Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I feel the need...

I feel the need to craft or do something (other than house work). However all my craft stuff is packed up still plus I let my dad barrow my table to put his ham radio stuff on until he could get his shelves/tables built. I do have a card table I could possibly use but then what should I do?

I feel the need to read something just for me...not related to school. I was able to read some of the conference talks. I really felt the love of the Lord in my home yesterday.

I feel the need to be a better person. I sometimes feel that I suck at life. I know we are our own worst critic but I do still feel that way. Even on the antidepressant for my migraines I feel that way. It is funny that something that is supposed to make you feel happy can help with a migraine but it works! The only bad thing is you are supposed to use caution when getting pregnant. I have done my research...it is not harmful unless taken in higher doses...and I'm on the lowest dose and the Mayo clinic suggests using it in pregnancy.

I feel the need to get life back in order. Lee says we are as close to normal as we can get but I still feel like we are lacking something. We had the baby talk today...I know we have at least one more soul that is meant to be guided by us. Could that be what is missing?

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Anna said...

Hey, kiddo! Sounds like you are having ups and downs,just like we all do. Hope you are feeling more up than down:) Love to hear about all of your doings...makes me want to update my own blog...nah! Have a great day!