Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok so the kids are driving me crazy!!! Everyday they want want want!! School has been out for a week and Rachele is the ring leader. they don't understand why mommy just does not want to go outside or to the park. I know I should but somedays are hard when your head hurts or when you just don't feel good!! Ok now that I'm done ranting!!! I can't wait for a nice sunny day to go to the zoo!! I want to get Rachele going on her summer learning program...Kenny is getting the hang of potty training (knock on wood)!!!

Work is going good for Lee. He worked his longest week last week. He had to work Saturday. His boss is not a church going person but does not like to work Sundays, so we think unless they get way behind they will not work any Sundays. I am getting ready to start a long weekend. I have to work over the 4th...Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!! Thanks to my loving sister I have child care!! Work for me is going good...I love day shift. I hate the mornings but I will get use to them in time.

Life is good!! We are not sure if we are going to get the house we found... We had something come up that is putting a damper on the down payment. We will see...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zoo trip!!

On June 15th Rachele had her zoo trip for school. We all went...meaning Rachele, Kenny, Aunt RuRu and me!! Lee had to work or he would have went.

We saw lots of animals we have not seen before or in our last few trips to the zoo!! We have not ever seen these so active or out in their pin.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up North Trip!!

Ok so a little while ago Lee's dad said he was ready to spread his mom's ashes...the boys and dad picked a day that worked for them...

On Friday we met at my house and then traveled north to Midland. We get in and visit a little then go to bed. We get up in the morning and have some awesome french toast. A little while later we go in the woods and say our good byes to mom and each take a turn spreading her around. She is on her land helping us all with closure and love.

When then go take showers and head even further north to LeRoy (near Cadillac) for Lee's cousin's graduation party. Which was awesome. We did not see as many family members as we would have liked but some live out of state and had to work. We partied, got some sunburn (Rachele) and enjoyed the good company. It helped take our mind off the mornings events. Just before leaving Amy (my sister in law) got a phone call from of her co-workers died. He had been sick with cancer and succumbed to the illness.

After hearing that it was a little hard to stay positive...I have been calling last week "hell" week. I know not very Christ like wording but I could not think of something better to call it. It has been a tough week of remembering and memories...I even got a new hair do complete with blue streaks to honor my was her favorite color. I'll have pictures later I promise.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fort Wayne trip!!!

So at the last minute we decide to go to Fort Wayne to see Lee's friend because he was having a party for his daughter who graduated from high school...

So we decide to go to church on Sunday with our "home" ward!!!!

First for the was nice to see them and join them in the happy time. My kids did not go to bed until for Lee and I it was about 4am when we finally went to bed!!! But we made it to church....

Second the church trip...So we all get up very early only because we went to bed so late...get ready and head off to church. Kenny must have gotten into everything and had a bunch of dirt all over him. Go figure!!!

We go in and no one sees us yet but I see Bruce Fey...I say to is a face I recongnize!!! He smiles then realizes who I Lee walks up behind me. Then Jenifer sees me and says Deb??? We only just know each other from facebook. It was nice to meet her in person. I must say I admire her for all she does with out the help of her husband. He is a brave military man...helping keep us safe. I truly do get inspired by her, she has such patience with her kids. So I continue on and see Will colgrove... give him a big hug and go to see Annette Colgrove. I see Lori Walda, Becca Faurth(sp) sorry, Michelle Ashby, Anna Jones and a few others. I got lots of hugs. So we listen to some really good talks. And then we take the kids to Primary!! So we see a few friends in the hall and catch up...get a few more hugs. So instead of going to Sunday school we talk in the hall...But we do make it to Relief Society and Priesthood. We catch up with a few friends and find out just how much we miss them.

So on the drive home we come up with a 5 year plan...meaning that in 5 years we might move back. Nothing in stone yet!! It really depends on what life gives us in 5 years. We really do miss all of you!! We are planning a few more trips!! Oh happy days!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Days, House and whatever I feel like blogging about....

I have been on days for a full week and I love it!!! I hate getting up early but hey at least I can sleep next to Lee everynight and put the kids to bed. I really do enjoy it. On my days off I am free to do what I want at least until Rachele gets done with school...then I'll have the kids on days that I'm off and then I'll have to figure out some fun stuff. One thing I know for sure is we will be using our zoo membership after all we paid for it.

I decided to copy Emily and Tylers summer camp idea. I thought it was a good thing and figured she won't mind... So here is my idea: Rachele is to read at least 2 books a week and give an oral book report. I will pull out some words for her to take a spelling test during the week also. We have a few math papers that she did not do in school and we saved them so she will have some math work. We might even buy some of those math books in the stores...can you believe in 1st grade she is doing multiplecation and division? I did not start that until 3rd grade. I'm thinking I'll never be able to help her when she hits Jr. High!! As for Kenny...we will work on his potty training and he is singing the ABC's so I think I will try to keep his little mind going!!! Not sure what to do just yet but I'll figure it out. Also, once they get into a set routine they will have certain "chores"...just to help me stay caught up on the chores I have to do...

The house...ok so a little over a week ago my sister in law e-mailed me and asked if we would be interested in a house one of her co-workers is selling. I said sure send me the link. I look at the info and was a little unsure because it is way out of our price range...200,000 to be exact. But we thought if he is willing to do land contract first (which he is) than in 5 years we could get it in our we set up a time to see it.

We went to see it and I love it...Lee thinks it is two small...I do admit it is on the smaller side but has 3.5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a basement, garage (2 car) and a huge back yard. So we let the guy run his numbers to come up with his selling price and payments and so on...well the numbers all look fair to include a final selling price of 175,000!!!

So if we can come up with the down payment (we spent the last one paying off some bills and getting a few items for us and so on). So with any luck we can move to a nice little city a few miles away...