Sunday, May 8, 2011

Busy Bees...

Starting with crazy some!

So Friday I became an aunt again...Lee's brother and wife had their first baby. A healthy BOY!! 8lbs 2oz...21 pictures yet...we didn't get to meet him yet as we were sick :(

Saturday...I had to work and my nephew Nick turned 13!!! So we had a family gathering and I joined them after work...When we got home the neighbor was having a party for his wife for her birthday so we mingled a little and then came home to go to bed!!! I was so sleepy!

Sunday...I had to work and it is Mother's Day...I had a very nice relaxing day in the ICU only to critical patients which is low for us but hey I'll take it. Lee brought the kids up to eat a late lunch and hang out for a bit. I got off work and we eat dinner...yums. We are now home and relaxing. Kids in the bath...Lee on the phone with Tyler on the computer of course!!

I decided last year for mother's day I would share a pepsi with mom because it was her favorite and I can relax with her and do something she enjoyed. Well this year because I had to work I could not go today...but tomorrow I'm going after my work mandatory training about healing without harm!! Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!!


emily said...

Sounds like a pretty nice weekend! What fun family events, hope you get that pepsi soon!

Tell Lee thanks for all the help for Tyler, he really appreciates it!

Deb said...

No problem...glad he could help!