Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Books that have shaped me...

Well after much thought here they are...
1. Sweet Valley Twins
2. Babysitters Club
3. I love "who done its" so when I was in elementary Encyclapedia Brown---did not spell that right.
4. I love Edgar Allen Poe stories and poems
5. I LOVE Fox in Socks---really almost all Dr. Suess books.
6. Amelia Bedillia...My sister hated reading these books to me.
7. Little Women although I don't remember reading it myself I think it was one that was read to me.
8. Secret Garden
9. Any ghost story
10. Tikki tikki tempo
11. The Wrinkle in time books
12. The diary of Anne Frank
13. My brother Sam is dead....as bad as the title sounds it about the civil war.
14. Okay I think thats it.

I really didn't think I read that much but I guess I did. Oh I just remebered a book but not the name...it sparked my interest in family history/geneology.


Shanna said...

Sweet Vally Twins is one that I've read and I know I enjoyed but I can't remember what any of them were about. Only one can I barely remember.

Jennifer said...

What a fun list.