Sunday, March 6, 2011


Oh my goodness...I am so stressed!!! Ok so the basement is flooded with about 4 inches of water in some spots!!! So I guess we have some major clean up to do...and we get to de cluter!!

I tried calling the insurance company and got no where...I was so angry I was crying because I could not get a person on the phone!!! I ended up leaving a very emotional message with the claims guy on his voicemail. Hey I understand everyone needs a day off but it should be easier to talk to a person on the weekend!! When I started my insurance with them at age 16 you could call anytime day or night...overtime it has become one of those things that went to the wayside...its called customer service people!!!

Well we are waiting on a plumber and looking for houses...again. At least this one is a land contract so we can walk away with out hurting our credit. The owner of the house said he understands but can't help. He can't loan us the money to fix the problem...because being a home owner means more than making the payment. Duh you don't think I know that?? But he is forgetting we can't get a loan for the house because we don't have a loan in our name...its in his name!!! Oh well, we can cut our losses and move on to the next thing!!! Man I'm so stressed!!!

We did get some answers though on things...I do understand why I have not gotten pregnant yet...its because of all this hassle. Having to be healthy and and not lift anything would be a bigger hassle right now!!

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Shanna said...

My arms are stretching over 1,00 miles to hug you. It is frustrating. Just make sure you are relying on the lord especially through the hard times!