Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My annoyance!!!

Ok first i never claimed to be a good speller....yes i have spell check but it does not always have the word I'm trying to spell.

Ok so I get this information from an un named source that my dad is ticked that he is lending me money. Everyone here has followed my foot/work issues. So I claimed down to the point that i could vent on facebook. I vent and I get a bunch of inquires from family about my post. As it should be. Well my dad has yet to say anything to me about how he feels other than expressing that Lee needs to get a job.

I can understand why he would be upset...if he is, like i said he has not expressed anything about it to me. In the matter of two days I barrowed a lot of money...the car broke down and needed to be fixed and i needed to pay the bills. I think what mad him the madest is the fact that when we bought the van we got the extra warranty and it did not cover anything...ok it saved him 300 bucks but considering it cost more than that for the warranty it does not seem worth it. So I am planning on talking to my dad in the next few days to find out if he is as upset as the un named source says.

I know most of you don't care about this but I felt I needed to explain my last few posts on facebook and my negativity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Up date!!

Ok so I can work 8 hours a night. Occupational health actually said I can work 12 but I have to sit for the last four my boss said just do the 8 and go home. On April 5th I get to go back to 12 hours. This is a good thing as long as I can handle the extra time on my feet. This will keep me in the running for the day position that is open. If I get it Iwill have a normal life. I will have to miss church every other week but I will have a normal life....I know I already said that but it really makes me happy. It does make me sad that I will miss church every other week but for my family and sanity I think it will be worth it.

I added pictures....lots of them of the house to facebook. I added a picture of our new puppy too. She is three years old and we love her. She is a chahuahua (sp). I can never spell that. But I'm sure you know what I mean. It is funny having a 100+ pound dog and a 4 pound dog.

Dad is doing least that is what he says. He looks good. He goes in for a check up on Thursday and hopefully get the staples out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update and 200th post!!!!

Ok so I have not been updated in a bit so here it might be long!!!

House: The inspector/numbers guy is re vamping the house numbers so we can get more bang for the buck. We should still be on target with our overall budget...which is a good thing. I am so happy. So we are getting this going ASAP.

Dad: Well after a very long day at U of M in Ann Arbor dad came through just fine. He did have some racing heart issues that almost made him not come home on time. But he did make it home today. We had a nice family dinner. He spent almost a week in the hospital for those who have not followed my facebook.

Me: My foot has good days and bad days. The funny thing is, that it doesn't always happen after a work day or therapy. I hurt a lot the other day and all I did was get up. I have this funny work increase in hours deal... I get to add an hour to each work day until I get back to 12 hours. So for example...I work 4 hours this week 3 days a week, next week I work 5 hours 3 days a week...and so on. I will be back to my normal hours by May 10th...I don't know if my household can hold up to those hours. Maybe I could get the hours I use to by working more days.

Lee: He is driving me nuts. He keeps talking about homework and needing time to do biggy right. Well, if he did it instead of watching TV he might get it done. But he has been "pushing" me to do mine.

Kids: Rachele is doing good in school. She was a top seller for their she gets to go to the Morley Candy Factory...she won one of the 9 "golden tickets". Kenny has been doing good at daycare...both with his actions and his potty training. At home not so much. He will get into playing and not come and tell us he has to go. We have even tried what "Aunt Ca-tie" does. (Her name is Cathy). But even that doesn't work. Anyone with ideas????

Note to fellow bloggers....

Shanna I have checked your blog and love the latest pics and cute. I have not commented yet but I plan to soon.

Emily I can't wait for pictures of the kitchen.

Anna I could not help but laugh when I read about how the kids were dressed.

Any other blog friends I have checked blogs and just have not commented. I will try to do so soon.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok so the inspection went good. We get the numbers by this weekend. As long as the repairs are around 50,000 the house is a go...if not we are done with the house hunt. We think we are ok on the money side.

It was funny the inspector walks up and said "I think 50 is to low"...our realtor was like "What does that mean?"...then he looked around the outside and inside and told us it looks good.

The outside has a lot that needs to be done...siding, roofing, gutters and some yard clean up to say the least. The inside does not have so many items that have to be fixed for safety reasons...which is good. I will keep you posted.

Friday, March 5, 2010

One house pic!!!

Ok I want to post one house picture but can't find the link to upload it...I will keep searching. I found it... and i picked two pictures. The front corner (from the side) of the porch and the dining room doors. Can you see the TLC we need to do???

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Closing date!!!

We have the closing date....on or before April 22nd. I'm so happy. I have lots of pictures already but I think when we go agian we will take more. I will do a nice before and after once we get the work done.

Monday, March 1, 2010


One half of my semester done...I got a B in the class I finished. I dropped the other was to hard to keep up with, with everything that happened. Its ok I'll retake it.

Lee is seemingly doing good in his class. It's the last one before he gets his associates degree...yeah!!!

Rachele got her progress report...all 4's and 3's. Which is A's and B's in a normal school. I am so proud of her. She really loves school but hates mornings...I wonder where she gets it from????

Did you notice I did not talk about the house hunt?? (until now)