Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello blog world!!

Its been a bit since I blogged...So we got a lot of the cleaning done we wanted done. We did get the my little area for my crafting as you can see by my chair...but that was the only thing I have done. That is able to be seen. I did pull out the knit blanket I started when I found out I was pregnant but stopped because I miscarried and just couldn't work on it. But I figure we will have another one someday so I might as well be ahead of the game.

I have done a few things for dad on the cricut. I need to make him a smaller sign for the back of his car windows...then I can make one for my sister. I will post pictures of my finished products. They are into ham radio stuff so they want to put their callsign on their cars.

I go to days at the end of the month...yea!! I have 6 night shifts left. It is going to feel like an eternity. But the wait is worth my sanity and family time. I hope to be able to do more crafts once I'm on days and once school gets out...which is the middle of June.


Emily said...

I'd love to see more projects! Yay for the day shift too!

Shanna said...

Yea!! Days will be great and long overdue!! Cant wait to see those projects.