Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glad I was missed!!

I am glad I was missed.
I work the same hours...midnights but the shift is 630 to 700 instead of 700 to 730. That half hour really makes a difference...and I'm closer to home. I am three miles from home instead of eight and I don't have to drive to Detroit. The nice thing is the weekends are friday-saturday so we can go to church every sunday...awesome.

Haileigh Rose is here. 8lbs 3oz 20 1/4 long. She is so beautiful. I have no pictures yet but those of you who I know on facebook can see the picture I took from my sister's facebook. They went home today so I will have pictures soon.

I loved conference. I will chat more later in another post.

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging. There seems to be a general lack of interest in blogging lately, myself included! :) I like your new profile pic w/ short hair. How do you like it?