Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow day!!

Well as most would know we got lots of snow....So they cancelled classes at the college...yeah!!! So Lee is shoveling and the kids are watching from the house....I should peek out at him. He is good....almost done.

Rachele really wants to go out and play but with her foot she can't. Rachele and Lee go tomorrow to the bone doc to see what is up with her foot. Kenny just wants to eat the snow he really like it.

The dogs love the snow too. Go figure. they played so long that they are now napping. Silly dogs.

The pictures are from our last snow storm before Rachele hurt her foot.


Shanna said...
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Shanna said...

How fun playing in the snow. You are braver than me. My kids will never know that snow is cold because I never let them play in it.