Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My annoyance!!!

Ok first i never claimed to be a good speller....yes i have spell check but it does not always have the word I'm trying to spell.

Ok so I get this information from an un named source that my dad is ticked that he is lending me money. Everyone here has followed my foot/work issues. So I claimed down to the point that i could vent on facebook. I vent and I get a bunch of inquires from family about my post. As it should be. Well my dad has yet to say anything to me about how he feels other than expressing that Lee needs to get a job.

I can understand why he would be upset...if he is, like i said he has not expressed anything about it to me. In the matter of two days I barrowed a lot of money...the car broke down and needed to be fixed and i needed to pay the bills. I think what mad him the madest is the fact that when we bought the van we got the extra warranty and it did not cover anything...ok it saved him 300 bucks but considering it cost more than that for the warranty it does not seem worth it. So I am planning on talking to my dad in the next few days to find out if he is as upset as the un named source says.

I know most of you don't care about this but I felt I needed to explain my last few posts on facebook and my negativity.


Shanna said...

TRUST ME, I feel your pain! And it hurts the most when it is family. Just hang in there. He is your Dad and loves you no matter what.

Anna Marie said...

I'm not sure on your specifics, but could you talk to your dad in person and try to clarify things?

For all of our technology, it does allow a bit of anonymity and vagueness if one desires it. Hang in there.

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

I did talk to my dad. Everything is fine. He was upset and said what he wanted when he said "Lee needs to get a job".