Sunday, July 22, 2007

We have been busy!!

Well were do I begin.... Thursday my mom went in the hospital. Her sugar was over 1000...she should have been in a coma...heavenly father must watch over her. I have been out of mind. I have to study for a mid-term. I feel like I'm doing ok in that department, even more so because mom is ok now. She came home and we got some new stuff for her to keep organized.

The kids are getting big and into everything. Kenny is walking along furniture. Not ready for that. He is getting good at keeping is balance. Rachele has gone through her toys and given a bunch of them away to her "best friend". She didn't even cry about it...I was so proud.

I hope everyone else in the blog land is doing great. Happy posting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Story Update!!!

Well we are all adjusting to me being in school. It isn't to bad yet. Lee is still off for the rest of the summer. Rachele asks everyday if she can go to school yet. Kenny is crawling and getting into everything. He just started crawling last week and already he is pulling up on furniture and walking along the front. I'm not ready for that yet. Next week we are celebrating my nephews graduation. That should be a blast. Just letting everyone know whats going on with the Story Clan.!