Saturday, July 9, 2011


So our 11 year anniversary was on the 7th and I had to work so we said we will do something fun over the weekend.

We decided to support our local farmers and go to the roadside fruit stand that we used to pass on the way up to Lee's grandpa's house...well we drive out there only to see its not open :(

We think well maybe the season is to early so we drive a little farther and see another that is open but only has flowers...not what we wanted...we keep going and found one that is open and has a limited supply of fruit. We buy about 50 bucks worth of fruit and leave.

We get home and I tell Lee that our day sucked...he says well you said that's what you wanted to do. I said to him yes that's what I wanted but I was bummed that we did not get to do exactly what we wanted. I then say we really need to start planning something for our anniversary because even last year on our 10th which is an important milestone we did not do anything from the best of my memory.

We aren't into extravagant a big trip to an exotic place, a trip to Disney (only because we think the kids would not fully enjoy it), or some other big thing.

I just want a weekend away...maybe a hotel with an indoor water park or something like that. I hope next year this will be possible. With my new job they offer LOTS of perks...discounts galore at all kinds of places. Maybe just maybe for our 12th we can plan a big trip north to Great Wolf Lodge.


Shanna said...

I feel ya! We don't do much of anything for ours as well.

Sailor Mom said...

Yeah, that's about how ours are. Did you at least enjoy your drive?