Sunday, December 28, 2008

My time to vent!!

Read at your own risk!!!

So I'm at work and I have the ISO unit which means every patient has something thats contagious and I have to gown up and wash longer and so on. My night starts out with a bad note of a day shift therapist leaving a patient and he was disconnected from the ventilator and she didn't want to handle it. It was only 7pm she is still responsible for that patient until she gives report (which she had not done). So I go down to an area that is not mine because my boss asks me to go to help her out because she is still handing out peoples assignments and doing her start of shift work. I go down in the basement to find the patient being bagged by the nurse and she says he seems to be doing better should we try him on the ventilator again I say sure and hook him up. I quickly realize he is not ventilating and investagate why. I realize his ventilator circuit is disconnected and fix it. The patient is fine. I leave and go back to the department to get report for my area and let them now what was going on. The day shift therapist says well he is all over the place so I tied his circuit to the bed...that is what made it disconnect. Call me crazy but if you had a patient that could not stop moving would you tie his life line to a stationary object????

My night goes on. I go to my unit and get started. Things are running smooth. I get my first round done and go eat at about 11p. I get a call to place a patient on his CPAP so he can sleep. I hook the patient up and back to my lunch/dinner I go. I then get a call about my one patient not oxygenating well. So off to the ISO unit. I tell the nurse the only thing I can do is add PEEP but I need an order. She gets one and I add the PEEP. I then go to leave and I get a "trouble" patient from the ER. I go take care of him and then I go back to my food. I then get a a page that my patient that was not oxygenating well died to please come turn off the vent and take it out. I have had a full night so far but it gets worse.

I then get a page from the other floor that I have that a pt has CPT and needs it because he is coughing. CPT only makes you cough more. I investigate into the matter and discover that the patient has a C-collar and CPT in not indicated for patients with C-collars. Well I then get called back to the ISO unit so I have to tell the nurse that I can't get the CPT done because I got called back to the unit and that he is in a C-collar that I can't do it until that is cleared. I take care of my ISO patient and sit down to vent on my blog.

I know its boring to most but I had to get it off my chest before I exploded.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Okay so I'm a little late but Happy Birthday to Kenny who turned 2 on the 23rd. He had a wonderful party and lots of cake.

Christmas was great in the morning we got up at about 8am and opened gifts. The kids had lots to open. Lee and I had a few but we focused on the kids this year. We got ourselves the church history books that deseret books had for half price so I (not sure about Lee) will be cracking those open soon.

I am currently at work so the evening kinda sucks for me but it started out awesome. We went to my parnets house to celebrate Christmas with my family, we did Christmas with Lee's family the day before. We got to eat a good meal and open more gifts and it was fun.

As for the me at work thing I hate that I have to work tonight but at least I got to have a good morning with the kids and a nice meal at my parnets house.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

1930's Test!!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take'>">Take the test!

I thought I would have scored higher but oh well I'm still good.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend happenings!!

To start Friday was my birthday and It was awesome. The best gift was Lee giving me flowers. He was very slick about it. I have been saying for a little while that it has been a long time since he got me flowers. And I said to him the glass ones and the plastic ones don't count. So as he went out to get my ice cream cake he went to the flower shop and got me a dozen mixed roses. He kept them in the van and when we went to my parnets he had then on my seat. It was so sweet.

I had to work on Saturday. Lots of fun. I did have the weekend off but I was nice and switched with a freind who wanted to go to the hospital Christmas party. So here I am.

Sunday is my sister's birthday. I have no idea what we are doing for it. But she is getting a starbucks card from me...not a mormon. She loves there coffee. She gets that every year from me. I asked her if she wanted something different but she said no so...$25 of coffee on me.

By the way my mom is home she came home on my birthday. She is still having some issues but she is home. She has to follow her doctors orders...good luck on that. My sister is going to stop working at the school to "watch" her until my dad gets home from work. We are trying to "force" her to stop smoking. The last time she got out my dad took her smokes and she got some from the neighbor so...she needs to be watched. Any way she is home and doing good.

We also got one of my parents dogs. Dad realized that having two big dogs is to much for them. So we got Hemit and Pal is going to a shelter (a no kill). We have tried to find him a good home but no luck.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flashback Wednesday!?!?

As I loaded the new pictures from thanksgiving I found a file on my laptop labled "Rachele's camerea" I open it and find over 900 pictures...some not so good others awesome. These are a few. Rachele took the one of Kenny and I'm not sure who took the one of her. But it was cute.