Saturday, August 23, 2008


I passed my first set of board exams. Only two more to go. I'll keep you all posted on the other two...its going to be a little while though. I have to build up the money to pay for them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just checking in!!!

Hi all, well I still don't have internet at my house....I'm borrowing the neighbor's that wrong? Anyway, things have been good. Rachele starts school on the second of September. Silly me scheduled myself for a 12 hour shift so Lee will have to be the mommy and daddy on that day. Kenny had developed quite the allergy to miquito's (did I spell that right?). We had a night time run to the ER because we thought his eye was going to swell shut. Benedryl works wonders. I have been headache free for five days. I was put on steroids for 12 days and it seems to have helped. I'm positive the blessing and all my prayers have helped too. We will see how things are when the steroid is gone. Lee starts threapy on wednesday for his knee. We still don't know whats wrong with it but he gets a MRI on the 27th so maybe that will give us some answers. Our new president called us from the new branch we are in to touch base and say hey we got your paperwork where are you? We are two presithood holders away from being a ward. How exciting?? It was three but with us moving in we are down to two. Anyways, I did get undates on everyones blogs but I did not comment.....sorry. I did enjoy every post I read. Hopefully I'll have internet soon so I won't have to borrow, so then I can comment and not feel bad for using someone else's internet.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Out of The Loop!!

Hey all, I have been so busy. I'm sorry I haven't commented anyone. I have had sometime to read your posts. I have not been as busy as Lee. He has moved almost everything (with help) and unpacked most of everything in the house that's been unpacked. I still have my headache and I'm fighting through it most days. All my tests have come back negative so thats good...I'll just have to suffer with migrains. See you on the blog.