Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So much to blog about...

Ok so here is the long post maybe...

Lee: finally got a calling...Ward Missionary Leader!!! Yikes!!! Ok we think we were lead to this ward for this...Lee feels very prepared for it! I'm not sure how but hey we are going to role with it.

Me: I finally got my letter from school that says I meet all graduation requirements...yippie!!! If you are my friend on FB you can see the letter!!!

I still can't blog from my laptop...kind of bummed but I can comment so I guess 50% is better than nothing...

I don't have calling yet but I'm sure it will come soon. Really wanting something with adults but I don't get to choose so I will go where I'm needed...and I'm sure I will learn from it!

I'm looking for another job not to leave my current job but to pick up more money...With Lee not working its getting tight. Plus my loans are going to be due soon and that will make it tighter!! At least the house payment is half what it was!

I feel like I'm a slug lately...I think depression might be setting in again. I will monitor it...I think some of it stems from my lack of getting pregnant. I know when Heavenly Father wants us to continue to grow our family and when its time it will happen but its very upsetting every month.

I had to have a stress echocardiogram because when I went to my new doctor the EKG showed a bundle branch block which could go either way...good or bad! Well when I went for the stress echo it was fine...prayers work!! Not cleared from the doctor yet but I'm sure its good...should get my blood test results soon too, just routine stuff but my thyroid info should be very low...I haven't taken that med in months because my old doctor stopped listening to me, so I stopped listening to him and switched doctors!

House: Lots of stuff going on...new steps off the back, new flowerbed minus the dirt and unpacking!!! We realized yesterday that we have not found our WOK so no stir fry :(

Rachele is about half way through her state testing...they do that here every year from 3rd grade through 5th...then again in Jr. high and all through high school once you pass the section in high school your done and then you get a sticker on your diploma...yes I said sticker...its crazy!! The tests are totally not anything what I learned in school when I took them so I'm sure they haven't gotten any better. Or maybe its just because we moved so much and I did not get the same schooling as everyone else!!

Kenny is loving school. He has one kid in class that has issues...to the point to were we even noticed that the teacher shows her dislike...not that she is mean to him or anything but in the morning when we drop him off she is like "Hi kids good morning...and then shes like oh hi R****...I don't want to post his name...you can hear he tone change and everything. I hope he is not in Kenny's class next year because his a bit of a bully.