Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok so the kids are driving me crazy!!! Everyday they want want want!! School has been out for a week and Rachele is the ring leader. they don't understand why mommy just does not want to go outside or to the park. I know I should but somedays are hard when your head hurts or when you just don't feel good!! Ok now that I'm done ranting!!! I can't wait for a nice sunny day to go to the zoo!! I want to get Rachele going on her summer learning program...Kenny is getting the hang of potty training (knock on wood)!!!

Work is going good for Lee. He worked his longest week last week. He had to work Saturday. His boss is not a church going person but does not like to work Sundays, so we think unless they get way behind they will not work any Sundays. I am getting ready to start a long weekend. I have to work over the 4th...Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!! Thanks to my loving sister I have child care!! Work for me is going good...I love day shift. I hate the mornings but I will get use to them in time.

Life is good!! We are not sure if we are going to get the house we found... We had something come up that is putting a damper on the down payment. We will see...

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