Friday, February 8, 2008

My Day Yesterday!! (barrowing from Emily)

Okay my day started with the alarm going off at 4:30am.
Getting up at 4:45 and getting in the shower.
Packing my lunch and walking out the door at 5:15.
Stopping at the gas station to fill up the truck.
Signing in at the Hospital at 6am.
Getting assigned a patient and headed off to see what was going on with him.
I did my ventilator checks and did the paper work.
I went to see if anyone needed help and of course they did so I drew some blood, got the values and notified the doctor.
Then I did a visual check on my patient and everything is fine.
At 8:30am I get to go to breakfast. I bought a bagel instead of eating my pecan roll that I brought with me.
At 9am I go back to the floor and check on my patient and do the paper work.
I then go on rounds with the doctors and inform them whats going on with my patient and they said go ahead and wean my patient.
I do the changes on the ventilator and do the paper work.
Once rounds are done I give my patient his breathing treatment.
I do the paper work on that and see if anyone needs help.
My fellow classmates patient needs to be moved up in bed so all of us ladies move him took six of us.
We then go to lunch at about 1pm.
After lunch it is time to check on the ventilators again and do more paperwork.
My patient also needs his breathing treatment.
We then find out that we are getting a new pateint from the ER so we need to get the ventilator ready.
But before we can do that the doctor stops us and informs us that we need to extubate (take the breathing tube out) of one of the other patients.
So my fellow class mate and I get everything ready so that she can take the tube out.
Everything goes smoothly and the patient is so glad to have it out.
I then wheel out her vent and clean it and check it out and get it all ready for the next the person that may need it.
My class mate and I go into the room where the new ER patient will be staying when she gets there and set up her ventilator. I must say I did all by myself and did it right.
We then go down to ER with the other therapist and transfer the patient up to her room.
We get her to her room and everything is good.
The doctors come in and tell me can you do this and this. I say sure can I'll let the therapist know. I then tell her and she says wait a few minutes because sometimes the transport ventilators don't do as well and give her time for her to get use to her new ventilator.
So I then go do my last ventilator check on my pateint get the paper work done and get some information about my patient so I can do my paperwork for school.
I then go draw the blood from the new patient with a butterfly needle not the usual syringe. Very cool I must say.
Well it is now 6pm and time to give report to the new shift.
When then go down to the department and get our stuff and at 6:30 and we head off to the parking structure.
I get home at about 7pm.
Eat dinner at 8pm then go to bed at about 9.
We then watch a movie with the kids and I'm sleeping by 11pm.

And that is my day in a nut shell. I feel like I never stopped working but when I thought back on it, my day didn't seem that busy. I did leave out that while waiting for dinner I checked my e-mails and seen what was going on in blog world.

Hope I didn't bore you guys too much.

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