Saturday, December 5, 2015

Keeping the Temple Clean

In our lesson this week we read about keeping the Temple pure and clean. In case you don't know the Temple is your body. We need to stay clean in pure. this is in everything we do. Eating, what we do to our body and even what we say. We need to speak without using profanity. I admit I get caught up in the moment and things come out that shouldn't. I always feel bad after. I usually say a prayer to be mindful to not do it again.

The hard part for me is there is a sarcus ear piercing you can get that has proven to help with migraines. I get them bad and was thinking about getting them. However I have not gotten a clear answer if it would be something that would be okay per church standards. It's not totally visible but it is in an odd spot. Not the norm...I so want to be migraine free. I keep praying for the answer. A friend of mine just got it done and I'm waiting to hear how her migraines are in a little bit.