Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

So here we are another Sunday...

*We did not go to church as Rachele had her last football game to cheer at. So she wanted to cheer and we went.
*We went out trick or treating...the kids got lots of candy.
*Lee and I have been having more and more arguments...not sure what is causing them but I do plan on figuring them out. We tend to get over them quickly but it un-nerving.
*We are going to start a new schedule with everything in our life...from bedtimes for the kids to enough time with each other.
*I feel that we are forgetting something important. I know we have the holy ghost in our life so it is not that but I feel it.
*A great time to be had by all...trunk or treating at the church yesterday!

Happy is almost November...just a few short hours left of October...where did the year go?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fabric Warehouse...

I have found me an awesome store...Fabric Warehouse. They carry lots and lots of cheap prices...3.99 to 6.99! At least that is the prices that I seen.

Maybe this will feed my need to craft...or make it stronger!

So much stuff but I held back. I got the print to make something out of is separated out. The off white stuff is maybe make diaper appears to be the same style PUL that was used on my other diaper covers! The trim is self explanatory!

I feel the need...

I feel the need to craft or do something (other than house work). However all my craft stuff is packed up still plus I let my dad barrow my table to put his ham radio stuff on until he could get his shelves/tables built. I do have a card table I could possibly use but then what should I do?

I feel the need to read something just for me...not related to school. I was able to read some of the conference talks. I really felt the love of the Lord in my home yesterday.

I feel the need to be a better person. I sometimes feel that I suck at life. I know we are our own worst critic but I do still feel that way. Even on the antidepressant for my migraines I feel that way. It is funny that something that is supposed to make you feel happy can help with a migraine but it works! The only bad thing is you are supposed to use caution when getting pregnant. I have done my is not harmful unless taken in higher doses...and I'm on the lowest dose and the Mayo clinic suggests using it in pregnancy.

I feel the need to get life back in order. Lee says we are as close to normal as we can get but I still feel like we are lacking something. We had the baby talk today...I know we have at least one more soul that is meant to be guided by us. Could that be what is missing?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

*The primary program was today...I missed it :( I had to work. Lee said it was good and the kids did good!

*Work was crazy, we had 2 emergency's surgeries which meant we had 2 more very sick people to add to our load. They both had some sort of bowel issue. So they were on a ventilator. Plus we had a patient who could not breath very well and I called a RRT (which is like a code blue but you don't have to resuscitate the patient), well his breathing turned around with a breathing treatment so I was doubting my calling the RRT. But during all of this they good a fresh set of vitals and his BP was 200's/100's. So my instinct to call the RRT was accurate. I felt like I did good.

*A new set of classes start this week. I am already behind on the reading...I could not remember what box I packed the books in. I did find them last night.

*Even though I did not go to church I do feel like I was able to feel the Lord and his blessings, I actually feel that is why I called the RRT on my patient. I really don't think it was all me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hi guys...I feel blah!

I have been sick almost everyday for the past two weeks...I have good days and bad days.
Kinda like when your prego...not admitting anything early to tell.
I can still function and I don't feel sick sick just blah with the upset tummy...any ideas??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goal update!

Okay so I had to go back to December of 2009 to find them all but I did...

Church...we are doing better with prayers, class we did awesome with (no callings yet so we will see how the rest of the year goes), FHE we still slack on somewhat but my Monday night class ends this week so maybe I could get things going again.

School...I am really doing bad on this one. I started out good then slack off. The procrastination inside me comes out.

The kids...We are being more understanding. With the move it was very time consuming and the kids felt neglected, I could tell by their actions. We are getting back on target. I just need to figure out how to get Rachele out of the whining mode. Once I do I'll write a book for all to read and I can then be!

Lee...He is doing well with his weight loss but has hit a plateau. But his Dr is pleased anyway.

Family History...Okay so we have our Recommends but we have yet to go. We moved even closer to the temple when we got the new house...I know for me it is because I don't feel up to the emotional toll it is going to have on me.

Household...Okay with the move we got rid of a few things. Not I said before we did give away a lot of toys to the church. We still have many things to unpack and go through to include stuff from when we moved from Fort Wayne. I know if we have not used it in that many years we should get rid of it but some of it was expensive stuff or keepsake stuff. So until I can part with it the stuff stays.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

My version of Grateful Sunday...

*I love our new/old Ward...feels like we really never left other than some new faces. The ward has changed a bit in the 2 and half years or so that we have been gone.
*A nice day to play with the family and brush out the dog...he really needed it we must have brushed out another dog.
*A loving family that does not care when I mess up or forget things.
*Some great friends that I keep up with via my blog or on FB! I really miss my Fort Wayne friends. I'm glad that we can stay in touch via the internet.
*A Bishop who is not afraid to break away from the norms and put people on the spot to bare their testimony...I'm sure he'll get me soon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today I am feeling over whelmed with emotions. I don't know how to explain it. I have no idea where it is coming from.

My thoughts of why...

1. Had I not miscarried I should have given birth by now...good idea of why.
2. My nephew is away at basic training and he sent his first post card home...another good reason why.
3. My neck hurts really bad...pain always makes someone want to cry.
4. We seem to be under a lot of stress...yet another good reason to cry.
5. Lee got a notice in the mail to go to court over his child support stuff...he pays every month  why bother him!! Very annoyed by this.
Ok I think I hit everything...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy 7th b-day Rachele

My baby girl is 7...were did the years go? Next year is the big birthday...I think I should start planning it now. What do you guys think. I did not take any pictures...silly me. Aunt Cathy did though...maybe I could use some of hers. Or I could take a picture of her tomorrow in her new clothes...

As for conference...we watched the Saturday morning session while waiting for the Sunday morning session to start. Very uplifting...while we cleaned up more stuff for the party. I think we can catch the rest of it later...or read it in the Ensign next month.