Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well I'm done!!!

Yea me. I passed the first half last week on Thursday. I passed the hard part today. This means so much to me and the family because I can go anywhere and work and can provide for them better.

Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sick Kids

Well after the bug bites started to clear up....Rachele spikes a temp of 104.7. YIKES!! Nothing would bring it down. We finally got motrin to bring it down after about an hour of waiting for it to work. Her doctor said just let it run its coarse and if its still high on Tuesday bring her in for blood work. She also said its not the flu... but as a healthcare worker and knowing its the start of flu season how can she say that. Anyway, when I left for work she was feeling a little better. She was just starting to warm back up and get the upset tummy and body aches again but Lee said she would be fine.

Kenny is starting to show the same signs she did before her temp spiked so high. So we are playing the watch game with him.

Needless to say I got little sleep and Lee got no home work done on Friday. But we still have a few days left to work this out and pray she gets better.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indian Summer!?!?!?!?

Okay I love that we are getting a few extra days of heat. I hate that the bugs have come back.

After getting called home from work because Kenny broke out in hives...turns out to be about 16 misquito bites and then being called by Rachele's school because she has this welt on her elbow and they were concerned. I think I might hate this warm spell.

We enjoyed the weekend of some extra warmth and went to the Cider Mill. A good time was had by all. Even if both kids got bit by a misquito. Rachele on her hand and Kenny on his really wasn't a big deal. Rachele even got to stay longer because my sister was there for her hubby's family trip to the Cider Mill. Rachele even got to go swimming for the last time. Thank goodness the pool was heated.

I hope all is well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Letter Tag---from Emily

Rules: Comment and I'll give you a letter. You then tell us ten things you love that start with the letter.

I was given "H"

The letter "H":
1. House: I love having my own house. Not that my parnets was bad I just love coming home to my place.
2. Hope: I love that I can still hope for something better. What ever it may be about.
3. Happy: I love to see my kids and hubby happy. I also love to see my family (extended) happy.
4. Hop scotch: I love playing it even today.
5. Health: Even when I'm not in the best of health I'm grateful it can get better.
6. Help: I'm so glad I have a loving helpful family. Whether it be Lee or Rachele and yes even Kenny I love the help.
7. House slipper: I love mine...memory foam.
8. Happy's Pizza: They have everything a girl could want even peach cobbler.
9. Hearing: Okay this ones odd but hey I woke up to Kenny coughing and can't go back to sleep because I keep hearing this weird sound but hey at least I can hear it.
10. Heritage: Okay this one is a strecth. I love that my dad went back home (PA) for a business trip and brought home treats and goodies you can only get from there. Spiced wafers, tasteecakes, scrapple...yum. So if it wasn't for him being from PA and us going home to experiance these things I would not have that goodness today. We have been able to get tasteecakes here but not all the time and only some of the products they offer.

Happy Birthday Rachele!!

Okay so it's a day late.

As some of you may remember Rachele was born 5 years ago on October 3rd. She had a wonderful day at school. Because it was her birthday she was the special helper. She also donated a book to the classroom...Does a kangaroo have a mother? by Eric Carle.

She had an awesome celebration with my family last weekend. And this weekend we will celebrate with Lee's family. We also gave her a few gifts on friday so she still had some thing to open on her birthday. She had lots of fun.

I hope everyone enjoys conference.