Thursday, January 31, 2008

Story Clan/Carter Clan update!!!

Well after an eventful few weeks here are the updates.

Mom is home from the hospital. She had complications with her COPD. Her doctors and hospital have me very upset but as I have said before my parents are chosing them so what can I do.

Rachele is feeling better and her fever finally broke. Hopefully she can go back to school next week.

My dad got his seeds implanted. He had some issues with releiving himself so he had to get a catheter until he could go back today. His doctor said his prostate was swollen from the surgery.

Kenny had to go to the ER because the one pediatrican made me mad when I called to see if they wanted to see him or if they would just give us a perscription for a steroid because he has croup again. He was so bad that the nurse wanted to give him a vaponephrine treatment, the doctor said lets try the steroid first and if he doesn't respond to that then we will do the vapo treatment. His doctors office, I think I will be getting a note in our kids charts that I don't want the one doctor to care for my kids because She said we should just let its run its course and its different than the last time he had croup and he will be fine and if he has a coughing fit to put his head in the freezer. Hello how can you ditermine that over the phone. But anyway he is much better and I feel better now that I got some sleep.

We are all losing our minds with lack of sleep, but things should be getting better.

Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley...

Well I really was shocked to hear this. I had just taken a quiz in class and one of my classmates who goes to church with me asked if I had heard about President Hinckley? I said no and my first thought wasn't that he had died. She then tells me that he died last night. I feel very sad about this. He is the only prophet that I know. I do find comfort in the fact that he is with his eternal companion. I do know that he was a true prophet and led our church with great faith. The Story clans thoughts are with his family and to everyone else in the church because we have truly lost a great man. I hope we all can remember him for the awesome prophet that he was and all he has done for the church.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family fun!!

Today is going to be fun. Okay not really but very relaxed anyway. Rachele is very sick. She has a little bug causing a 105.5 fever. We spent 4 hours in the ER because I was very scared about her temp. But she is okay. I was really worried because she said her tummy hurt and she kept pointing to her appendix so I paniced of course. Her tummy hurts because she has gas and is constipated. I know everyone wanted to know that. She is passed out on the couch right now because she has to be able to see me and I had to get up with the little man. Daddy decided he needed more sleep so he is still in bed and told her to stay with him but she cried and so on. Kenny is running a muck in the house because I am trying to get the computer backed up and it is failing on the last disc, so for now I'm going to stop so I don't end up with a million back up discs and can't really back up because disc 3 isn't ready. Anyway hope everyone else has a good day.

Friday, January 25, 2008

worst date!!!

After much thinking here it is....It's not really that bad just more funny.

Lee and I had just started dating and Lee had just a new car (to him anyway). He felt the before we would go to the movie and out to dinner that he would wash the car and clean it out. So he does this and everything is good.

We go to the movie and things are fine. The movie was good. We leave to go to dinner and the locks froze from the car wash. Lee then broke the key in the door trying to get into the door so we could get out of the cold. Well with no key to try the other door he had to brake a window to get us in the car. The funny part is he could have just called his uncle who owned a towing company to get us in the car. Oh well it still turned out awesome.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Okay sorry that I'm barrowing from you Emily but I had to post this.

After much pushing and pushing and wanting us (the story clan) to get back to church and do the right thing.... It is happening. We went to church last week and it was awesome. Our home teacher came over and did a lesson and had a breif talk with us on whats going on in our lives thats keeping us out of church...well anyway we went to church today and Lee talked with the bishop and I am happy to report that Lee got everything off his chest and that the bishop said he is on the right path by coming back to church.

Lee has had some issues with not being able to get things done (home teaching) and thought if I can't do it all then why bother. I tried to tell him that we just need to get back to church and things would work back to our Fort Wayne norms but it did not work. However with the start of the new year I came up with "new year, new start". Thus far it is working by keeping that in mind. We as a family have been getting greif from our non member family and that played alot in our not going to church much either. I will keep everyone updated on how things are going.

Happy blogging!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just a few pics of the kids!!

I thought I'd share some of my latest photo's of the kids since here lately it seems that I only talk about school.

For those who wanted to know!!!

I passed all of my oral exams on the first try. A few of my friends from class had to retake all or part of their exams. But at least we all passed.

I did feel like a moron today. I had the head of the department as my tester and I always feel dumb around her. I think it is because she has a wealth of knowledge and I don't yet...but I do plan on getting there soon.

Happy blogging!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Study study study!!

As I enter a week of testing I think wow what was I thinking? Then I say this is for a good reason. I have to go through all of the stress of testing so I know I am good at what I do.

The hardest part of all the testing is not knowing what the teacher is going to ask me...the tests are all oral and I think those tests are worse than written tests but thats just me. I can say that the students that just graduated (last August) failed this round of tests and they still graduated so that does put my mind at ease.

I know I will do fine but I do hope all will pray for me. I also enjoy getting those words of encouragement from my friends... Lee just tells me to quit stressing and relax but that is hard because he doesn't study and still gets A's....that makes me so upset. I wish I could do that sometimes. But I still pass so I guess that is all that matters.

One of these days I will blog about something other than school. Maybe over winter break I can find something fun to blog my kids who seem to be growing up way too fast.

Happy blogging!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

I remembered what it was!!!

Okay so I went to bed and still did not remember. The boy wakes up at 3:30am and I still didn't remember. I was begining to think it was gone for good.....

As I'm driving to school it hits me like a billboard... okay so it was a sign on a bus. But I remembered. I was wanting to check out this university for a possible bacholars degree when I'm done with school. It is more resaerch at this point but I did pray about it and I feel that looking into it is deffinatly a good thing.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does this happen to anyone else??

You get a thought of something important to look up on the net... you go to your computer boot it up and once its ready for you, you have forgotten what you wanted to look up??

I find this happening more and more. I currently am blogging this because I'm hoping my brain will be stimulated to remember what I wanted to look up. It's not coming to me... my luck I'll remember at like 2am and it will bug me until I get up and look it up.

On a better note school is going good but I have only had one day of class for my two classes and I'm in the middle competencies for clinical and next week I get tested before going to the hospital....they test us so they know we won't kill anyone, as my teachers would say but its more so that we feel confident in ourselves.

Happy blogging!!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The start of school yet again!!!

The new semester starts on Monday. After a few panic attacks of getting ready...I have everything I need except binders. Those are coming soon. Hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

As we start the new year I wonder what it will be filled of... I really don't know but I will take it all in stride.

Kenny was up until after 11:30 because he has the croup and isn't sleeping very well. So we did not get to go spend time at Lee's brother's house like we had planned. But thats ok we had a fairly nice time.

Rachele had an adventure after midnight as she could not find mommy and had to pee and ended up peeing in the kitchen. I keep telling her she doesn't need to tell me everytime she has to go but she still insists on letting me know. During the clean up process Kenny was coughing like a seal and made me panic some. But everything turned out fine to include the kitchen floor.

Lee and I start school on the 7th and we are looking forward to being done. Of course I only have two semesters left and he has about 2 years left. Lee is working, cleaning an office building. He only works two days a week and it just enough to pay his child support for his oldest daughter... that he never sees but thats another story. Thank goodness we live with my parents or we would be in big trouble. The worst part about it is we really feel the money is not going to be used for his daughter... and there is nothing we can do about it. But I digress.

My parents are doing well. My mom is smoking again and lying about it. But what can you do...she at least goes outside. But I fear she will end up sick because of her lack of winter wear... she just wears a shirt and pants. How silly...but she knows whats best for her. My dad just finished his last radiation treatment and gets his "seeds" implanted on the 29th for his prostate cancer. He still does chemo for his bladder cancer but that is down to every other month now. He finds out soon what the VA will do about his new alments.

My sisters are ok. Ruth had a sickness that puzzled her not to long ago but it all turned out ok. Her kids are good. Beth has had another medical set back... she has a cyst in her pelvic area that needs to be removed. This will happen on the 7th. She had a hysterectomy a few years ago so basicly the cyst is sitting where her uterus would be. I am very worried for her but I have been keeping her in my prayers and feel it will be good in the end.

On that note I hope and pray that all will be well in this new year for everyone.

Happy blogging to all.