Monday, February 25, 2008

My calling!!!

Okay so we have been in our Michigan ward for two years and I have gotten my first calling.... I am going to teach in primary.... the nine year olds. Wow I can't even handle my nine year old nephew how am I going to handle 5 nine year olds.....4 boys and 1 girl. I have been told they are a great group of kids and I will be fine. However I still doubt myself. The best part is that I've been trying build on my testimony of the Book of Mormom and thats what we are teaching this year. So I'm really excited about that. I have a great primary presidency to call on if I need help.

The bishop said to Lee you'll be next so I'll keep you all posted on him.


Bufftub2 said...

Deborah what deoes this mean? Is it like Sunday School? Will you be teaching lessons about the weekly sermon? I know Dad gives you crap but I'm really interested. Not in becoming a Mormon or Baptist or Catholic but in your teaching.

Shanna said...

How fun. It is easire when you are not related to the kids at all. You will do great I know it. Good luck and don't put off reading the lesson. I learned my lesson in that so many times when I didn't have a great attention activity prepared. Its fun.

Anna said...

Yeah! Primary! It's a great place to be when you want to learn and relearn the basics. You will be wonderful and enjoy the kids' sense of wonder and their ability to have faith so easily. You will learn a lot.