Friday, February 29, 2008

My lost week!!

Well here it Friday and I haven't gotten anything fun done. However I have been able to read my scriptures. I would like to make it to Joann's to get some knitting supplies before the weekend is over. I want to knit Rachele a purse sometime soon.

The reason I haven't gotten anything done other than scripture reading is I am having issues with my kidney's...I have two stones in my left kidney and every once in a while they get moving in there and cause me extreme pain. So I spent most of the week drugged up on Vicodin...when I could because Lee still had to work this week so sometimes I just had to deal with the pain.

We did get to put the kids in one's working out okay. Kenny is adjsuting well to sleeping with sister. The biggest problem is getting her to sleep without waking him up. We could only afford one mattress so they are sleeping on the bottom bunk together for now but thats no big deal...they have lots of room on that big full sized bed. Kenny loves playing in his old room. Rachele likes having more room to play. We just have a few more adjustments that need to be made in the playroom and they will have lots of fun.

I have a picture to share also but it has nothing to do with what I talked about other than my kids are in it. I wanted to share more pictures but for some reason they won't upload.

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Shanna said...

That is such a cute picture! My dog would never allow that much closeness with any child. So sorry about your kidneys. I hope things get better. Get a blessing I know it will help. I am also glad to hear the room sharing is going good. I wish Leo was not such a light sleeper. I would have had them in the same room a long time ago.