Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay today was the run of the mill running late and losing sleep...mostly from the time change...But it did turn out good in the end. We got to church on time and even had a few minutes to spare because our bishopric decided to give some people some time to get there. So we had an extra ten minutes of nice organ music.

Today was my first day teaching the Valiant 9. Today was a challenge. I was given help by my awesome presidency. We have one boy who is only at church a few times a year and today was one of them. He has some developmental issues (not sure what and don't want to speculate but I will find out next time he is at church, I hope). Class was awesome other than the one boy that was a handful. I do have a great group of kids.

On another note...we got to go to the temple this past Friday. We did baptisms for the dead. We have lost our full temple recommends for lack of activity and Lee (he is the money maker) not paying our tithes. So with the new year new start motto we hope to have them back by Rachele's birthday in October. We have been blessed to have a temple so close and did not take advantage of it. However, once we get our new recommends we plan on changing that. Our bishop is being awesome at getting us on the right track along with getting in the grove of things along with our effort of course. I am happy to report we have not missed any Sundays since the last Sunday of Jan and the first two weeks of Feb when the kids where very sick. We did miss stake conference with Rachele's foot and Kenny running his 102.0 temp. However we have called every time we needed to miss and explained what was going on. Again our bishop is an awesome guy and very much in tune with the Spirit and knows we are trying and he has gotten many insightful answers on how to handle our life issues. We ahve alot going on with no real income and school and kids being sick and other family issues. I will keep you updated on all of our ongoings as best as Lee will let me divolge(sp) on you.

Happy posting to all!!!

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Shanna said...

Well I am so proud of all of you. It is a challenge going back to church again. I have a friend who told me the hardest part was the first 2-3 weeks when everyone is paying you the attention of saying how nice to see you and all that. So I know you guys will do good. Just keep at it.