Saturday, January 30, 2016


My classes have been a good way to reflect on faith. Faith is more than what you follow. Faith is linked to you as a person. Faith is what we need to endure what we are dealt. No matter if it is a simple trial or a hard one. Our faith is what gets us to the end result.

We may not understand why we go through these trials. The hard ones we sometimes go through so we can help someone else get through it. Sometimes we go through it grow as a person. When we have issues with faith it usually a person thing not a Lord thing. We are people in the world instead of of the world. We tend to follow what happens in the world instead of trying to be the light of the world.

Over the last few weeks I have watched a few close friends go through some very hard things. The worst so far is having to watch a young mother prepare to bury her 7 week old son. She has great support from many and is doing well but I know part of her is questioning. I'm questioning why. As the time passes she may get answers, she may not. As her faith is tested i know she has a strong testimony in the Lords work so I'm sure her faith will remain safe. As the outsider looking in I can offer my prayers for her continued comfort and offer any support I can to her and her family.

As my own faith has seen some trials I have been able to get through them with the knowledge that my heavenly father has a plan even if I may not understand why. I just made sure that I kept reading and trying to get a better understanding of the plan of salvation. We all have a plan for us from heavenly father. He supports us, even when we don't follow him. He still keeps us with him. He never gives up on us, so why give up on him.

Just a few thoughts over the last few weeks.

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