Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Sunday...

We made it to church. Yippie!!! I was starting to wonder cuz the rash is still kinda hanging out...but it looks like Rachele's anyways!

The puppy has torn up two dog get to the squeaker...and a pillow that was in the dog cage. The big dog decided to pee in the house...I think in protest of the puppy so back to the kennel for him!

My nephew texted me today from TX to say with all the stuff going on in Korea that he could go there after tech school...yikes!! I think they might have been given a "warning" of that possibility.

My dad had his hernia fixed...things are good but slow.

Not sure what else to say so I'll sign off for now.

Oh wait...I'm going to go buy some fabric from fabric warehouse to make curtains...yea me!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

My crazy life...

Oh so much...
Well I had to work Thanksgiving so we are doing dinner today with just us. We were supposed to go over to the in laws but with the rash we are not going...:(

The rash is much better and I talked to the infectious disease dr and he said there was no way it was either of the two skin issues....yippie!

We are doing Thanksgiving at my dads tomorrow so along with fixing dinner for us today I have to bake for biggy though I love to bake.

We might even get to go to church...depends on the rash. Like I said it looks much better and it is not contagious like we were lead to believe so...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feels left out...

Ok so I have been just sitting around asking myself why is it that only Shanna has made comments on my posts lately?

So here is what I think...

*my posts suck
*i complain too much
*no one is on
*i have not commented in a while so there for neither has anyone else
*i made someone mad so thay aren't checking my blog

Well since I'm not as cool as Emily to give something away I'm going for kids are sick and I need to clean my house to ensure that the rash they have is not scabies even though it does not look like it. My kids dr thinks it molluscum contagiousum...look them can see a huge difference between them and my kids looks like the molluscum contagiousum...bad thing is it could last a year or more to go away completely if it is that and it is highly contagious...hints the name I would assume. One of the other drs in the office says treat it as scabies and see what it does. Well thanks now I have to get ahold of everyone at church and family and babysitter and so on. Plus Lee know has to miss work to care the kids as we can't have them go to the babysitter!!! least I have that option cuz if I was single mom I would so lose my income for a week...taht would be so bad!

Ok I'm done...did it work?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabric warehouse update...

A few of you have asked if it had a does!

I did not realize I had a business card from them!

250 and more...

This marks my 250th post...yea me!

Today was a good day of church even if I lost it at the end...Rachele was chosen to do the scripture and closing prayer and she had a melt I've stated in older posts (I'm sure) she has melt downs at church frequently but only when I'm there, as we are in primary again she is starting up, which in turn made me lose it when she started up...I got my talking to from Lee about how inappropriate it was but it is something I know I need to work on as well as Rachele on her emo stuff!!

We got a new later!! She is a Jack Russell. Her name is Brownie. She is 5 months and weights 13.8# a far cry from Hemit's 113#.

I have been getting a few headaches because I have decided that I should come off my daily meds because why tempt fate if I don't have to right?

I went and spent a little time with my best friend from high school today...her mom had a scensty party...those are some really nice warmers and scents. I have a headache from smelling them all. Not badly priced either!

Over all a good Sunday...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

So it is my weekend to work so no fasting for me...Lee forgot about it so he did not fast either. It was a good day for us all.

Lee got his calling this week...teaching the val. 9's

I got my calling even without me there...teaching the val. 9's

I never knew I could get a calling without being at biggy. I cool with it.

I do kinda wish it was out of primary...but I must be needed there! I have had a calling in primary since we joined the church almost...maybe a few months worth not in primary. The funny thing is other than in FW my callings have been in the valiants. It should be fun!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, I feel like life is just going by to fast. I'm sure everyone has felt that. Well I am working on trying to get my family to slow down and enjoy our time together. Like today. Rachele has a half day so why get up and send her to school? So we slept in and we are enjoying the play sounds coming from the room. Lee is sitting on the couch checking the weather and I'm on the computer typing this.

Life is good. I feel a little crazy here and there. But who doesn't. Lee and I are closer to being on the same page of another child...even though he will joke with me when I loss my control and say "and you want more". It is hard to get him to understand on those days when the kids just don't listen that you can't always stay cool calm and collected. You would think that the time he played the stay at home dad he would remember that the kids will test you but he doesn't. I should ween myself off my daily migraine meds so I don't have to worry about any side effects it might have on a growing baby. I have done lots of research and most of it says that there could be something that goes wrong but no current research has been done. I also found that the Mayo Clinic suggests using it during exactly how bad could it be...especially since I'm on the lowest dose possible.

Hope all is well in blog land...


As ominous as it sounds it really is not that bad...

Our dog was peeing in the old house...we think it was because the little dog had peed a few times in that area so he was marking his territory. Well we started kenneling him at night and when we would leave. Since we moved and only have him I decided to test him last night.

And so far he is good. Not sure where he slept. But he did not go pee anywhere. I think we will still kennel him when we leave but only time will tell.