Thursday, December 30, 2010

100th post for the year...

The new year is upon time to revisit my goals...

Church...well we did get better at some things. Prayers for example...we do lots more. Class we try to get done on or before Saturday...still need some work.

School...lets not talk about that!

The kids...Kenny is potty trained...other than at night. Rachele gets more talking time and reading time.

Lee...he is doing really good. He needs to get some more weight off. He is having issues since he started working...but he has not gained any weight back! So he is maintaining...

Family that's another thing we will not talk about!!

Household...well with the move we did clean up a lot!!! But I think we could get rid of a few more things!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Tree...

My tree this year....the last one shows the candy and easy to make!

Can you say FRUSTRATED???

So we spent Sunday afternoon snaking out the drain because the basement has been backing up...not bad but enough to notice. Nothing lost though...thankfully.

Well it did nothing but we did some roots out. so we returned the rented snake and called it a night. Deciding to call out a pro in the morning...well this so called pro said what we need is going to cost 1300 bucks to start and what he really wants us to do is going to cost a minimum of 3500 buck. HELLO he did not even try to do anything!!! That is what he just thought!

Well we are now renting the snake for 24 hours to do it ourselves.

Today was also the last day of my English class...well the teacher never showed up!! Let me enlighten you of our semester...
     On day one we went over the paper work like normal. Nothing odd. Well week two she is sick and does not show up...hey we all get sick no biggy right? Well the weeks roll on and she gets more and more off track to the point it took her three weeks to grade one paper. Well because of her issue what ever it may be we end up only turning in 3 papers instead of 4 and the last one being worth 60% of the grade. Well the 14th week we show up to class to hand in our rough draft of this last paper worth so much and she is late...calling the school saying she will be in to please wait. We wait until 2pm (class starts at 1pm) and she is not in yet. Well someone takes our papers to the staff offices and puts them in her mailbox and says we waited she did not show. Well last week we had a snow day so we did not have class. So today being the last week we all go in and she never showed. Well someone goes to the staff office to see if they heard anything from her...nope nothing. So we turn in our papers to the office and lodge complaints to the dean. The big kicker is she has not even picked up the papers from the week she called and said she would be late!!! So I have no clue what my grade will be because as of right now 80% of my grade is in question because we have not had class in 3 weeks!

So I get done with that an go shopping for the kids...thanks family! Well we found the perfect gift for little man and walmart is out!! So we go to another walmart...out. We then decide to go to Toys r us...they have it but its like double the price!! We think lets see if they price match...this is what they say word for word..."we do not match if the price is lower" if someone would come in and say hey you know I seen this exact thing a walmart for 10 bucks more so charge me their price!!! I think what they meant was unless they have an add they can not match the price but that's not what they said! So I think I'm going to have to travel to a few more walmarts!!! I just need to get the kids away from me!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Happenings...

Well we had Kenny's party...what a day. Lee had to work so I had to clean all by myself...I sound like I'm 10 and had to do chores or! But I got way more cleaned than Lee thought I would get done. It was like a mini Christmas present wise! But he deserves it with a birthday so close to Christmas.

Church was good. I forgot my lesson book so I had to wing the lesson but it turned out well. We did our tithing settlement...glad that's over! Next year will be better.

I am making candy garland...a crocheted chain with peppermint candy weaved in the chain. Maybe I'll post pictures once I get it on the tree.

That's about it...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A new thing for me...

Okay so I have been wanting to get back into crafts...but with limited funds I can only do so much. Well this wonderful new business opportunity has popped up. is a new company based in Utah that has my name all over it. So I look into it and currently they require no start up fees. Right up my alley. This posts seems silly since most of the people that even look at it are out of towners but hey I might be willing to travel for a craft night with good friends. The catch to it is the crafts come undone...but they need to be paid for in advance...should not be a huge issue.

Well if nothing else you can check them out. If the website does not link you sorry I'll try to fix it.


So it would seem my husband and I are fighting sleep for whatever reason. For the past few days...sun-today we have not been able to sleep longer than a few hours without waking up. It is getting very annoying. I can't help but wonder what is going on inside of us that we can not sleep. I know a very boring post...but it's all I got!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Sunday...

So here it is Sunday and I'm lounging on the couch. Why some might ask? Well for one I was called off work but could still be called into work and for two it's my birthday I can do what I want.

I finally got my scentsy stuff and my house smells so yummy. Cinnamon and cloves so festive!

Harry Potter is running all day on ABC Family. Yippie...

My family just arrived with my gift...a sweater, sweatpants and chocolate!! Plus my Colace cuz I'm having issues...I will not got into detail!

Everyone enjoy!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So here it is Thursday...I'm off work and lounging in my pj's still (yes at 1130). Lee left for work at 11 and we/he has had a busy day already.

He has done laundry, dishes, cleaned the floors and put away some laundry. I've helped with getting the floor clean and the laundry. I also went through the pile of junk that has been left for ever...more than half of it was trash.

I have to make brownies to send to the nephew...we are sending him a care package now that he can get things without being yelled at by his TI. He should enjoy the goodies we are sending.

A lead position has come up at work so I applied for that...we will see how that goes. I only have two classes to finish up my degree and Lee keeps telling me if I did not have to take those again I would be a shoe in for the position. Well he forgets that when I'm off work I still have the kids unlike when he was in school we had a babysitter so he could get his work done. His latest answer is do it once the kids go to bed...hello even though they are in bed by 830 most nights I'm dog tired by then and have a hard time concentrating on my homework.

December is a busy month...a few birthdays and Christmas. It gets crazy. Why you ask...well Kenny's birthday is the 23rd and then Christmas is the 25th. So I think this will be the last year that he has a "real" birthday. Next year he will be 5 so I think it will be time to start "half" birthdays!