Thursday, January 7, 2010

New discovery!!

So Rachele lost her second tooth last week. No big deal right??? She even pulled it herself. Well her new one is growing of right now it is really far behind the line. So it looks like at this point she might need braces. I know she is only six I should not worry until more teeth fall out and the new ones grow in but...I fear the cost of braces. My current insurance covers 1000, but that will barely touch the cost. Some might say if it is only one tooth then why bother but me I say her self-esteem will be higher if her teeth look like everyone elses. Is that wrong of me? Any comments would be so grateful.


Emily said...

Personally, straight teeth are worth any cost. Congrats on the lost tooth!

And--you'd be surprised how the teeth even themselves out as time goes by. I thought Maddie was doomed, but they look better. She'll still need braces, I'm sure, but they're not as bad as I thought they'd be.

Shanna said...

I was REALLY glad for my braces. And I know that At least Katie and Simon will need braces. I have not examined Leos lately. But when baby teeth come in crooked I fear the worst.