Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Grades!!!

Well I have gotten all of my midterm grades back. I took four of them for three classes. I got three 85% and one 88%. I am so happy because I don't feel like I am getting adequate study time. The funny thing is when I did feel like I was getting better study time my normal grade was 70-75%...funny isn't it. Well I can see the end in sight. I filled out the paperwork to graduate. I have to turn it in and pay my $25 and I'm good to go. Graduation is June 13, 2008...from the college then I have the program graduation on August 20, 2008 (I think thats the day). I have this overwhelming since of accomplishment...I hope it doesn't bite me in the butt for saying that.


Andrea said...

As you should! You've worked hard and done well! Congratulations!

Debbie, Lee, Rachele and Kenny said...

Grade upgrade!!!!

My teacher recalculaed grades because of protest and I now have two 85%, one 88% and a 90%. So cool.