Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sallie Mae...

Ok so yesterday I vented (somewhat) on FB about Sallie Mae!! Let me give you the full details!!

So last month I called to find out if I should send anything to them for my loans so I can get them into deferement because I'm back in school and we are trying to get the home loan. I was told by the rep on the phone that they reciecved an email on the 21st saying I was back in school and that it would take 21 days to process. I took this at face value because why would someone make that up? So I have been waiting thinking sometime this week it would clear.

Well my realtor called to see if we could be ready soon...so I log on to Sallie Mae and this is what they tell me...that they have not recieved anything from my college since August of 2010...ok so what happened to the email they supposedly got last month? Further more how in the heck to they have my new loans listed from the summer semester if they have not been contacted since back then? So after about 10 minutes of the rep saying I can't speak for the last person I said is there a supervisor I can speak to? after 20 minutes of waiting the supervisor tells me the same thing but adds to speed up the process I could have the school fax my enrollment form to them and it should only take 7 buisness days at the most to process. Really??? That is what I asked last month people...I'm trying to get a loan for a house and I don't want to lose anymore money if I can't close on time because of my loans!!!

So I called my school and got a hold of the people that do the loans...not fin. aid people the other ones that I can  barely say let alone spell. But anyway, I faxed her the info that she needed to fill out and she is faxing it to Sallie Mae!!! She laughed when I asked her why Sallie Mae is saying they have not recieved anything since last August?? She then said they do this all the time and she is sorry for the hassle. With any hope it will be all set by next week.

So if you need student loans from Sallie Mae and need to get a loan for any other major purchases make sure everything is all straight before you get the big loan even if you have to do the leg work...or just avoid getting loans from Sallie Mae altogether!!

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Shanna said...

that is so rough. I hope everything gets cleared for you as soon as possible.