Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well here it is days away from my birthday and I am looking forward to it...such a change from last year when I was prego and not wanting to turn 30. But any how it's December and I am asking myself what have I gotten done this year???? I can't seem to nail any life changing things down. Kenny has reached many milestones in this very short year but I seem to have just gone along for the ride. I will be so happy in August when school is over and I can fully enjoy my family again. I have been feeling very negectful to them lately...but they don't seem to mind the love it when I come home...I love it too, their smiling faces and relief on Lee's face that I'm home to help.

Finals are almost here and I have a 20 day break between semesters. However I have to knit my sister a hat and scarf before Christmas. The nice thing about it is that's all she wants and she knows thats what she is getting. I do get to surprise her with the color scheme though. I also get to do my dads x-mas shopping in that time frame. At least if I do it everybody gets the same amount of money spent on them, not like in years past when my sister would buy and her family would make out and everyone got the shaft.... I know its the tought that counts but hey when its not your money you should listen to what your told on the amount spent on everyone. Okay I'm off my soap box on gifts.

I hope that everyone is well and enjoy's the season.


Emily said...

Yay! Hope your finals go great. And enjoy those 20 days off!

Emily said...

Hey, Deb, I want to send you a christmas card--what's your address? You can email me at