Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family fun!!

Today is going to be fun. Okay not really but very relaxed anyway. Rachele is very sick. She has a little bug causing a 105.5 fever. We spent 4 hours in the ER because I was very scared about her temp. But she is okay. I was really worried because she said her tummy hurt and she kept pointing to her appendix so I paniced of course. Her tummy hurts because she has gas and is constipated. I know everyone wanted to know that. She is passed out on the couch right now because she has to be able to see me and I had to get up with the little man. Daddy decided he needed more sleep so he is still in bed and told her to stay with him but she cried and so on. Kenny is running a muck in the house because I am trying to get the computer backed up and it is failing on the last disc, so for now I'm going to stop so I don't end up with a million back up discs and can't really back up because disc 3 isn't ready. Anyway hope everyone else has a good day.

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