Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where are my friends???

So I have a few friends who are keeping us posted...I know 3 of them are moving so I understand them...but what about the rest of you. Emily and Anna are the most active at the moment. So am I the only one missing my friends? Love you guys and keeping up with your families!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


OK I don't usually jump on the testimony soap box...but I have to share.

I got an e-mail from the loan guy and he just wants to touch base on the new job and so on. I e-mail him back and tell him I will have 30 days on the job on the 20th which will also give me 2 paychecks. Later that day the realtor calls and wants to talk about the deal...which changed because they dropped the house price due to the appraisal being lower than they thought...yea us! Anyway, I was at work so I emailed my loan guy and ask him to find out because I get really bad reception at work and can't call him back.

I get and e-mail saying that our portion of closing has gone up a bit...about 2000 bucks! I thought oh no Lee is going to say never mind. So I keep thinking and find a quite moment to pray (that's hard at work) and decide I will let Lee know when I get home.

I come home and tell Lee whats up and he says that's fine. After asking why it went up. Well mostly because we have to pay the taxes...which I think is wrong as we won't be able to move in until August which is when the taxes are due but hey I'm getting my house so why push it. The other reason is because they aren't paying any closing cost because they dropped the house price from 79,900 to 65,000...again yea for us!!

So this past Sunday I was thinking yes I said thinking about paying tithes...I was thinking because I knew the money would be tight in order to make up the extra money...before leaving the house I grabbed my check book and head out. My thought was just do it. I did and guess what they money has worked out!!! SWEET!!!! We are so blessed to be able to stay on track with this. Heavenly Father most really want us to go back to our old ward...which we did like!!! I should really say love. It's the closest to our home ward (Fort Wayne) that we have found in our ward changes!! We just need a few more youngsters (in the ward) and we will be all set!!

So when I have more details on the closing and all that jazz I will be sure to post!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


So our 11 year anniversary was on the 7th and I had to work so we said we will do something fun over the weekend.

We decided to support our local farmers and go to the roadside fruit stand that we used to pass on the way up to Lee's grandpa's house...well we drive out there only to see its not open :(

We think well maybe the season is to early so we drive a little farther and see another that is open but only has flowers...not what we wanted...we keep going and found one that is open and has a limited supply of fruit. We buy about 50 bucks worth of fruit and leave.

We get home and I tell Lee that our day sucked...he says well you said that's what you wanted to do. I said to him yes that's what I wanted but I was bummed that we did not get to do exactly what we wanted. I then say we really need to start planning something for our anniversary because even last year on our 10th which is an important milestone we did not do anything from the best of my memory.

We aren't into extravagant a big trip to an exotic place, a trip to Disney (only because we think the kids would not fully enjoy it), or some other big thing.

I just want a weekend away...maybe a hotel with an indoor water park or something like that. I hope next year this will be possible. With my new job they offer LOTS of perks...discounts galore at all kinds of places. Maybe just maybe for our 12th we can plan a big trip north to Great Wolf Lodge.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well we are a one income family. We will see after the move if I need to get another job to help with the bills. I'm thinking not because our house payment will be half what it is now and it includes taxes and insurance!! Can you say blessing??? Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!! We should be moving in August a few months behind schedule but it will be worth it.