Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

As we start the new year I wonder what it will be filled of... I really don't know but I will take it all in stride.

Kenny was up until after 11:30 because he has the croup and isn't sleeping very well. So we did not get to go spend time at Lee's brother's house like we had planned. But thats ok we had a fairly nice time.

Rachele had an adventure after midnight as she could not find mommy and had to pee and ended up peeing in the kitchen. I keep telling her she doesn't need to tell me everytime she has to go but she still insists on letting me know. During the clean up process Kenny was coughing like a seal and made me panic some. But everything turned out fine to include the kitchen floor.

Lee and I start school on the 7th and we are looking forward to being done. Of course I only have two semesters left and he has about 2 years left. Lee is working, cleaning an office building. He only works two days a week and it just enough to pay his child support for his oldest daughter... that he never sees but thats another story. Thank goodness we live with my parents or we would be in big trouble. The worst part about it is we really feel the money is not going to be used for his daughter... and there is nothing we can do about it. But I digress.

My parents are doing well. My mom is smoking again and lying about it. But what can you do...she at least goes outside. But I fear she will end up sick because of her lack of winter wear... she just wears a shirt and pants. How silly...but she knows whats best for her. My dad just finished his last radiation treatment and gets his "seeds" implanted on the 29th for his prostate cancer. He still does chemo for his bladder cancer but that is down to every other month now. He finds out soon what the VA will do about his new alments.

My sisters are ok. Ruth had a sickness that puzzled her not to long ago but it all turned out ok. Her kids are good. Beth has had another medical set back... she has a cyst in her pelvic area that needs to be removed. This will happen on the 7th. She had a hysterectomy a few years ago so basicly the cyst is sitting where her uterus would be. I am very worried for her but I have been keeping her in my prayers and feel it will be good in the end.

On that note I hope and pray that all will be well in this new year for everyone.

Happy blogging to all.

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Emily said...

Thanks for the update on everyone. I sure hope Kenny's croup goes away soon. Sick kids are no fun. That is a funny story about the kitchen floor...Kids are so funny!