Monday, January 18, 2010

FOOT!! and DAD

Ok so I'm off till Monday. I get a bone scan tomorrow. I will be radioactive...what fun. I was really hoping to go back today but better to be safe than sorry right?

Dad goes Thursday to get his testing done. At least some of it anyway. He gets his bone scan and Ct scan done. Then on the 29th he gets yet another biospy and the Dr wants to get a good look at everything, so we can figure out the game plan. I think dad wants to go with the external pouch rather than in internal or neo-bladder. We will see. It's going to be a long few (4-8) weeks. Dad likes the new Dr. and feels really comfortable with him. Finding someone you can trust is half the battle.

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Shanna said...

Oh good luck with your foot. I hurt my ankle a few months ago and I still have times where if I step wrong or put just enough pressure on it still hurts. And I almost hurt it again the same way yesterday.

Good luck to your Dad. I hope everything works out smooth with no complications.