Sunday, December 28, 2008

My time to vent!!

Read at your own risk!!!

So I'm at work and I have the ISO unit which means every patient has something thats contagious and I have to gown up and wash longer and so on. My night starts out with a bad note of a day shift therapist leaving a patient and he was disconnected from the ventilator and she didn't want to handle it. It was only 7pm she is still responsible for that patient until she gives report (which she had not done). So I go down to an area that is not mine because my boss asks me to go to help her out because she is still handing out peoples assignments and doing her start of shift work. I go down in the basement to find the patient being bagged by the nurse and she says he seems to be doing better should we try him on the ventilator again I say sure and hook him up. I quickly realize he is not ventilating and investagate why. I realize his ventilator circuit is disconnected and fix it. The patient is fine. I leave and go back to the department to get report for my area and let them now what was going on. The day shift therapist says well he is all over the place so I tied his circuit to the bed...that is what made it disconnect. Call me crazy but if you had a patient that could not stop moving would you tie his life line to a stationary object????

My night goes on. I go to my unit and get started. Things are running smooth. I get my first round done and go eat at about 11p. I get a call to place a patient on his CPAP so he can sleep. I hook the patient up and back to my lunch/dinner I go. I then get a call about my one patient not oxygenating well. So off to the ISO unit. I tell the nurse the only thing I can do is add PEEP but I need an order. She gets one and I add the PEEP. I then go to leave and I get a "trouble" patient from the ER. I go take care of him and then I go back to my food. I then get a a page that my patient that was not oxygenating well died to please come turn off the vent and take it out. I have had a full night so far but it gets worse.

I then get a page from the other floor that I have that a pt has CPT and needs it because he is coughing. CPT only makes you cough more. I investigate into the matter and discover that the patient has a C-collar and CPT in not indicated for patients with C-collars. Well I then get called back to the ISO unit so I have to tell the nurse that I can't get the CPT done because I got called back to the unit and that he is in a C-collar that I can't do it until that is cleared. I take care of my ISO patient and sit down to vent on my blog.

I know its boring to most but I had to get it off my chest before I exploded.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Okay so I'm a little late but Happy Birthday to Kenny who turned 2 on the 23rd. He had a wonderful party and lots of cake.

Christmas was great in the morning we got up at about 8am and opened gifts. The kids had lots to open. Lee and I had a few but we focused on the kids this year. We got ourselves the church history books that deseret books had for half price so I (not sure about Lee) will be cracking those open soon.

I am currently at work so the evening kinda sucks for me but it started out awesome. We went to my parnets house to celebrate Christmas with my family, we did Christmas with Lee's family the day before. We got to eat a good meal and open more gifts and it was fun.

As for the me at work thing I hate that I have to work tonight but at least I got to have a good morning with the kids and a nice meal at my parnets house.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

1930's Test!!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take'>">Take the test!

I thought I would have scored higher but oh well I'm still good.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend happenings!!

To start Friday was my birthday and It was awesome. The best gift was Lee giving me flowers. He was very slick about it. I have been saying for a little while that it has been a long time since he got me flowers. And I said to him the glass ones and the plastic ones don't count. So as he went out to get my ice cream cake he went to the flower shop and got me a dozen mixed roses. He kept them in the van and when we went to my parnets he had then on my seat. It was so sweet.

I had to work on Saturday. Lots of fun. I did have the weekend off but I was nice and switched with a freind who wanted to go to the hospital Christmas party. So here I am.

Sunday is my sister's birthday. I have no idea what we are doing for it. But she is getting a starbucks card from me...not a mormon. She loves there coffee. She gets that every year from me. I asked her if she wanted something different but she said no so...$25 of coffee on me.

By the way my mom is home she came home on my birthday. She is still having some issues but she is home. She has to follow her doctors orders...good luck on that. My sister is going to stop working at the school to "watch" her until my dad gets home from work. We are trying to "force" her to stop smoking. The last time she got out my dad took her smokes and she got some from the neighbor so...she needs to be watched. Any way she is home and doing good.

We also got one of my parents dogs. Dad realized that having two big dogs is to much for them. So we got Hemit and Pal is going to a shelter (a no kill). We have tried to find him a good home but no luck.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flashback Wednesday!?!?

As I loaded the new pictures from thanksgiving I found a file on my laptop labled "Rachele's camerea" I open it and find over 900 pictures...some not so good others awesome. These are a few. Rachele took the one of Kenny and I'm not sure who took the one of her. But it was cute.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm a few days behind!!!

Well where do begin... Mom is back in the hospital. We took her back in Thursday morning. She had a rough night with her oxygen concentrator. It would not stay running right. She ended up in the ICU again but this time just on a BiPAP aides in breathing but is not invasive.

Her numbers indicate she had a heart she was transfered to another hospital with doctors that have no bedside mannor what so ever. But at least her heart doctor is on the case so I guess I can over look that. The game plan is to see if medication will treat her and add another lead to her pacemaker.

Even with all the stress of what happened we still had a nice thanksgiving and I didn't seem to mind the fact that I was up for over thirty hours.

We went north on Friday and did some "black Friday" Shopping. It really wasn't that bad. We then went to the nursing home that Lee's grandpa is in to see him. He looks much better than the last time I seen him. We ate a Burger King and the kids played...Kenny got stuck at the top and Rachele just left him...another little girl helped him down. He still had fun.

We decided to drive to Huron Lake and see it. It was very nice. Much calmer than I expected for a big lake. We took some pictures but I'm at work so it will be a little while before I can post those. On our ride home we saw a heard of deer (about 50). I have never seen so many deer in one spot before.

I think I have told you all everything I wanted to say. Happy blogging!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Doing Better and HOME!!

Okay so mom is better. She came off the ventilator late Friday afternoon. She spent the rest of the day in the ICU and was transfered out during the night because she was the healthiest one and they needed her bed. She spent a few more days in the hospital and went home on Wednesday after another move in the middle of the night.

She is so glad to be home for thanksgiving. We have a big meal planned and lots of fun. I hope she will finally quit smoking...but at this point I'm not sure it will do her any good. She has been a smoker for 50 years...and she is only 63. I should call the temple and put her name in for prayers because I need help...

Hope all have a wonderful TURKEY DAY!!! Enjoy the parade.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Sleep blog!!!

I posted my great pic from Emily's tag game before donig this post.

Over the past two days I have gotten about six hours of sleep. I called my dad because my sister sent me an e-mail giving funeral arrangements for my cousin who is only three years older than me....big shock. Anyways I get the details as they know them and he asks me what I'm doing either tonight or tomorrow (meaning Tuesday and Wednesday). I said well I have to work tomorrow but nothng now what's up? He then says my mom looks bad and he wants me to come over and listen to her lungs and see if I can tell what's going on. Of course I say I'll be right over. I kiss the kids and Lee and head out the door. I get to my parents house and see my mom slumped on the couch but still some what coherant. I take my coat off and listen to her and can hear nothing but a little air movement at the top of her lungs. So I tell dad she needs to go to the ER. She says no, I say now, dad says I'll call 911 if you don't go willingly. So my brother in law carries her to the car and off we go. Long story short....

She is in the ICU on a ventilator. Her blood pressure (when we left) was somewhat stable and she was responding to pain finally. I am so stressed and I can't sleep.

From the results of her tests I really believe if she had not gone to the ER she would be gone. Her CO2 levels were 130 and normal is 35-45. Anyways I might be out of touch for a bit...and thats why.

Six Pix Tag!!!

Rule: the Sixth picture in your sixth folder. This was a chanllange for me because most of my photos are in adobe and they don't do folders. Okay I used the fifth folder because the ones in my sixth were actually movies from my camera.
My sisters wedding Feb. 13, 2006. Very good day.

Tag: Anna, Shanna, Beth, and Esther.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grateful Sunday!! Borrowing from Emily

As I reflect on the lovely weather that we are having. I am so grateful that I'm sick. No really I am.
I'm grateful that my husband took the kids outside so I could rest peacefully.
I'm so grateful that every Sunday we get a call from Rachele's school giving us a heads up on the up coming week.
I'm grateful that I don't have the ER tonight because I think it might get busy with this weather.
I'm grateful that I had a missionary moment yesterday at work and even had a Book of Mormon for the person to look at and she even said she would look for the copy she already has at home.
I am grateful for my family and friends.
I am grateful for many other things also but at the time I can't think of them so....

Happy snow weather to all.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick update!!!

Lee got a 100 on his "family" project. I am so happy for him. I'm still working on getting it posted, to share with all. He has also been doing awesome in his english comp class. His last paper doesn't even need a rewrite. I am so very proud of him, mainly because he has been stressing out about this semester.

The kids are feeling better. Yeah!!!

I was told today that my work won't be able to accomedate my church schedule. On the weekends that I work I ask that I come in at 11 so I get some sleep. But we had some management changes and they can't accomedate me anymore. Oh well I guess I'll either be extremly tired at work or miss church every other week. Which really sucks because I was hoping to make it back now that the kids are better. We will see.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Still no updates!!!

Okay so I haven't updated yet...can you blame me...I've only worked 48 hours so far this week and I still have another 12 hour shift to go. Lots of over time.

I have been blog hopping. Looking on my friends blogs and checking out some of their other friends blogs. Very cool.

Rachele has been running another Kenny has one too. Thank goodness she has Monday and Tuesday off next week to try to recoporate more. Lee told me today (Friday) never to ask for another child...the kids drove him crazy while I slept. I told him I won't ask anytime soon but he will be asked for another one.

Now that I have some time I have been knitting. I love it. I thought myself when I was pregnant with Kenny but had to stop because of school. The nice thing is I can bring it to work and work on my projects between rounds of treatments. So far I have made a hat for Rachele and a scarf for my mother in law. Maybe when I update my blog I'll post pics of those.

Well my job calls me. I'm in the ICU and I'm about to get a patient from the floor that went bad... as we say here at work.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lee's school project

Well Lee had to do a power point presentation for his computer class. So he choose the family as his subject. He did an awesome job if I do say so myself.

Once he gets it up and running (meaning turned in and graded) I'll try to post it. I will be updating the photo's at the end of my blog. He even put my blog address on his slide show, he needed to have a web address on one of the slides. So I am going to update so if people check out my blog it looks nice.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well I'm done!!!

Yea me. I passed the first half last week on Thursday. I passed the hard part today. This means so much to me and the family because I can go anywhere and work and can provide for them better.

Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sick Kids

Well after the bug bites started to clear up....Rachele spikes a temp of 104.7. YIKES!! Nothing would bring it down. We finally got motrin to bring it down after about an hour of waiting for it to work. Her doctor said just let it run its coarse and if its still high on Tuesday bring her in for blood work. She also said its not the flu... but as a healthcare worker and knowing its the start of flu season how can she say that. Anyway, when I left for work she was feeling a little better. She was just starting to warm back up and get the upset tummy and body aches again but Lee said she would be fine.

Kenny is starting to show the same signs she did before her temp spiked so high. So we are playing the watch game with him.

Needless to say I got little sleep and Lee got no home work done on Friday. But we still have a few days left to work this out and pray she gets better.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indian Summer!?!?!?!?

Okay I love that we are getting a few extra days of heat. I hate that the bugs have come back.

After getting called home from work because Kenny broke out in hives...turns out to be about 16 misquito bites and then being called by Rachele's school because she has this welt on her elbow and they were concerned. I think I might hate this warm spell.

We enjoyed the weekend of some extra warmth and went to the Cider Mill. A good time was had by all. Even if both kids got bit by a misquito. Rachele on her hand and Kenny on his really wasn't a big deal. Rachele even got to stay longer because my sister was there for her hubby's family trip to the Cider Mill. Rachele even got to go swimming for the last time. Thank goodness the pool was heated.

I hope all is well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Letter Tag---from Emily

Rules: Comment and I'll give you a letter. You then tell us ten things you love that start with the letter.

I was given "H"

The letter "H":
1. House: I love having my own house. Not that my parnets was bad I just love coming home to my place.
2. Hope: I love that I can still hope for something better. What ever it may be about.
3. Happy: I love to see my kids and hubby happy. I also love to see my family (extended) happy.
4. Hop scotch: I love playing it even today.
5. Health: Even when I'm not in the best of health I'm grateful it can get better.
6. Help: I'm so glad I have a loving helpful family. Whether it be Lee or Rachele and yes even Kenny I love the help.
7. House slipper: I love mine...memory foam.
8. Happy's Pizza: They have everything a girl could want even peach cobbler.
9. Hearing: Okay this ones odd but hey I woke up to Kenny coughing and can't go back to sleep because I keep hearing this weird sound but hey at least I can hear it.
10. Heritage: Okay this one is a strecth. I love that my dad went back home (PA) for a business trip and brought home treats and goodies you can only get from there. Spiced wafers, tasteecakes, scrapple...yum. So if it wasn't for him being from PA and us going home to experiance these things I would not have that goodness today. We have been able to get tasteecakes here but not all the time and only some of the products they offer.

Happy Birthday Rachele!!

Okay so it's a day late.

As some of you may remember Rachele was born 5 years ago on October 3rd. She had a wonderful day at school. Because it was her birthday she was the special helper. She also donated a book to the classroom...Does a kangaroo have a mother? by Eric Carle.

She had an awesome celebration with my family last weekend. And this weekend we will celebrate with Lee's family. We also gave her a few gifts on friday so she still had some thing to open on her birthday. She had lots of fun.

I hope everyone enjoys conference.

Monday, September 29, 2008


We have this nice Fairly new flat screen for our computer. We haven't had any trouble with it....until right before we moved. The menu to adjust color, contrast and so on, started to pop up automaticly. Which has become very annoying. No matter what we do it still pops up. I'm ready to throw the darn thing across the room. It pops up at the most annoying times like trying to look up something or type a blog post. I was just sitting at the computer to look up some halloween craft ideas and the darn thing keeps popping up. Even now it is just sitting on the screen. I hit the exit button and within seconds its back. Has anyone else experianced something like this? I thought with the move the unplugging it might "reset" it but no luck. I have a few other frustrations but I'll cool down before I give any details plus they involve someone very close to me and I'd hate to make this person mad at me for telling their business on the web. So I have to come up with the proper wording so I don't offend this person. So I will let you all know about that in a few days or so.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Okay so I still don't have any pictures of Rachele in her uniform. She is loving school but hating mornings. She is just like matter how early she gets to bed morning comes to fast. Her teacher seems to like her and enjoys teaching so I'm excited for that. Once Rachele gets to school she loves being there but getting her to school is a pain...I said it once already but she is just like me.

Lee has finally been to all of his classes. He is very unsure of his schedule. I told him he will be fine like every other semester but he will still stress until the end gets here. He goes to school Monday thru Thursday. He does like the time away even if he is stressing out.

Kenny is loving daycare. He goes Monday thru Thursday for six hours a day. I love it because I can sleep with out having to worry if I'm getting enough sleep or what he is getting into while I sleep. The lady that watches him is a mother of four and she really enjoys having him come over. She even thinks he might be ready to potty train....yikes! He has been waking up dry and going on the potty first thing in the morning so she might be right. But I don't want my baby to be ready for that....he's not even two yet.

I have been offered and accepted a full time position at the hospital I have been working at for the past six months. Which means we can finally get off state aide. YEA!! Not that it's bad to get help when you need it but it's nice to do for yourself. School has finally paid off for me. Since going to nights I do seem to sleep all the time. Any quite moment is sleep time for me. Although I did manage to pull myself out of bed at a decent time today...only working four hours last night helped.

We have the house pretty much set the way we want it. However when we got that bad rain storm the basement flooded and the rental people have yet to do anything about it. But for now everything is good. We moved all the items of wood to higher ground in the have to love older houses. One of these days I'll take some pictures and give you all a tour. The nice thing is we don't have a TV in the living room and the kids TV is in the toy room. We did this for our sanity. We have a quite zone in the house ...YEA!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

1:30 in the morning!!!

Here it is 1:30 in the morning and I'm blogging. What is wrong with me? I just needed something to do to stay awake a work. I have made the switch to midnights....loads of fun. I actually like it. Of course it is a little hard to sleep in the daytime but I'll get the hang of it soon I'm sure. I hope everyone else is sleeping.

When I left the house to go to work both kids were asleep and Lee was about to fall asleep also. He did get up to help move the cars around so I could drive my van and not my dads. We are borrowing my dads van because Lee's truck is in the shop...needs a new transmission. OUCH!! But all is well. I only have six more hours to go until I can head home and go to sleep.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Books that have shaped me...

Well after much thought here they are...
1. Sweet Valley Twins
2. Babysitters Club
3. I love "who done its" so when I was in elementary Encyclapedia Brown---did not spell that right.
4. I love Edgar Allen Poe stories and poems
5. I LOVE Fox in Socks---really almost all Dr. Suess books.
6. Amelia Bedillia...My sister hated reading these books to me.
7. Little Women although I don't remember reading it myself I think it was one that was read to me.
8. Secret Garden
9. Any ghost story
10. Tikki tikki tempo
11. The Wrinkle in time books
12. The diary of Anne Frank
13. My brother Sam is bad as the title sounds it about the civil war.
14. Okay I think thats it.

I really didn't think I read that much but I guess I did. Oh I just remebered a book but not the sparked my interest in family history/geneology.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rachele's first week of school!!!

Okay call me a bad mom...I have no pictures. Let me just say she does look so cute in her white polo and navy bottoms, whether it be capri's, skirt, or her jumper. Next week I'll try to get a photo of the before school look because after school her white polo is no longer white. So glad walmart carries the stain resistant shirts. Anyways she is loving it. I was shocked that the first day was a full day, even more so when all the other schools had half days. But it made it nice not to have to fight with the high school by her school. Hope all is well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I passed my first set of board exams. Only two more to go. I'll keep you all posted on the other two...its going to be a little while though. I have to build up the money to pay for them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just checking in!!!

Hi all, well I still don't have internet at my house....I'm borrowing the neighbor's that wrong? Anyway, things have been good. Rachele starts school on the second of September. Silly me scheduled myself for a 12 hour shift so Lee will have to be the mommy and daddy on that day. Kenny had developed quite the allergy to miquito's (did I spell that right?). We had a night time run to the ER because we thought his eye was going to swell shut. Benedryl works wonders. I have been headache free for five days. I was put on steroids for 12 days and it seems to have helped. I'm positive the blessing and all my prayers have helped too. We will see how things are when the steroid is gone. Lee starts threapy on wednesday for his knee. We still don't know whats wrong with it but he gets a MRI on the 27th so maybe that will give us some answers. Our new president called us from the new branch we are in to touch base and say hey we got your paperwork where are you? We are two presithood holders away from being a ward. How exciting?? It was three but with us moving in we are down to two. Anyways, I did get undates on everyones blogs but I did not comment.....sorry. I did enjoy every post I read. Hopefully I'll have internet soon so I won't have to borrow, so then I can comment and not feel bad for using someone else's internet.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Out of The Loop!!

Hey all, I have been so busy. I'm sorry I haven't commented anyone. I have had sometime to read your posts. I have not been as busy as Lee. He has moved almost everything (with help) and unpacked most of everything in the house that's been unpacked. I still have my headache and I'm fighting through it most days. All my tests have come back negative so thats good...I'll just have to suffer with migrains. See you on the blog.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Now that I can see!!!

I have had a killer headache since Monday. I could not see. I set up appointments to see the doctor and he referred me to get some further testing...MRI and eye check up. Well I set those up and still had issues. Lee went to pick up my doctors notes for work and school and the doctor said I needed to go to the ER so off we went. They did the migraine protcol on me and sure enough the headache went away.....and my vision is clear. I did start to feel pressure this moring when I got up so I took the meds they sent me home with and I feel okay.

We did find a house. We move in next week. So I'll keep you all posted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bad news!!

The house we got approved on was rented from under us. So we are back to square one again. We are limited to our looking area because Lee is still in school and can't leave the county without paying more money for classes and we want to stay in our new that leaves one city to find a house in. We did get a nice sized list from the realator helping us find something and many of them look promising. So I will keep you all posted.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New House!!

We got the house we wanted to rent. We can sign the papers in a few weeks maybe even sooner. I'll post pictures later. It's an older house but it has everything we need. To include a huge back yard. I'm going to start packing tomorrow after clinical. My posts might be sparatic but I'm still here. It might even take me a bit to comment you guys too, but I'll try to keep up.

Monday, June 30, 2008

New picture's

Okay well I'm still having trouble adding pictures to my posts but I did get to add them to my blog (at the bottom). So everyone check them out.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I still can't upload my photos. I have lots of them to share too. The kids both got hair cuts, I have my graduation photos, and I even have a few of Lee and I. This makes me so angry. Well any ways...if I can get the photos loaded I'll post them soon.

Rachele got her hair cut because she was caught in the middle of the night cutting her hair. You really couldn't tell unless you knew where to look. Kenny got his cut just because we wanted to do it and Lee was getting his done.

We are having fun looking for a house to rent. We actually have found a few that look promising but have some work that we want done before we would move in. I'll keep you posted on that.

Happy blogging!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Okay well other than my pictures not uploading.....GRADUATION was very emotional, although I did manage to not cry. It was Friday and it was AWESOME!!!! I had a full house of people, my parents, my sister and her family, my in laws and a very good family friend who is also my nephew's friend also. It was such a since of accomplishment even if they still have to mail me my degree. I have tried for two days to load the pictures and write this post so.....I'll post the pictures when the blog guru says hey lets get this fixed.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend recap!!

Well we went to a picnic to welcome and wish well. For the most part we felt welcomed and really didn't have much to say. Most of the people that came across stand offish were people from the other new ward that was formed when the big ward was split. We had a few people from our old ward that were not the happiest but we hung in until the heat and side effects of medication got to me. I spent friday morning in the ER with kidney pain and dehydration. Still not up tp par but doing okay.

Well sunday came and we had fun. Rachele was at the zoo with my sister who was running in a 3 mile run and got free tickets to go so she asked of Rachele could we let her. We have no relief society yet or at least one that was announced. Our bishop taught us...that was a welcomed change. We have a very small ward or so it seems. I'm sure some people did not show up this sunday so we will have to see. Lee and I should be getting calling soon. We already spoke to the new bishop to touch base and tell him were we are at and all that jazz so we will see. I think I'm going to be teaching in primary again and I have no clue about Lee. I kinda hope I have an adult calling. I could really use the interaction. Only time will tell.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A new Ward for the Story Clan!!!

Well we get to go to the newly formed Warren Ward. We are sad that we are losing our current friends or at least most of them anyways, a few families are going with us. We are happy for the chance to meet a some new friends. The ward we are moving to was about 600 people so they split it and made us part of it. The city of Madison Heights was in three wards, now it is in one. Our city is only 3 miles wide and 4 miles long so it seems kinda funny for it to be in three wards so it will be nice to have it in one building. We have a new start time....1:00pm. It was a reminder of FW. We are being very open minded and are ready for the new ward. I will keep you all posted on the new ward and the friends we make.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day...Church Changes...

Well here it is memorial day and I find myself thankful for all of our service men and women, those who are serving and those that have lost there lives serving to help keep us safe. Most of the time I really don't feel that compled to say much, other than to my dad but for some reason this year is different. I just want to give a big THANKS to all who are serving and have served. We wouldn't be safe without there sacrafice.

Well as for the church changes....we have been invited to a special meeting at the stake center next sunday. It's to discuss boundry changes. Lee and I are very nervous because we live on the boundry that could be affected...We are hopefull that we might get more people to our ward but for some reason I keep getting the feeling we will be moved to a different ward. Either way is fine with us. Of course it would be nice to stay in our current ward. If we have to go to the other ward the meetinghouse is closer so each one has advantages. Our current ward we have friends and are settled in but he new on would be closer and we have the chance to make new friends. I'll keep you all posted.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pictures of the kids.....

The pictures of Kenny are before and after. Its really the same style but its much shorter. Rachele's just posing for the camera as usual.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling the LOVE!!!

I have been enjoying the great comments and I even added a friend to my blog...Thanks Jennifer for checking me out. I have so little time to blog anymore that when things happen I think oh I should blog that but then I feel sleep is more important. I go to school four days a week and work two days a week and then there is church on sunday. It isn't long before I feel everything catch me. But I do have this friday off because of doctor appointments and I even have monday off for the holiday.....yea. I hope I can catch some time for me. Maybe get my hair done.

We let Lee's mom take Kenny to get his first hair cut. It looks so cute...I'll have to get before and after pics for all to see...before it grows back out.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Okay I have to admit I've been a little upset. No one but Emily has commented me in some time. I didn't think it bothered me until I had seen some other comments from people that I comment to and they haven't commented me back.

Why does this bother me? I have no idea. It must be that I don't feel like I have made a connection with my church family here like I did in FW. I miss you guys.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Week off and First week of work!

Well grades are in and I earned all B's. YEA!!!! I worked hard to get those B's.

I start school back up on Monday the 5th. I get to go downtown to the big complex that takes up two square blocks. Harper Hospital is a very nice and large hospital.

I started work on Tuesday. I started out sicker than sick. I was running a temp on Monday and had the chills throught the night but I got up and went to work. Wednesday was a little better but I was still sick. Today I woke up with no voice. This is not the way I wanted to start a new job but what else was I going to do. I can't call in because I just started.

On that note they have just been training me on their computer system so that has been helpful. I am enjoying the new setting of being an employee not just a student.

Lee has been a big help with the kids and letting me go to bed early so I can try to get rest and get better. Which at this point doesn't seem to be helping. I am on a antibiotic so hopefully that will kick in soon.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Outside fun!!!

We have this problem... Kenny loves it outside. Which really isn't an issue unless you are in finals week and you need to study and your child screams until you take him outside. He could stay out all day if you let him.

Lee has a big project that I am typing for him and I have a paper that is due on Wednesday that I haven't even started. Along with our study time for finals. The poor little guy just doesn't understand that he needs to just play inside until we need a break and then he can go outside. Lee is going to have his hands full this summer. We need to take stock in some sunblock because my little guy is a little fair skined and already has a little sun burn.

Rachele's outfit is courtisy of Aunt Beth...they are her swim suit wraps. Kenny is sporting his new Tigers outfit even though the Tigers are not doing so hot this least the Red wings are...last I heard.

Friday, April 18, 2008

More details on my JOB!

Well as I stated before I start on the 29th. It's a contingent position...which means I really fill in when needed and it fits in my schedule. I most likely will work the weekends or after school. I'm not sure how I'm going to work work into my busy schedule this semester but I will. I have school four days a week again...1 day of review and three days of clinical. But at least I have 8 hour shifts instead of 12 hour shifts. I think I will only work a few days...Friday and Saturday until I get use to it. I am so greatful for all the comments...thanks guys.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My new job.

Well I start mt new job on the 29th. After much persistants on my part the human resourses lady called me back. I get my physical on Wednesday and I'm on my way. Lots of fun.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The end is near!!!

Well I only have 3 days of clinical left and 6 days of class left of this semester. Thats not counting the two days for review and taking the final for clinical. So I have 11 days total to go. Then I get a week off and back at it again for one last semester. I turned in my paperwork for graduation...I'll have a total of 114 credits when its all said and done. So I have decided that I will attempt to get my Bacholars degree. I am going to wait until I get all of my board exams done before starting school again, but it will happen. Am I crazy? No becuase in the long run it will help.

I heard from the lady at the hospital I applied at and so far it's looking good. I have to wait until human resources calls me for the final word but I'm praying and I have a good feeling.

Well I have to go change a sticky diaper....what fun.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back from a mini vacation!!

Well I went to Grand Rapids for a conference for school. No kids or hubby. It was fun in some way but I missed the kids and Lee. We (me and classmates) went because we competed in a compition for respiratory therapists...The Sputum Bowl. Its like Jeporady but all respiratory related. Well we made it to the 5th round and we lost the match so we were done. We went 3-2 for the game...not bad. We might have won had the other team not been a few seconds quicker on the buzzer. We can't live in the past and we had fun so oh well. All is well on the home front and I have a long day of school ahead of me because we missed class on Monday and we need to make it up. So I'm signing off.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Grades!!!

Well I have gotten all of my midterm grades back. I took four of them for three classes. I got three 85% and one 88%. I am so happy because I don't feel like I am getting adequate study time. The funny thing is when I did feel like I was getting better study time my normal grade was 70-75%...funny isn't it. Well I can see the end in sight. I filled out the paperwork to graduate. I have to turn it in and pay my $25 and I'm good to go. Graduation is June 13, 2008...from the college then I have the program graduation on August 20, 2008 (I think thats the day). I have this overwhelming since of accomplishment...I hope it doesn't bite me in the butt for saying that.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Well here it is friday and I feel great. We are going shopping to get a few new clothes for us (Lee and I). My mom is going with us to get a few easter items for her baskets. For a change I feel like we are doing fine. We haven't had to worry about much. Nothing has really changed but it just seems easier for some reason. Of course now that I say it we will have issues. I applied at one of the hospitals here in Detroit. I hope I get it. They are hiring 4 students so I have a good chance. The 2 students from my class are putting in a good word for me and the other girl from school that applied. I just wanted to update my blog I really don't have much more to say.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


A few months ago my Dad bought a WiFi printer so us laptop users could print with out saving to a thumb drive and going to the main computer. Well we finally set it up today. Very aggervating (sp). The main computer took to it issues printing, setting up or anything. My laptop would print the test page but not anything from word. I finally got it to work but only if I have it on print on both I gave up and said I'll try again later. So then we move on to Lee's laptop...he installs the software but it won't find the network...So after uninstalling and reinstalling a few times we give up to try again later. Well Lee went and laid down with Kenny and I get my computer out and start again. I have it working...sort of. If you want to make multiple copies you need to copy and paste to make multiple pages of the same thing then print it. I have to read up on how to fix that. So next on to Lee's...his problem was his computer didn't have our new router linked to it so I had to link them together then install the printer and it works no issues. When my Dad gets back from the store we are going to try to hook up his computer to it....maybe after all the trouble shooting we won't have any issues. The other nice thing is I have my battery power fixed...I had gotten a new battery from barreries plus and it didn't work so I took it back and they got me a new one and the new one worked then it stopped I got a HP battery from circuit city and it works no problems....yea know I can work for longer than an hour. School will go so much easier now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here it is Thursday and I feel lost. I have been so involved in school I feel like I'm missing something. I even feel that I don't have enough time to study.

Well I figured out what it is ......FUN. I don't get to enjoy spending time with my family. I have so much homework to do and what not it seems so unfair. I am hoping to plan a fun day this weekend or next weekend. If not then maybe in April when we slow down for the end of the semester before the new semester starts.

Lee and I have not had a date in at least a year. I know it may seem lame to some people but I miss just us going out...of course some of our issue is no money. I am thinking of looking up some stuff on the net to see if I can find free stuff to do. Even if we have to take the kids. This summer I hope that we can do lots of outdoors stuff. We will have to work that around work because this summer/next semester the goal is to have a job then.

I feel like I just dump out whats on my mind and don't have anything fun to say either. Sorry if I've bored you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay today was the run of the mill running late and losing sleep...mostly from the time change...But it did turn out good in the end. We got to church on time and even had a few minutes to spare because our bishopric decided to give some people some time to get there. So we had an extra ten minutes of nice organ music.

Today was my first day teaching the Valiant 9. Today was a challenge. I was given help by my awesome presidency. We have one boy who is only at church a few times a year and today was one of them. He has some developmental issues (not sure what and don't want to speculate but I will find out next time he is at church, I hope). Class was awesome other than the one boy that was a handful. I do have a great group of kids.

On another note...we got to go to the temple this past Friday. We did baptisms for the dead. We have lost our full temple recommends for lack of activity and Lee (he is the money maker) not paying our tithes. So with the new year new start motto we hope to have them back by Rachele's birthday in October. We have been blessed to have a temple so close and did not take advantage of it. However, once we get our new recommends we plan on changing that. Our bishop is being awesome at getting us on the right track along with getting in the grove of things along with our effort of course. I am happy to report we have not missed any Sundays since the last Sunday of Jan and the first two weeks of Feb when the kids where very sick. We did miss stake conference with Rachele's foot and Kenny running his 102.0 temp. However we have called every time we needed to miss and explained what was going on. Again our bishop is an awesome guy and very much in tune with the Spirit and knows we are trying and he has gotten many insightful answers on how to handle our life issues. We ahve alot going on with no real income and school and kids being sick and other family issues. I will keep you updated on all of our ongoings as best as Lee will let me divolge(sp) on you.

Happy posting to all!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


To everyone who is getting snow.....will it ever stop? Lee says this is more like the winters he got when he was a kid growing up in Michigan. He likes it. Thats why I send him out with the kids. I hope it stops soon.

On a happy note if you look in the right spots you could take some beautiful landscape pictures.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rachele update!!!:)

She did not brake her foot....yeppy!!! The bone doc said she is super her mom. He based that off of a few questions I sent with Lee to ask him and some info on me. We both over extend our legs...meaning we lock our knees and they looked bowed from a side angle. Any who she is fine and thankfully its because of genetics.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow day!!

Well as most would know we got lots of snow....So they cancelled classes at the college...yeah!!! So Lee is shoveling and the kids are watching from the house....I should peek out at him. He is good....almost done.

Rachele really wants to go out and play but with her foot she can't. Rachele and Lee go tomorrow to the bone doc to see what is up with her foot. Kenny just wants to eat the snow he really like it.

The dogs love the snow too. Go figure. they played so long that they are now napping. Silly dogs.

The pictures are from our last snow storm before Rachele hurt her foot.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New addition!!!

We have a new addition to the family....he is four months old and is so cute.

We had a road trip to Topeka, IN to get my Dad a new dog. Our golden retriver (sp) has been so lonely since the boxer died in December so Dad felt it was time to get him a new friend. Our three our trip to Indiana turned into a four hour trip making it a total of 8 hours round trip. The kids loved the car ride and really liked the farm that Dad got the dog from they had a little of everything....or at least their neighbors did. Kenny really liked the dogs that were just running loose. Rachele stayed in the van at first but then Lee went and got her.

Rachele was running down the hall on Friday the 29th and stopped to ask my mom something and within 3 seconds was on the floor screaming because something happened to her ankle/foot. The ER doctor thinks she just sprained it but put her in a half cast until she can see the bone guys. She says it doesn't hurt anymore but she wakes up at night saying it does. I hope to get her in sometime this week to see the bone guys to make sure that it is not broke.

Friday, February 29, 2008

60 things!!!

1. What is in the back seat of your car right now? Well I have lots of stuff! But mostly a huge stroller big enough for both kids. Ablanket in case we breakdown. And a bunch of stuff Lee put in the van.

2. When was the last time you threw up?Sunday Feb 24th.

3. What's your favorite curse word? Well Rachele says oh pickels and I have caught myself sayingit too.

4. Name 3 people you made smile today. Bobbie, Doreen and Kenny/Rachele I know thats four but I couldn't leave anyone out.

5. What were you doing at 8 am this morning? Trying to go back to sleep when the kids had a rough night and then calling doctors offices.

6. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Sitting on the couch.

7. What will you be doing 3 hours from now? Sleeping or reading my scriptures.

8. Have you been to a strip club? I have to say yes....I was curious and not LDS at the time.

9. What is the last thing you said aloud? Rachele sit down and eat.

10. What is the best ice cream flavor? I really like chocolate.

11. What was the last thing you had to drink? Sprite

12. What are you wearing right now? Jeans and a green top

13. What was the last thing you ate? Breaded pork chop and red beans and rice

14. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? No but what I ordered came in.

15. When was the last time you ran? today at about 12:00 pm to the copier and then back to the lunch room.

16. What's the last sporting event you watched? Not sure but most likely football.

18. Who is the last person you emailed? My teachers

19. Ever go camping? Yeah, but not since Rachele was born.

20. Do you have a tan? No

24. Do you drink your soda from a straw? Only in resturants!

25. What did your last IM say? Why are you sitting behind me and IMing me? Lee was on his laptop while I was on the main computer and he IMed me....cute..

26. Are you some one's best friend? Yes, a few.

27. What are you doing tomorrow? Taking Rachele to the doctor.

28. Where is your mom right now? In the living room.

29. Look to your left, what do you see? A bookcase full of cookbooks yes I said full and cookbooks.

30. What color is your watch? Black band white face.

31. What do you think of when you think of Australia? Those crocodile movies and Steve Irwin.

32. Would you consider plastic surgery? yes if it was for a good reason, like cancer or something similar.

33. What is your birthstone? Turquoise.

34. Do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? Drive thru mostly.

35. How many kids do you want? 6 but I'll settle for 3.

36. Do have a dog? Yes two Hemit and Pal (but they are really my dads). So when we move they stay here.

37. Last person you talked to on the phone? Kyle my nephew.

38. Have you met anyone famous? No but I have been a few feet away from a few famous people.

39. Any plans today? Not much anymore.

40. How many states have you lived in? Okay well I have lived in Germany three times and four states.

41. Ever go to college? Yeap almost done.

42. Where are you right now? The dining room/living room.

43. Biggest annoyance in your life right now? Getting ready for school.

44. Last song listened to? Rachele singing a silly song. About trees and the words are tree tree tree...and so on.

46. Are you allergic to anything? yes bees and I do get sick when I go under tho have surgeries.

47. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? Tennis shoes.

48. Are you jealous of anyone? Of course, but I try not to be.

50. Is anyone jealous of you? I really don't know.

51. What time is it? 8:00 pm ( I rounded up)

52. Do any of your friends have children? Most of them

53. Do you eat healthy? Healthyish, does that count.

54. What do you usually do during the day? Study or try to save lives depending on the day.

55. do you hate anyone right now? Not really but I do dislike a few people and I'm trying to work on that....not very Christ like.

56. Do you use the word "hello" daily?Yes

58. How old will you be turning on your next birthday? 32

59. Have you ever been to Six Flags? Nope

60. How did you get one of your scars? I was about 3 and I triped over the cord to our wok and the hot grease burned my legs and back. You can see the scars on my legs still but the ones on my back are gone. And I can remember parts of the situation and my parents have filled in the blanks for me.

Okay I copied this a few days ago and only just had a chance to do it. So this is from March 3rd I don't know if it will post from the other day or today.

My lost week!!

Well here it Friday and I haven't gotten anything fun done. However I have been able to read my scriptures. I would like to make it to Joann's to get some knitting supplies before the weekend is over. I want to knit Rachele a purse sometime soon.

The reason I haven't gotten anything done other than scripture reading is I am having issues with my kidney's...I have two stones in my left kidney and every once in a while they get moving in there and cause me extreme pain. So I spent most of the week drugged up on Vicodin...when I could because Lee still had to work this week so sometimes I just had to deal with the pain.

We did get to put the kids in one's working out okay. Kenny is adjsuting well to sleeping with sister. The biggest problem is getting her to sleep without waking him up. We could only afford one mattress so they are sleeping on the bottom bunk together for now but thats no big deal...they have lots of room on that big full sized bed. Kenny loves playing in his old room. Rachele likes having more room to play. We just have a few more adjustments that need to be made in the playroom and they will have lots of fun.

I have a picture to share also but it has nothing to do with what I talked about other than my kids are in it. I wanted to share more pictures but for some reason they won't upload.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My calling!!!

Okay so we have been in our Michigan ward for two years and I have gotten my first calling.... I am going to teach in primary.... the nine year olds. Wow I can't even handle my nine year old nephew how am I going to handle 5 nine year olds.....4 boys and 1 girl. I have been told they are a great group of kids and I will be fine. However I still doubt myself. The best part is that I've been trying build on my testimony of the Book of Mormom and thats what we are teaching this year. So I'm really excited about that. I have a great primary presidency to call on if I need help.

The bishop said to Lee you'll be next so I'll keep you all posted on him.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A week off of school!!!

I have a whole week of no school....but I still have homework and two take home tests that are due when I get back.

I plan on doing a little sewing and knitting and catching up on my scripture reading.

If plans work out we will be combining the kids into one room to sleep in and making the other a paly room. My parents house is a little on the small side for two families and two very active kids. Not to mention Rachele's room is always a pig stye(sp) if one of us doesn't clean it she can't even get to her bed. So I hope we can get this done over this week too. It is all based on if the bunk bed we are looking at is a twin over a full. It's at a really good price and we hope its what we want. Actually I just got a call from my dad and the bed is a full over full. Big beds. So with any luck this week my son will be sleeping in a pink room. Maybe we can make it half blue since the room will be empty. Well anywho that is my plan we will see how it goes.

Monday, February 18, 2008


It's so strange how things aren't always what they seem. I have come to the conclusion that we can't make life what we want... it is what God has in store for us. I have no idea why it has taken me 31 years to figure this out but it has or even why being LDS hasn't opened my eyes to this. Of course maybe being LDS did bring me to this conclusion. I reread my patrarcical blessing and found lots of insight to why it seems like we are having such bad luck. Thats not just Lee and I but my whole family. With health issues and the many other things going on. It's just funny.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Sunday morning!

Hello guys how are you? This is everyone minus Lee all dressed up. Lee manned the camera. You can kinda see my new hair cut. I like easy to do. Kenny looks so super cute. I love his little suit. I got it at Burlington Coat Factory if any one with boys whats to know where to get a cute suit for your little guy....I might have opted to make it but I have no time. Happy blogging all!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Day Yesterday!! (barrowing from Emily)

Okay my day started with the alarm going off at 4:30am.
Getting up at 4:45 and getting in the shower.
Packing my lunch and walking out the door at 5:15.
Stopping at the gas station to fill up the truck.
Signing in at the Hospital at 6am.
Getting assigned a patient and headed off to see what was going on with him.
I did my ventilator checks and did the paper work.
I went to see if anyone needed help and of course they did so I drew some blood, got the values and notified the doctor.
Then I did a visual check on my patient and everything is fine.
At 8:30am I get to go to breakfast. I bought a bagel instead of eating my pecan roll that I brought with me.
At 9am I go back to the floor and check on my patient and do the paper work.
I then go on rounds with the doctors and inform them whats going on with my patient and they said go ahead and wean my patient.
I do the changes on the ventilator and do the paper work.
Once rounds are done I give my patient his breathing treatment.
I do the paper work on that and see if anyone needs help.
My fellow classmates patient needs to be moved up in bed so all of us ladies move him took six of us.
We then go to lunch at about 1pm.
After lunch it is time to check on the ventilators again and do more paperwork.
My patient also needs his breathing treatment.
We then find out that we are getting a new pateint from the ER so we need to get the ventilator ready.
But before we can do that the doctor stops us and informs us that we need to extubate (take the breathing tube out) of one of the other patients.
So my fellow class mate and I get everything ready so that she can take the tube out.
Everything goes smoothly and the patient is so glad to have it out.
I then wheel out her vent and clean it and check it out and get it all ready for the next the person that may need it.
My class mate and I go into the room where the new ER patient will be staying when she gets there and set up her ventilator. I must say I did all by myself and did it right.
We then go down to ER with the other therapist and transfer the patient up to her room.
We get her to her room and everything is good.
The doctors come in and tell me can you do this and this. I say sure can I'll let the therapist know. I then tell her and she says wait a few minutes because sometimes the transport ventilators don't do as well and give her time for her to get use to her new ventilator.
So I then go do my last ventilator check on my pateint get the paper work done and get some information about my patient so I can do my paperwork for school.
I then go draw the blood from the new patient with a butterfly needle not the usual syringe. Very cool I must say.
Well it is now 6pm and time to give report to the new shift.
When then go down to the department and get our stuff and at 6:30 and we head off to the parking structure.
I get home at about 7pm.
Eat dinner at 8pm then go to bed at about 9.
We then watch a movie with the kids and I'm sleeping by 11pm.

And that is my day in a nut shell. I feel like I never stopped working but when I thought back on it, my day didn't seem that busy. I did leave out that while waiting for dinner I checked my e-mails and seen what was going on in blog world.

Hope I didn't bore you guys too much.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A happy post!!

Well I am pleased to say that everyone is doing well. No more fevers, a few coughs but I can handle that.
The GIANTS won the would have been better had it been the Jets but hey it wasn't the Patroits, sorry new england fans.
School is going good. Lots of tests but nothing I can't handle.
Life is good. I hope all is well with everyone else.
I look forward to updates to everyones blogs.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Story Clan/Carter Clan update!!!

Well after an eventful few weeks here are the updates.

Mom is home from the hospital. She had complications with her COPD. Her doctors and hospital have me very upset but as I have said before my parents are chosing them so what can I do.

Rachele is feeling better and her fever finally broke. Hopefully she can go back to school next week.

My dad got his seeds implanted. He had some issues with releiving himself so he had to get a catheter until he could go back today. His doctor said his prostate was swollen from the surgery.

Kenny had to go to the ER because the one pediatrican made me mad when I called to see if they wanted to see him or if they would just give us a perscription for a steroid because he has croup again. He was so bad that the nurse wanted to give him a vaponephrine treatment, the doctor said lets try the steroid first and if he doesn't respond to that then we will do the vapo treatment. His doctors office, I think I will be getting a note in our kids charts that I don't want the one doctor to care for my kids because She said we should just let its run its course and its different than the last time he had croup and he will be fine and if he has a coughing fit to put his head in the freezer. Hello how can you ditermine that over the phone. But anyway he is much better and I feel better now that I got some sleep.

We are all losing our minds with lack of sleep, but things should be getting better.

Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley...

Well I really was shocked to hear this. I had just taken a quiz in class and one of my classmates who goes to church with me asked if I had heard about President Hinckley? I said no and my first thought wasn't that he had died. She then tells me that he died last night. I feel very sad about this. He is the only prophet that I know. I do find comfort in the fact that he is with his eternal companion. I do know that he was a true prophet and led our church with great faith. The Story clans thoughts are with his family and to everyone else in the church because we have truly lost a great man. I hope we all can remember him for the awesome prophet that he was and all he has done for the church.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family fun!!

Today is going to be fun. Okay not really but very relaxed anyway. Rachele is very sick. She has a little bug causing a 105.5 fever. We spent 4 hours in the ER because I was very scared about her temp. But she is okay. I was really worried because she said her tummy hurt and she kept pointing to her appendix so I paniced of course. Her tummy hurts because she has gas and is constipated. I know everyone wanted to know that. She is passed out on the couch right now because she has to be able to see me and I had to get up with the little man. Daddy decided he needed more sleep so he is still in bed and told her to stay with him but she cried and so on. Kenny is running a muck in the house because I am trying to get the computer backed up and it is failing on the last disc, so for now I'm going to stop so I don't end up with a million back up discs and can't really back up because disc 3 isn't ready. Anyway hope everyone else has a good day.

Friday, January 25, 2008

worst date!!!

After much thinking here it is....It's not really that bad just more funny.

Lee and I had just started dating and Lee had just a new car (to him anyway). He felt the before we would go to the movie and out to dinner that he would wash the car and clean it out. So he does this and everything is good.

We go to the movie and things are fine. The movie was good. We leave to go to dinner and the locks froze from the car wash. Lee then broke the key in the door trying to get into the door so we could get out of the cold. Well with no key to try the other door he had to brake a window to get us in the car. The funny part is he could have just called his uncle who owned a towing company to get us in the car. Oh well it still turned out awesome.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Okay sorry that I'm barrowing from you Emily but I had to post this.

After much pushing and pushing and wanting us (the story clan) to get back to church and do the right thing.... It is happening. We went to church last week and it was awesome. Our home teacher came over and did a lesson and had a breif talk with us on whats going on in our lives thats keeping us out of church...well anyway we went to church today and Lee talked with the bishop and I am happy to report that Lee got everything off his chest and that the bishop said he is on the right path by coming back to church.

Lee has had some issues with not being able to get things done (home teaching) and thought if I can't do it all then why bother. I tried to tell him that we just need to get back to church and things would work back to our Fort Wayne norms but it did not work. However with the start of the new year I came up with "new year, new start". Thus far it is working by keeping that in mind. We as a family have been getting greif from our non member family and that played alot in our not going to church much either. I will keep everyone updated on how things are going.

Happy blogging!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just a few pics of the kids!!

I thought I'd share some of my latest photo's of the kids since here lately it seems that I only talk about school.

For those who wanted to know!!!

I passed all of my oral exams on the first try. A few of my friends from class had to retake all or part of their exams. But at least we all passed.

I did feel like a moron today. I had the head of the department as my tester and I always feel dumb around her. I think it is because she has a wealth of knowledge and I don't yet...but I do plan on getting there soon.

Happy blogging!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Study study study!!

As I enter a week of testing I think wow what was I thinking? Then I say this is for a good reason. I have to go through all of the stress of testing so I know I am good at what I do.

The hardest part of all the testing is not knowing what the teacher is going to ask me...the tests are all oral and I think those tests are worse than written tests but thats just me. I can say that the students that just graduated (last August) failed this round of tests and they still graduated so that does put my mind at ease.

I know I will do fine but I do hope all will pray for me. I also enjoy getting those words of encouragement from my friends... Lee just tells me to quit stressing and relax but that is hard because he doesn't study and still gets A's....that makes me so upset. I wish I could do that sometimes. But I still pass so I guess that is all that matters.

One of these days I will blog about something other than school. Maybe over winter break I can find something fun to blog my kids who seem to be growing up way too fast.

Happy blogging!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

I remembered what it was!!!

Okay so I went to bed and still did not remember. The boy wakes up at 3:30am and I still didn't remember. I was begining to think it was gone for good.....

As I'm driving to school it hits me like a billboard... okay so it was a sign on a bus. But I remembered. I was wanting to check out this university for a possible bacholars degree when I'm done with school. It is more resaerch at this point but I did pray about it and I feel that looking into it is deffinatly a good thing.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does this happen to anyone else??

You get a thought of something important to look up on the net... you go to your computer boot it up and once its ready for you, you have forgotten what you wanted to look up??

I find this happening more and more. I currently am blogging this because I'm hoping my brain will be stimulated to remember what I wanted to look up. It's not coming to me... my luck I'll remember at like 2am and it will bug me until I get up and look it up.

On a better note school is going good but I have only had one day of class for my two classes and I'm in the middle competencies for clinical and next week I get tested before going to the hospital....they test us so they know we won't kill anyone, as my teachers would say but its more so that we feel confident in ourselves.

Happy blogging!!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The start of school yet again!!!

The new semester starts on Monday. After a few panic attacks of getting ready...I have everything I need except binders. Those are coming soon. Hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

As we start the new year I wonder what it will be filled of... I really don't know but I will take it all in stride.

Kenny was up until after 11:30 because he has the croup and isn't sleeping very well. So we did not get to go spend time at Lee's brother's house like we had planned. But thats ok we had a fairly nice time.

Rachele had an adventure after midnight as she could not find mommy and had to pee and ended up peeing in the kitchen. I keep telling her she doesn't need to tell me everytime she has to go but she still insists on letting me know. During the clean up process Kenny was coughing like a seal and made me panic some. But everything turned out fine to include the kitchen floor.

Lee and I start school on the 7th and we are looking forward to being done. Of course I only have two semesters left and he has about 2 years left. Lee is working, cleaning an office building. He only works two days a week and it just enough to pay his child support for his oldest daughter... that he never sees but thats another story. Thank goodness we live with my parents or we would be in big trouble. The worst part about it is we really feel the money is not going to be used for his daughter... and there is nothing we can do about it. But I digress.

My parents are doing well. My mom is smoking again and lying about it. But what can you do...she at least goes outside. But I fear she will end up sick because of her lack of winter wear... she just wears a shirt and pants. How silly...but she knows whats best for her. My dad just finished his last radiation treatment and gets his "seeds" implanted on the 29th for his prostate cancer. He still does chemo for his bladder cancer but that is down to every other month now. He finds out soon what the VA will do about his new alments.

My sisters are ok. Ruth had a sickness that puzzled her not to long ago but it all turned out ok. Her kids are good. Beth has had another medical set back... she has a cyst in her pelvic area that needs to be removed. This will happen on the 7th. She had a hysterectomy a few years ago so basicly the cyst is sitting where her uterus would be. I am very worried for her but I have been keeping her in my prayers and feel it will be good in the end.

On that note I hope and pray that all will be well in this new year for everyone.

Happy blogging to all.