Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's almost over (November)!!!!

Okay where has the month gone???? I can't belive that this month has gone by so quickly. What have I been doing????

Well there is school...lots of work only a feww more weeks.
Taking care of the house....that's a chore because my parents don't help much.
The kids....well they have been pretty good actually. and work (the whole two days of it) and helping me when he can....but he does care for the kids more than me lately.
And time for me.....I hope I can find that over Christmas break.

As for Christmas and Kenny's first Birthday.....
Our shopping is almost done....A few items to get that have not come out yet and some material to make my sisters gift and we are done....I hope.

We still have to figure out Kenny's b-day plans but it won't be much...more so for him but a big deal for me.

Happy blogging!!!!

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