we move in. Here is to hoping we get this one...even though it needs work we really do love all the charm it still has.


Ok so Kenny's fever turns out to be an ear infection on both sides plus a sinus infection. Rachele's sinus infection is getting better. So they are both on the same oral anitbiotics.

We just got another snow dump...lucky us. I should not complain to much we really did have a mild winter. I just can't wait till Spring. It was my moms favorite time of year. She would look for her tulips to pop through the ground...which always seemed to happen and we would have one last frost. But they would survive.

I had my PT evaluation yesterday...I hurt today and alls that happen was some walking and poking...but my foot does not know the difference between the work and work load. I actually get to work it tomorrow. I'm sure I'll get to feel that too. I also feel like I might be coming down with something. My voice was hoarse this morning and my throat feels dry and blah. I guess I will have to boost my vitimans...does that really work or is it an old wives tale??

We did not get the one house we loved in Holly...newer build. But the old Victorian has lowered its price...could it be a sign?? We prayed about it last night...then at about 3am Rachele came in saying she had a bad dream about ghosts chasing her...when we got up she said that when we bought our house the ghosts tried to get her but they took Kenny instead. She then said it the house we got was the Victorian...what is a girl to do??

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holly houses!! very long

Ok so we went to Holly with a list of seven houses...we only got to see four.

We did get to see one of the two I really wanted to see. A 110 year old Victorian. It was awesome, even though it needed work. It was so beautiful. It still had almost all of the original wood work and some wall paper. It had servents stairs and an upper floor for servants to sleep in. Man the history in that house. I would love to get it but with all the work that needs to be done I'm not sure I want to take on that job. It would need a new kitchen, the living room needs fixing along with the firplace needing to be redone. The dining room and pantry need to be fixed up. The room we would use as the kids play room would seemingly only need paint/wallpaper. The main floor bath needs to be redone. And thats just the main floor. The upstairs needs a few less items but it still needs a bunch of stuff. With its age it might even be a historical home...which could mean more money to restore it to original state...Oh the pain I have to walk away...but not so sure it is for us.

The house we liked just as much was built in 1997. It would appear to have had two owners besides the bank that currently owns it. It is in our price range and has eveything we want. 4 bedrooms, 2 car garage, finished basement (with lots of storage room), fenced in back yard, a fireplace, and a kitchen that has more space than the one we currently have. It also has 2.5 baths. Very nice. Very clean and oh yea it has a basketball hoop in the driveway. I think we are going to put a bid on it early next has a homeowners association and we would like to check the bylaws before we do an offical bid.

We prayed about this last trip...of house hunting. I have to do some research on a transfer to the local hospital...which happens to be in the health system as my current hospital so if I can transfer I could keep my current hire day and senrority(sp)...which would be nice. If I can't transfer I would have to wait another year before trying to have another baby so I would be able to get FMLA to have it. I would hate to loss all that time in too. It is only a year but a year could be important when it comes to a raise and so on.

Sorry it is so long...Happy blogging.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goal update!!!

Ok the only two things that I know for sure that we have done is: daily scripture reading and F.H.E. I have been doing better at school work...but I know I can do more to improve. I have been working on my temper with the kids. I am even letting Rachele help more with some cookie making, pouring things, stirring and so on. She is really liking it. I will have to double check my list to give a full update but this is a start.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House Bid!!

Much to relief the house we bid on we did not get. We liked it but it needed alot of work. It had nothing in the kitchen...the main bath only had had the bath furnace or hot water heater and so on. Boy it was a mess. We are moving on to another city close by tomorrow and then this weekend we are headed to Holly (about an hour north of us) to look at a few houses up there. One I really like from the outside. It is an old Victorian. I hope it is still avalible at least to look at...even if it doesn't work out for us. One is even a model home with all the works. I will let you guys know once we are done looking at least this go around.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A little bit more!!!

So we are on the house hunt...we have looked at a few nice houses...others not so nice. We looked at one that has to be redone almost everywhere. But the thing is it has lots of things we could do to our is a HUD home so it would be a wait and see kinda thing. If we get it I'll post pictures...then you can see what I mean. We are throwing a bid at it just to see.

I went to the rehab doctor...he says my lack of using my foot is causing the pain. So I get to go to PT as my dad would say physical torture...LOL!! So I have to set that up.

Church was good. The kids behaved for a change. Other than Rachele and her melt downs in primary...sometimes I wonder if she does it because we are there in the room. Oh well.

It appears dad gets his big surgery on the 12th of March. I ask for prayers and happy thoughts...I know it is a given but it can't hurt to ask for those few extras.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little of everything!!

No school for Rachele...good thing too, she has a fever, but is feeling better after some childrens motrin. Kenny is headed off to daycare. Only after it took Lee 20 minutes to shovel and clean off the Suburban. I love the 4 wheel drive in that thing...well worth the extra car payment.

The house hunt begins again. I looked at a few online last night...I think I will let my realtor do the leg work this time. Last time we found all the houses that we looked at. After all thats what she is getting paid to do.

I really hated walking away from the other house but I'm not going to be walked all over. This just lets us know that heavenly father does answer prayers and that house was not meant for us.

Doing good today. I went to work yesterday and they had gotten me a card. It was so nice. I still feel hurt inside but I know again that heavenly father was looking out for me and what ever was wrong with the baby I wasn't going to be able to handle. I know people say that the lord only gives you what you can handle is not always an accurate statemnet but I truely feel that in the case it is true. I go back to the doctor on Friday to touch base with her and ask some more questions that I thought of since last week. She called me yesterday to let me know that my hormone levels are 34 so for sure no DNC.

Dad goes to the doctor tomorrow to discuss the surgury. He already decided to have his bladder removed and what type of new bladder he wants...which is a bag on the outside. This option has less complications. I think he has done enough research that he has made an informed decission.

Lee goes to the doctor on Thursday also. I hope his doctor sees he has lost weight. When he wears clothes as with all of us...he weighs more. If nothing else I see he has lost weight. He is doing really good on his portion control and working out.

As I said I went back to work yesterday. For two hours to do billing. The problem is I have to have a sit down job and if billing only takes me 2 hours I can't work for that. I can't pay my bills on that. I am going to have to ask if they have more for me to do. If not I might have to get a hold of the workmen's comp lady to get more info.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ok so the huy is being a no "chicken" house. He doesn't want to pay for the septic inspection which he agreed to on the purchase agreement and wanted to keep our earnest money if the deal did not close for any reason. That did no sit well with us because we are getting a FHA loan which means when they inspect the has to be darn near perfect and if he does not fix those items it would be a no I should give him my money for his house not passing inspection...not on my watch. I am not settling on a house just because I could have chickens. This is my hard earned money and I get what I want or no deal. This is a buyers market so I'm going to keep looking.

On another foot does not have a break but they still don't know what to do so I'm going to a foot specialist...maybe some answers will come after I see him/her.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Ok so even though I don't need them anytime soon...I'll still need them. I have been looking for diapers. I have found two websites that offer good prices on the type of diapers I want and a few other items that I wouldn't mind getting...
I think looking for the things we need to replace and I would like to get has helped some too. The thought of needing these items again gives me hope. I know that we will have another baby(s) but when the time is right. Maybe my diaper research will help someone else out. The kissaluvs are super absorbant(sp) according to my research. This I find to be awesome. My kids are heavy wetters. They even have inserts to make them even more absorbant(sp). Hello, what could be better? I even found prefolds at an awesome price. With a few covers and snappi options. I love this. I still have lots of stuff from when Rachele was little and Julie and Andrea got me hooked up with diapers. So I don't think I will need to replace what I have...but get more of it. I hope some of you find this helpful.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Too Much?!?!?!?!?

Ok I feel like I'm talking to much...Am I? I also feel that if I don't share how things are it will just eat away at me. I had a good day. It was hard to go to church and try to be normal. Only a handful of people knew I was pregnant and only that same handful know I miscarried. I knew I had to go to church no matter how much I did not feel like it. It was nice to feel the love of our ward and the love of Christ inside those walls. No matter how you feel, Church always makes you feel better.

On the house front...we talk to the realtor in the morning about the house and the earnest money. I hope that this is a smooth process. It started out that way but then we hit a snag...the snag seems to be letting up but only the talk will tell.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Hope!!

Went to the doctor to today to discuss my next steps. Well the good news is I don't need a DNC...I know tmi. She said she wants to see me next week...just to touch base make sure I'm still doing ok. I still don't feel good. I'm not sure what I should really feel. I feel the pain of losing the baby but I don't know how to understand it. I hate being alone. I think about it even when I try not to. I don't blame myself but I can't help but wonder if I had not found out and got the bone scan would it had turned out the same way? I don't want to know the answer to that question. Even though it is on my mind. She did tell me to wait 3 months before trying again...that would be May June area...which is were we had planned to get pregnant in the first place. Kinda odd in my mind. I have no idea if I'll feel up to trying then only time will tell. On another note the bruises on my right arm hurt and the doctor was very upset that the ER bruised me so bad. Her caring makes me glad I choose her for my doctor.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok so I'm feeling little better. I have been tring not to think about what happened. I know it wasn't anything I did but it doesn't make it any better. I have talked to Lee about what is going on with my feelings. It is still hard. I have no idea how long it will take to feel normal. I would hate to have gone through this and have had the baby and it have had something wrong and it pass after birth. This is hard enough. I love that I have the comfort of the Savior's plan for us all. I feel his love and understand he made it happen for a reason, I just wish I knew why. I guess I will have to live with the not knowing. I have had my fill of resting, but I am still resting. Does this make sense to anyone? Or am I just rambling?

We had our house inspection done yesterday. For the most part it was awesome. We need to have two windows replaced...we will see.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I had a miscarriage today. I feel ok...I guess. I don't know how it really happened. I have talked to some people who have had then and they have always said that they cramped really bad and had lots of bleeding. Me I had just some stuff and then more red but nothing that hurt. My blood work had a drastict down slop in just a few days. Lee and I have not told the kids yet...not sure what to tell them.

On a happier least we get to try again.