Sunday, February 6, 2011

My crazy weekend!!! (very long)

Okay so my weekend was awesome!!!

On Thursday we noticed the drain was clogged again...yuck. It got to the carpet down there so that will have to come we called the plumber and he can't get out until Monday. So we do some praying on what to do. We have the missionaries over on Friday after I get off work to share a few words and our conversion story. As they leave they ask if they could pray for anything for us...jokingly I say our drain. Well they prayed for it in their leaving/closing prayer.

On Saturday we go shopping to get some supplies for my signs...and eat at the Burger King out side the store...the kids play a bit and we all have fun...we actually go to the store to shop and I get my foam board for the signs and a few more things needed.

We told the kids we are going to go sledding...yippie!!! Well we leave the store and we are getting a HUGE snow I look at my weather channel app on my phone and it states we are going to get 1 to 1.5 inches an hour and it will last until 8pm with 2-4 inches total I suck at math but even I can figure out that this does not add up...we end up getting about 5-6 in our area...not to bad!! Well the snow lets up some and we decide we are still going sledding. Trying to make the best of our time and our worries of the drain...we have a hill in a city a few miles away that everyone uses. We head on over and head up the hill. Rachele, Kenny and I go first...well we catch some air and I land on my tail bone...ouch!! This happens three times on the same ride!!! So we head back up and Lee goes down with Rachele. Not an evenful ride...They get back up the hill and Kenny and I go again. This is when I remember why I quit sledding...the climb back up the hill!!! Well the kids decide they are done...but we talk them into one last run with all of us...It was awesome...I just wish we had been at the top still...we came down a bit to make the kids go! On the way back to the car Kenny says I swing? So they stop to swing for a minute and then we head home. We grab a Pizza! Pizza! deal from Little Ceasers...we decide that it was best not to create more dishes since the drain will not go down.

So it was fast Sunday and Lee is sick and I forgot so we did not do a true fast but we pray for the help we need to figure all this out, should me move and lose the house, should we try to do the big fix on the drain, and so on!!! Well we going a little slow this morning but we make it to church before sacrament!! I prayed and Lee prayed and the kids pestered...but hey they are kids!! We come home from church and the drain is clear!!! I do have to add that Lee poured this drain clear stuff that says it will work or its free!!! But I don't think thats what did it...Lee has been doing awesome at paying his not so much but I told Lee that this weeks pay I was going to make sure I caught up on my tithes not matter how tight the money was!!! And I'm sticking to it!!! So my thoughts on this whole thing...with prayer and the Lord all things are possible. Being human one would say that the drain stuff worked and thats all it was but how else do you explain that it did not clear until after church and after I said I was going to catch up on tithes!!!???

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