Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So I talked to the house guy yesterday...we need to start packing. In my head I keep thinking we are ok and will get it done but in reality I know I need to pack up the stuff we are not using...like the stuff in bertha...my hutch. So any takers on helping me?? Most of you will have to come to MI but hey I will enjoy the visit and help!!! Ok ok I know I've done once a year for the past three years so I can do it again...at least this time I'm working days so it should not be as bad. I shouldn't lose any sleep like I have done in the past. I'll try to update with some photos like I said I would about 4 posts ago...I keep forgetting to get the card from Lee's new camera. I promise be fore I go to work on Thursday I will post some pictures!!!

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Shanna said...

AND I WILL HOLD YOU TO IT!! Can't wait. And packing a such a great time to de-junk. Along with un-packing.