Sunday, November 29, 2009

The end!!

The end of another month is here...were has the time gone? I thought for sure that this year would drag. I thought that with all the pain we had suffered this year, it was going to be a long painful year. Painful yes, but not long. I am still not sleeping well. I think it is from the stress of the holidays and thinking of the moms. I keep wondering back to what they are missing and what we are missing without them. I know the holiday's are rough when you have lost a loved one, but to me it seems extreme with losing both moms. I haven't talked to Lee about it to see if he feels the same way. I am afraid to actually. I don't want to bring him down if he is feeling okay....does that make sense? I'm sure it does.

On another note it is almost my birthday then my sister's birthday and then Kenny's 3rd birthday then Christmas. I am so happy to have the holidays here. The true meaning sometimes seems lost but we try to find it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ok I usually love all the food and family stuff but this year was so different. It was missing something. I never thought it was going to be this hard not to be able to share the holidays without the moms. Plus with all the other bad stuff going on...

Lee has to have surgery on his knee again and dad has "suspecious" spots in his bladder so another biopsy for him. I am so ready for 2009 to be over. This year totally sucked the big one.

I have no idea what to get for people for Christmas. If I had more time i would make some stuff but I don't so I can't. I hate that I have to work. I want to be able to take care of my kids. I hate midnights too. It messes with my system so much.

On another note I am enjoying what little time I do have with my kids and hubby. I have found sometime to make these really cute star ornaments. I'll take a picture and show blog world soon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Done stealing!!

I removed my fish and calander. I felt that since I stole the idea I needed to take it off. Plus it was to consuming, I was not sure if the fish did not get fed would they die and with me vowing not to check my blog as much I did not want blog world to smell of dead fish.

I really do not know what to say!!

I have been thinking since I turned off and then back on my comments that blogging is supposed to be for me. I am not sure if that is true. Okay I know it is true but for some reason it bothers me when I do not get them. Maybe I need to not check my blog so often. I have downtime at work and check it before doing homework just like my facebook. And even there I get few comments. Am I that vain? I never thought I was! I need to stop doing this and just get over it and blog for me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter is coming!!

I opened up the door to let the dog out and I was blasted with the smell of a fireplace and a hint of snow. I love the smell of winter. It is so awesome. I was in bed bath and beyond the other day and it was so holiday smelly in there I could have stayed the night. The only thing was I could not find the scent they had in the store. So now I'm on the hunt. Any ideas would be nice.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So I have been looking at all of my blog friends and I found one that stands out. So I stole her Ideas. Sorry but that was too cute. Thank you Shanna for the ideas. I will try to inspire you soon.

Quick update!!

Work has been crazy. We keep getting people with flu like symptoms, which causes us to slow down on our treatments even though we have more treatments to do.

Because work is so crazy I am having trouble getting homework done. School is going ok but I have a few projects to do that are going to take me longer to do than my normal day of or day before. So I am going to need those hours at night that I may not have.

My nephew Kyle is getting married on Friday. He wants to join the Air Force and they will not let him join because they say he is a single dad (which he is but his girlfriend is obviously in the picture) so they moved the day up.

Lee has another tear in his knee. In two weeks we will see what the next step is. He did get another handicap plaque so that is helpful, he has to park so far out at school and by the time he gets to the building his knee is in so much pain.

Everyone is doing ok. Rachele had school today but they called me to come get her because he power went out. Kenny is loving his daycare. We are too. It is nice to have someone you can trust to help out. The holidays are just around the corner and I am feeling the sadness of not having my mom and mother in law.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Setting here watching the History channel about to 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. When I was a kid we lived in Berlin, it is bringing back some of the memories of shopping with mom in the East and the "goose step". I can't belive it has been 20 years. They just showed checkpoint Charlie.

P.S. I turned my comments back on. I figured I can post for me and not have to have comments. I at least read my blog. And a few others.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had our fast every other LDS church did. But ours was a little more special. We had one of the 70's there. It was awesome and yet intimidating to have someone so close to the Prophet there. It made me feel even worse for not fasting even though I was at work and have to have food and water to keep going. When I look up his name i will edit my post to let you know which one it was. I want to make sure I spell it right...

It's all about me!!

Okay not really.

I was just wondering through the few blogs I visit and I see so much. I wonder do we really need all these different places to catch up with each other with? I so enjoy reading the posts but sometimes it seems that some post and others don't. I am not trying to judge by any means, that is not for me to do.

I have also been wondering why no comments bother me. I guess it is because I see so many other people comment on others posts and some of them live in the same city. That really amazes me. I again am not trying to judge.

I feel that my blog is lacking something. I'll find it soon. That is a big part of why I turned off the comments besides not getting any.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

So it's 1am again!!!

So here I am at work thinging the night is going by fast. Then I look up and its 1am again. Of course thats because we had to have our "fall" back time. Daylight savings is so hard. I hope my dad remembers because he offered to make us breakfast. Then as I was sitting here going biskets and gravy sound so yummy. I remembered that it is fast Sunday. Well, mine is shot alreadt as I'm at work and need the water and other healthy nurishment to stay active and awake at work. Lee on the other hand I'm sure forgot and he won't be doing it either. So here is my grateful Sunday minus fasting post...

I am grateful for the nice weather so the kids could enjoy trick or treating.

I am grateful for my family for the the love they show me.

I am grateful that I can be with my family forever.

I am geateful that I am able to have the church in my life through our freedom of religion in this awesome country.

I am grateful for my job, with not so many people handing out candy it makes me wonder are they having a hard time with money?

I am grateful for my husband who loves me even when we fight and always will.

I am grateful for my kids and the love the show me.

I am grateful that I will see my mom again one day. She loved halloween.

Remember no comments. I'm still protesting. I want to make sure I post for me not for others. I just feel that if i worry about comments I'm doing it for thr wrong reasons.