Friday, July 31, 2009

When it rains....

Well Lee called me at work to tell me that his grandpa is not doing so good. He has lots of clots in his legs and a few in his lungs (not good). He was supposed to get a peg tube (a feeding tube) but they can't do it because of the clots. Or at least Lee thinks they can't. He has lived a full life and has no regrets but it seems odd to know he could die from starvation because they can't do anything for him but make him comfortable until he goes.

Rachele was mad because mommy had to work again. She hates it when I go. I told her that it's not so bad she has daddy but you know kids want mommy. The nice thing is I have the next three days of to spent with the kids.

Kenny is a little dare devil. I see a broken bone in the future. He climbed up the built in shelving unit and fell from half way up with the shelf. He has no fear or so it seems.

Lee does need surgery on his knee. August 13th is the day. With the move he has been extra sore. I hope the move did not make it worse. I do have a few days off in a row to help him re coop so we will see.

Me, I'm doing ok. Some days are hard. I worked in the ICU last night and had a patient die and one we took off life support. It was hard to watch the family sit and wait. I kept telling myself your fine and I made it. I know things will get better but some days its hard not to think about mom. Time will heal the wound.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cute kid things!!

Okay everyone else seems to have a cute kid thing so I'm gonna do it too.

Kenny: He does not sleep he yeeps. No is mo. Milk is mok. He does not go potty he tells that is what it is...looks at the toilet and says potty potty. Funny little guy.

Rachele: She is all girl. She hates it when she does not get her way... big tears and all. Pretzels are prenzels. Girl is not girl, I'm not even sure how to spell what she says. She called some one a creep the other day, and then when we asked her what a creep was she had no clue and said her Nick cousin told her that word.

My kids are funny. The should be fast asleep in their beds but I think daddy let them "yeep" on the couch.

Fun with a blog!!

I was just roaming around facebook and found this neat badge thing...I had to adjust it, didn't want my e-mail out there for the whole world to see.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello everyone in blog world...long time no talk to.

Well as my facebook friends know which is most of you who view my blog...My mom died on June 18, 2009. Only three days after Lee's mom. We are doing fine and getting through this rough patch.

We move in a little over a week...yea! The plan was to move next door to mom and dad and help with mom, but now it is to be closer to dad and spend more time with him.

Lee goes to the doctor in the morning to see about his knee. The MRI doesn't look so good, I think surgery is in his near future.

That's all for now.