Wednesday, January 13, 2010

House Hunting!!

So we have been doing some house hunting. Before going to a realtor we looked up a bunch of houses online. So when we went to see her we had a list for her to check out for us and set up showings.

Day 1: We found one that we kinda liked out of four.
Day 2: We found two we liked and one we really like. We like it so much that Julie is looking up current owners buying price and a few other details for us so we can possibly put in a bid. We still need to pray about it and find out some details could we have a chicken coup in the back yard...yes Emily I want one too. It sits on almost an acre and the back is all fenced in with a little barn and section in the back for a garden. I can see things from my house in this house and it is so exciting. I will keep you all posted. The other two are very nice and have a little more room because they have four bedrooms but this one has more room to expand if need be. One even has an indoor year round pool. I like that feature.


Shanna said...

INDOOR POOL!! Thats awesome!! Looking for a house is fun.. and frustrating at the same time. I hope you find a great house.

Emily said...

dang! I had a big long ol' comment that got erased.

What I was going to say is I love looking at houses. How fun! The biggest factor for chickens is to make sure they're allowed. Check the local ordinaces so you don't run the risk of them having to go (like me...)

Keep us updated!