Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost there!!!

Okay starting on the 28th I have 6 days off...good for me!! So we are going to do a major re-organization. I think I might have said that in the last post. Well we have started with the living room. I forgot to get before pictures...I will on the next room. There is a huge difference in space. It is still a small room but looks bigger. We replaced one bookcase with a new one that we got on clearance at put up 4 more. We got all our movies on one bookcase and the kids movies on another one along with Kenny's diaper/potty training stuff. I hope to soon have those two shelves empty here in the near future. The other bookcases are for our religious books and stuff. One bookcase for family stuff like pictures and so on. We have no idea for the last one but I'm sure we will figure something out soon for that one. We are going to get the garage cleaned up and open a corner so I can craft...again. I won't be able to do this come winter time but hey some time to craft is better than none right?? Ok so the plan is to get in shape to live here for at least another year...if not more. We realize that something was telling us to stay here with losing two houses!! So in a year we will search again. Maybe by then we will be all set and we will be able to find our perfect house.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogged out!!

Since we lost the house I really have nothing to look forward to...ok maybe not that bad.

We are doing a major re-organization in my house because we lost the house so that should be fun.

We got a few new toys.

We are getting rid of the little puppy as Kenny calls her...she keeps peeing on the floor...even on nice days.

My classes are almost done for this semester and I'm taking the summer off to enjoy life.

I hope to be on day shift by May 31st, which is when the new schedule starts.

I do really feel depressed...not sure why??? Any thoughts??

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The House!!

Ok so we have some colors picked for the outside...burgundy and green. Main color is going to be the burgundy and the trim will be green. It is not that dark of a burgundy but it is still burgundy. The green will be a hunter green color. It isn't called that but thats what it looks like to me. I can't wait. In less than two weeks we will be home owners again...even if we can't move in right away it is still ours. We are thinking of other colors/decor for the inside. Some of the wall paper is in really good shape and we like it so we are going to keep it for now.

I hope that I can post pictures in the very near futher!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A few steps closer!!

Well, we met with who we hope will be our contractor. He seems to think he can get things done that need to be done plus a few extras...yeah!!!

I signed the paperwork to have the agreement between the contractor and me.

Before leaving Holly we stopped at the little pizza place. The waitress remembered us, asked which one we decided on....I think I'm going to love that small town life.

Our finance guy has requested the appraisal...once that is done it should go fast.

We have a meeting with the historic commission in Holly next Thursday...I'll keep you posted.