Friday, January 25, 2008

worst date!!!

After much thinking here it is....It's not really that bad just more funny.

Lee and I had just started dating and Lee had just a new car (to him anyway). He felt the before we would go to the movie and out to dinner that he would wash the car and clean it out. So he does this and everything is good.

We go to the movie and things are fine. The movie was good. We leave to go to dinner and the locks froze from the car wash. Lee then broke the key in the door trying to get into the door so we could get out of the cold. Well with no key to try the other door he had to brake a window to get us in the car. The funny part is he could have just called his uncle who owned a towing company to get us in the car. Oh well it still turned out awesome.


Shanna Johnson said...

That is so sad. And sounds so cold.

Becca said...

That is crazy!! Brock and I laughed. Break a window??? I miss you guys tons. I am glad you are doing well.