Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here it is Thursday and I feel lost. I have been so involved in school I feel like I'm missing something. I even feel that I don't have enough time to study.

Well I figured out what it is ......FUN. I don't get to enjoy spending time with my family. I have so much homework to do and what not it seems so unfair. I am hoping to plan a fun day this weekend or next weekend. If not then maybe in April when we slow down for the end of the semester before the new semester starts.

Lee and I have not had a date in at least a year. I know it may seem lame to some people but I miss just us going out...of course some of our issue is no money. I am thinking of looking up some stuff on the net to see if I can find free stuff to do. Even if we have to take the kids. This summer I hope that we can do lots of outdoors stuff. We will have to work that around work because this summer/next semester the goal is to have a job then.

I feel like I just dump out whats on my mind and don't have anything fun to say either. Sorry if I've bored you.


Shanna said...

I know how you feel about wanting to just go out. My husband and I havent been on a date for like 2 1/2 years. Thats cause we are too cheep to hire a babysitter and then if thats free we are to cheep to actually go on a good date. But thats going to change with us. And soon school will slow down for you and then you will be settled in a job and a routein will start and it wont be so bad.

Andrea said...

I totally understand the lack of dating and funds. Story of my life! Is there anyone that you can trade babysitting with?

Becca said...

Due to lack of funds Brock and I have become very creative in our dating. I look up the Fort Wayne website (your city or surrounding cities should have one) and look for family or free events. I am always on the look out for Buy one get one coupons. We almost only go to the dollar theatre. We watch a movie at home after Emily is put to bed or we play board games etc... Become a "tourist" in your own town. Visit the buildings and go on a historical tour of your town. Brock doesn't know it yet but I got the tent out of the storage unit and the next Friday that he doesn't have to work the next day (I think like the 29th) we are going to pitch our tent in our living room and "camp out" maybe we'll rent a good camping movie with our FREE Netflix trial coupon and watch it from the tent.
Oh yeah once we hooked up the t.v in the garage and sat in the car and made our own personal drive in. Just some ideas. Get back into the habit of dating it is sooooo important. (dates with your kids are great too but you need to have some one on one time).