Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

*The primary program was today...I missed it :( I had to work. Lee said it was good and the kids did good!

*Work was crazy, we had 2 emergency's surgeries which meant we had 2 more very sick people to add to our load. They both had some sort of bowel issue. So they were on a ventilator. Plus we had a patient who could not breath very well and I called a RRT (which is like a code blue but you don't have to resuscitate the patient), well his breathing turned around with a breathing treatment so I was doubting my calling the RRT. But during all of this they good a fresh set of vitals and his BP was 200's/100's. So my instinct to call the RRT was accurate. I felt like I did good.

*A new set of classes start this week. I am already behind on the reading...I could not remember what box I packed the books in. I did find them last night.

*Even though I did not go to church I do feel like I was able to feel the Lord and his blessings, I actually feel that is why I called the RRT on my patient. I really don't think it was all me.

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Shanna said...

Well we are always glad to have nurses like you around!!